What you should know about courier delivery for gallery owners and artists

The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds,” said Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian rights activist and the first Prime Minister of India. That is why galleries and art exhibitions will never lose their attractiveness to the public. With art becoming more of a global thing each year, more and more gallery owners and artists take their show on the road to conquer the world with their work. But what about questions as: How do I choose the right insurance for shipping my artwork to a gallery? Or: What should I know about shipping a sculpture to an exhibition? Whether you are looking for packing instructions, international shipping from or to a gallery, instructions for writing the address of a gallery, or what the best service is for your items, all your questions will be answered in the article below about cheap shipping to a gallery.

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Best way to prepare international shipping from a gallery

I don’t believe in luck, I believe in preparation,” said Bobby Knight, one of the most successful basketball coaches in the history of the game. And we, at Eurosender agree with his words. With the right preparation, courier service to many countries isn’t that hard. Let’s start with the things required for shipping to a gallery.

Packing: Works of art can be rather fragile and therefore you want to be sure that you use the right packing materials and methods. We offer special instructions on shipping paintings, shipping ceramics and glass items. Do your items fall in another category? Check out our general packing advice which is applicable to any item imaginable. And while you are at it, don’t forget to take your folders and brochures.


Insurance: Standard shipments with Eurosender are insured with our standard insurance. However, when galleries ship art, the shipment usually represents a significant value. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact our logistics experts to get the most detailed information on the insurance options for your shipment.


Prihibited items: Art can be innovative and provocative. However, always make sure that none of the art objects contains items that are considered prohibited.

Whether you are an experienced gallery owner or a young and upcoming an artist, signing up for a Eurosender account is always a good idea. You can easily manage all your orders and even save more on your shipments. It is possible to create an account for both businesses and private persons. Besides gallery courier service, we all also have special options for art students.

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How do I give the correct address?

Filling in the correct address is perhaps the most essential part of preparing your shipment. With the examples below and the additional tips under the table, you can be sure that your address field is flawless.


  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: United-Kingdom
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the full name of the consignee.
    Ex.: Mackenzie Gallery, Karen Mackenzie
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: Green Street 111
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Here you could write the name and telephone number of the alternative consignee. Keep in mind that the courier does not always take comments in this section into consideration.
  5. Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: N6 4AL
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: London
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +44 20 1234 1234

Some things to pay some extra attention to:

Address: Galleries may have different entries, for example, one for guests of the gallery and one for cargo. Therefore, it might also happen that the address is different. Always check with the consignee what the exact delivery address is, preferably in writing.


Consignee: In a small gallery the owners could be the only ones working but in a large international gallery in let’s say New York or Paris, there are many different departments with various responsibilities. Someone from the PR department probably doesn’t know anything about incoming deliveries. So, check with your contact person from the gallery who is responsible for receiving packages and shipments.


Telephone number: When you decide to mention yourself as the contact person on the address field, be aware that the courier company usually only speaks the local language. So, when you are shipping to for example Basel or Paris, be sure that you are ready to communicate in a foreign language.


What is the best shipping service for gallery courier service?

The kind of gallery courier service that you require depends on several things such as the value and size of your items, the delivery date and so on. There is a huge difference between shipping a sculpture to an exhibition or a small painting. Do you want to know which shipping service is a good match for you? Below you will find all the details on the services that Eurosender offers regarding cheap shipping to a gallery.

Standard Delivery: This is an ideal option for small items and amount of art, for example when you want to send only several paintings or small sculptures. Besides knowing that you can ship multiple packages in one shipment, you should also be aware of the maximum dimensions below.

  • Maximum weight of 40kg (30kg in some cases).
  • A maximum length of 175 cm.
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm.


Freight service: When you have a large object or numerous items, shipping by pallet is a convenient option. You can pack and stack the pallet as you wish but do keep the maximum measurements of a pallet in mind.


Dedicated Van Delivery: When you want to avoid your art being in the same place with other deliveries and you are short of time, this is the perfect solution for you. A van will be dedicated to your shipment, picking up your items at your front door and after that straight away to the delivery address, without the interference of other packages and delivery addresses.


Get an individual offer: When the above options are not suitable for you, for example, because you want to ship an installation or any other uncommon object, then you can contact our team of logistics experts for an individual offer regarding courier delivery for gallery owners. They will then check the system to make you an offer that is tailor-made to your shipment.

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What are things that might go wrong with international shipping from a gallery and how to avoid it

Organizing exhibitions and opening new galleries can be a stressful event. Often there are tight deadlines as openings are always planned well ahead. The last thing you want is to spend time on a delayed, or even worse, failed delivery. Let’s take a look at some of the things that might cause problems with a delivery and what you can do to avoid these problems beforehand.

Broken or damaged items: If for any unfortunate reason the shipment is broken or damaged, it is important that you contact us regarding this problem within 48 hours. Also, read what you should do in case of damage so that you can quickly react. It is recommended to get a condition report before you ship your items and after you receive your shipment to check for damage.


Conditions for transport: Fine works of art may require certain conditions for transport. When you are for example shipping a sculpture to an exhibition, this sculpture could be made of a material that cannot tolerate certain temperatures. Depending on the kind of art involved you can think of things such as:

  • Climate control available on the vehicle of the courier company.
  • Security system on the vehicle of the courier company.
  • The suspension system of the vehicle.


Packing: Some artists create works that are made materials that are extremely breakable. In this case, damage might be something that can’t be avoided when moving the object. To avoid this you could consider hiring a professional for maintenance and packing. Also, packing materials might damage the artwork. For example, bubble wrap, which is a popular packing material, could lead to damage when it is in direct contact of the surface of a painting. For individual packing advice, you can always contact our dedicated logistics experts.


Do you have any further questions regarding courier delivery for gallery owners or artists? Contact our multilingual team of linguistic experts for more advice and the best offers for cheap shipping to a gallery.

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