How to ship ceramics, fine or bone china by courier

Maybe you are an artist who regularly sells art pottery online or an antique seller who distributes fragile items, such as porcelain dolls, to foreign collectors. Or maybe someone who is just moving to another city and needs to ship their ceramic plates or fine china dinnerware to their new destination. Whatever the case might be, finding a trusted courier service provider to handle your items is crucial. Ceramics, fine china or bone china are extremely fragile and small damage can immediately reduce their value. Understanding the fragility of both fine and bone china makes it one of the more complicated things to be shipped. These type of ceramics (especially the bone china) is extremely delicate so we completely understand you when you want the safest shipping for your bone or fine china dinnerware set and avoid damage on it. Follow the simple packaging guidelines that we have put together for you and learn how to pack ceramics, fine or bone for shipping.

How to place an order for shipping ceramics or fine china dinnerware?

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Check the dimensions and weight of the parcel to define the type of shipping service you need.

If the shipment is suitable for standard shipping service, you can directly place the order.

Otherwise, fill in the form to request an individual offer.

Learn how to pack ceramics for shipping.

Eurosender will take care of your order by arranging the shipment to a renowned logistics service provider and you will enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery at much lower prices than you are used to. If you are planning to send a large amount of art pottery, we can provide you with a tailored offer based on your specifications. In case you have additional questions about shipping ceramics or if you are wondering how to pack ceramics for shipping, you can always turn to our friendly customer support team. Our experts will be more than happy to give you a hand and explain how to send ceramics by courier.

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How to ship ceramics, fine or bone china dinnerware

When it comes to shipping porcelain or any other ceramic materials abroad or across the country, it is important to choose the right courier service to handle the shipment. The packaging is of paramount importance, regardless of the courier service you use. If you book the service to ship porcelain items in Europe, this is what you need to keep in mind:

  • Measure the dimensions of your parcel accurately. If you will be using Eurosender’s services, you can do that with the help of our Shipment Size checker.
  • Check if the courier will bring the label or if you will have to print it out yourself. This may vary depending on the pick-up country and the selected shipping service.
  • Please, choose the collection date at least two days prior to your departure or have someone else appointed to hand over the parcel to the courier, to avoid any risks in the end.

Check the dimensions of your ceramics to determine the right shipping service

Ceramics packaging

Packing ceramics for shipping is crucial, as with any other fragile items. The main materials you will need are the following:

  1. Cardboard Box – for packing your items (it could be new or used);
  1. Pallet – only if you are sending a pallet on which many packages will be loaded (it could be new or used);
  1. Measuring Tape and Weighing Scales – for measuring the dimensions and weighing your packages;
  1. Packing Peanuts and Foam – for internal cushioning of the cardboard box;
  2. Packing Paper – for securing delicate items;
  1. Bubble Wraps – for protecting your items inside the cardboard boxes;
  1. Duct Tape – for sealing the box.

The above-mentioned items can be found in any stationery or hardware store or in supermarkets. To help you with the process, we have prepared an exhaustive list of the main hardware stores in Europe.

How to pack ceramics and bone china for shipping

Packing and shipping porcelain or any other ceramic materials should not be difficult if you follow our simple guidelines:

  1. Secure any delicate items separately and without any empty spaces. For example, if you are packing your porcelain dinnerware set, we would recommend covering each plate with bubble wrap.
  2. Label the box. It could help if you write a message on your cardboard boxes to indicate their fragile nature (ex. “Fragile, please handle with care”). However, please bear in mind that such a warning cannot guarantee that the package will be treated as such and should not substitute adequate packaging.
  3. Put the items in the box. Place your ceramics carefully in a box with crumpled paper at the top and bottom. Make sure that the items will remain stable inside the boxes by wrapping them with lots of packing paper and bubble wraps.
  4. Fill the box with cushioning material. You can ensure extra protection for your ceramics by adding packing peanuts and foam into the boxes.

For oddly shaped items, fill the voids of the package with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. These packing materials will not allow the item to move inside the box.

For more information on how to pack fragile items for shipping, you can check our dedicated page.

The reasons for shipping ceramics
  • Selling art pottery. Many artists choose to or any other online platforms. This means that some of their buyers might be located across the country or abroad. In this case, finding a trusted shipping service provider is essential to complete the transaction.
  • Selling or purchasing antiques. Many of our customers are antique collectors who often distribute unique and fragile items, such as porcelain dolls, around the world. As with the category mentioned above, antique collectors often seek for a logistics service provider to transport their collectables.
  • Moving to a new home. When moving abroad or across the country, shipping your items to your new address is often the only way to go. A lot of people have found the cheapest and safest way to ship their porcelain dinnerware or any other ceramic possession through Eurosender.

In case there are any questions left concerning how to pack and ship ceramics by courier, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced customer support team. Our specialists will be more than happy to assist you at any stage of the shipment process.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping ceramics, bone china or fine china dinnerware. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If any damages occur, the insurance will not cover the costs of these damages. The insurance is not valid when shipping ceramics, bone china or fine china dinnerware even if the shipper has taken all protective measures. In case you decide to ship ceramics, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.