How to Ship a Sculpture

How to pack and ship sculptures

Shipping sculptures internationally and domestically requires preparation and planning to ensure your precious works of art arrive in one piece. Our helpful guide will explain how to pack a sculpture for shipping and so that you can choose the best shipping options for bronze statues, clay figurines and any other decorative items.

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Shipping options for bronze statues and delicate sculptures

No matter the volume or frequency of shipping, or if you’re a business or individual shipper, Eurosender have a solution to suit any shipping requirement:

Standard shipping

A cost-effective solution to send small statues and sculptures
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Van delivery

Reserve a van dedicated solely to your sculpture shipment in Europe
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Individual offer

A tailor-made solution for specific or unusual requests
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How to prepare sculptures for shipping

Follow these simple guidelines for shipping delicate and fragile items such as clay sculptures, ceramic artwork and statues.

  1. Wrap sculptures: Using several layers of bubble wrap, cover the sculpture and secure with tape. Pay close attention to any protruding edges
  2. Place into a box or crate: Choose a box or crate which is slightly bigger than the item. Fill the bottom of box or crate with cushioning, as well as any extra space with cushioning material, paper or foam peanuts
  3. Ensure the sculpture cannot move: Gently shake the box to make sure it is unable to move during transport
  4. Seal and label: Seal the box or crate with tape, and mark your package ‘This Side Up’, to minimise the risk of damage from mishandling


Why customers choose to send sculptures internationally

  • Removals and relocations: For both businesses and individuals, Eurosender offers a range of services to transport household items and furniture during your move
  • Buying or selling artwork: Whether you’re an artist who has just sold a masterpiece, or a collector looking to transport their new sculpture in one piece, Eurosender have a solution to send clay statues and figurines via courier


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Frequently asked questions about sculpture transportation

How can I find out the best way to ship a bronze sculpture abroad?
When you have prepared your sculpture for shipping, carefully measure the entire package or crate. Insert the dimensions and weight into our size checker to find out the best service to ship a bronze sculpture or any other type of statue abroad.
How do I find out the cost of shipping sculptures internationally and book the service?

Once you have inserted the dimensions of your shipment to find out which sculpture delivery service to use, simply enter your pick-up and delivery destinations. For Express, Standard and Pallet delivery (in Europe), you will receive an instant price to send a statue via logistics services. Then you can simply accept the offer and pay for the service to book the shipment. You will receive a confirmation by email, including any additional instructions.

For a larger international shipment or unusual requirements, you will need to request an individual offer. Simply enter your details and our team of experts will prepare a tailor-made offer for the best price available on the right service for shipping sculptures internationally.

Can an individual ship delicate and fragile items like sculptures and artwork?

Individuals who are moving house often book removal services with Eurosender to transport their items and this often also includes shipping sculptures and other delicate and fragile items.As sculptures and statues can be of higher value and are often fragile, we do not recommend individuals ship these. Any damage or losses caused by shipping fragile sculptures by courier are the responsibility of the shipper, and insurance does not apply for sending delicate items by courier or fragile items.

If you do wish to ship a sculpture abroad, or book removal services for delicate items, you can do so at your own risk. For more information on shipping prohibited and restricted items, please see our dedicated page.

Is insurance included when shipping sculptures overseas and domestically?

For individuals: Insurance does not apply for shipping prohibited and restricted items such as fragile items and those of high value.

For businesses: Depending on the type of items and the selected courier service, basic insurance may apply and additional insurance may be available to purchase during booking. For more information, please contact our team via the live chat.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping sculptures through logistics services. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restrictions. In case you decide to ship Kombucha, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.