Moving to the USA: Things you should know before immigrating to the USA

Land of the free, Land of opportunity, The melting pot, The land of milk and honey, there isn’t a country in the world with so many nicknames as the United States of America. For centuries people from all around the world have been moving to the USA in search of better opportunities. And opportunities, there are plenty in the USA. Drenched in a can-do mentality, the USA is a country where you can achieve anything you want. In our USA guide, we see all the things you need to know before you immigrate to the USA.

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When you are moving as a Canadian to the USA, you probably already know a lot about what is going on south of the border. In spite of that, you may still expect a whole different world once you settle. The USA is much bigger in everything than most other countries. Whether you talk about American tech-companies, cars or houses, the American variant is usually bigger. When you want to know more about moving to the USA, you can find all the details in the article below.

When you are relocating from Canada to the USA, you have to know at least the basic info about the USA. Just to be sure we have compiled this handy table for you.

CapitalWashington, largest city New York
TimezoneThere are 6 time zones ranging from UTC-10 (this is Hawaiian time) to UTC-4 ( which is the local time in New York)
CurrencyAmerican dollar (US$)
PopulationThe USA has an increasing population of some 327 million inhabitants.
How do you call someone from the USA?American
Official languageEnglish is the de facto official language. which means that there is no official federal language by law (though English is in 32 states). However, the majority of people use English in their everyday life. Spanish is the second-most popular language in the USA with over 50 million people speaking it. This makes that there are more Spanish speakers in the USA then that there are in Spain. Other languages which are less popular but still common, are Chinese, Vietnamese and Tagalog.
International dialing code+1
Emergency number911
DrivingOn the right side
Tippingit is standard to tip between 15-20%
Unusual factThe USA is the 4th largest country in the world

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Living in the USA

When you start living in the USA, there will be many things that might amaze you. Let’s take a brief look at a few of them.

  • Most cars are manual in Europe, where in the USA automatic transmission is the norm.
  • Shops and other business have longer opening times in the USA than in most countries.
  • The average house size in the USA is twice the size of its counterpart in the UK.
  • The USA has a liberal gun policy and as a result, you may see armed people in your daily life.

Visa Regulations for the USA

Before you can determine what kind of visa is appropriate for you, you need to make a decision about how long you want to stay in the USA. There are two main differences:

  • Non-immigrant visa: These are issued for people who don’t have intentions to settle in the USA. For these visas, you will have to be able to show that you are not considering to settle in the USA permanently and that you will return to your home country when the visa expires. Among others, the visas below belong to this group
    • Student visa
    • Tourist visa (When your country is listed in the visa waiver programmer, you won’t have to apply for a visa)
    • Business visa
    • Speciality workers who can show that they only wish to reside in the USA for a certain period of time
  • Immigrant visas: For this variant, you need a sponsor, for example, a relative or employer. These visas include:
    • Family visa
    • Employment visa
    • Adoption visa
    • Investor Visa (be ready for a minimum initial investment of no less than $500.000)



Healthcare in the USA

Healthcare in the USA is known as one of the best in the world but you also pay a price for that. When you don’t have medical insurance, doctor and hospital bills can be overwhelming. However, when you have a fulltime job, in most cases your employer will pay the fees for it.

School and education

The school system in the USA is quite understandable with the table below.

primary schoolGrades 1-6
Secondary school, which consists of middle school and high school.Grades 7-12
  • After you finish school, you can go on to study at a college or university.
  • When you are a foreign student who wants to study at an American university or college, it is important that you have the right documents. For example, the grading system in the USA is a bit different from the rest of the world. So, make sure that you prepare well and have your facts straight.
  • An academic year in the USA starts in August/September and ends in May/June, divided in 2 semesters.
  • At American universities, you can study for a bachelor degree, master degree or a doctorate.

The job market in the USA

As in every other country, the job market in the USA has its ups and downs. But with such a vast territory and immense population, there are always chances to find a job. You can look for a certain city in the USA with a good economic situation. For example cities such as Charleston, Austin, Nashville and Denver are places that have been rapidly growing over the last few years and therefore offer good career opportunities. Another variant is to check for jobs while you are not in the USA yet. Go online and find a job that matches your skills. Like with everything, persistence is king. Just like many Americans before you, you can also make it.

Property information

When you just get to the USA you probably want to rent your living space instead of rushing to buy one. In general, we can say the average price for a furnished apartment in a good area is about $ 30 per m2, where an apartment in a cheaper area would cost you about $20 p/m2.

Cost of moving to the USA

One of the bigger expenses of moving to the USA is the cost of moving house USA. You will need to find a way of getting all your stuff to your new home or apartment. After looking into the average moving costs in the USA, you will see that Eurosender offers the cheapest way to move furniture to the USA. Not only furniture, but we can also ship everything else for you. So when you want to know: how much is shipping from Canada to the USA? You can just order online or ask for an individual offer.

Cost of living in the USA

There is a huge contrast in prices of real estate around the entire USA, which is the bulk of your monthly expenses. However, when you are just arriving in the USA, you can save a lot of money sharing living space and doing your shopping at Wallmart. Farmer’s markets are another place where you can score some good deals to save on your food expenses. Ridesharing is another good option for when you don’t have a vehicle yet and you want to save on taxis.

Driving in the USA

  • When you plan on driving in the USA, the best thing to do is get an International Driving Permit (IDP), at your local driving authority. Although this is not obligatory in all states, it is better to be safe than sorry. When you have a driving license from your home country, you simply apply for an IDP at your local driving authority and they will issue it.
  • Getting a driving license has different requirements in each state, so in this case, contact the relevant state authority.
  • There are some differences between driving in the USA and any other countries
        • Americans like it big and that especially goes for their cars. Where for example people in Europe prefer smaller hatchbacks, In the US people generally choose for a big SUV.
        • When travelling with children, make sure that they have the proper seats and seatbelts.
        • When making long drives, make sure that you have an emergency package on board in case of an emergency such as a storm, hitting an animal such as a coyote or a deer with your vehicle or car trouble.

From what countries do American immigrants frequently come from?

United Kingdom

The UK and the USA have a long shared history together. Nowadays they are very different, but the language helps to make it easier when you move across the ocean. There are loads of people who try their luck in the USA. So, when you want to know how to move to America from the UK, you should know that Eurosender can help you with this.


Frequently asked questions such as how to move to the US from Canada and
how to immigrate to the USA from Canada, are already answered in our article above. So, when you are ready for moving from Canada to the USA you can start planning. Besides finding a job and a place to live, moving your belongings south of the border is an important step in the process. With Eurosender you can be sure that you won’t pay too much and that you have fast delivery.


When you are moving to the USA from Europe, you are in for a treat. Even though many Americans are of European descent, the USA is a completely different world. Many Europeans go to the USA to pursue their dreams in the field of art, culture or science. Other just want to build a new future in a welcoming nation of immigrants. Whatever the reason, everyone wants to settle quickly with their favourite things around them. With Eurosender that is possible.


Moving to the USA from Singapore is becoming increasingly popular. Coming from the small island state of Singapore, the contrast with living in the USA couldn’t be bigger. Many students visit the USA for education purposes and after that have the desire to settle for good in the land of dreams. With a large minority of people from Singapore in various cities in the USA, it is easy to feel comfortable in your new environment.



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