Courier delivery to a village or a rural area

Living in a village or a rural area is enjoying peace and quiet, a slow pace of life and a close sense of community. The only thing that might be lacking is the number of shops. Nowadays it is easy to order anything that your heart desires online. Within a few clicks, you can find the exact thing that you want, which would take you hours when looking for it in brick and mortar stores. But what if you live in a village? Or even more remote, in a rural area? With the article below you will find out how to arrange courier delivery to a village and what the most common problems with shipping to rural areas are.

How to place an order with Eurosender?

Type to search
Type to search

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to prepare your items for shipping.

How do I give the correct address for shipping packages to a rural area?

Shipping to rural areas might be a bit more complicated, but as long as you receive mail on your delivery address, it is possible. Always keep in mind that there might not be a well-defined delivery time as daily delivery may not be available in rural areas. The following example is applicable for your shipments through the Eurosender platform.


  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
    Ex.: New Zealand
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the full name of the consignee.
    Ex.: Judy Simpson
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: Harlen street 11
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Write the alternative address of one of the nearby neighbors, if you are not able to be at the delivery address entire day on the delivery date.
    Ex.: Harlen street 13, Joan Holmes
  5. Zip code
    Add the zip code, please double check if it’s the right one.
    Ex.: 5010
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city.
    Ex.: Wellington
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    Ex.: +64 20 1234 1234


When you still have questions regarding shipping to a village or rural area, feel free to contact our multilingual Customer Support. They will be glad to answer all questions you have regarding your shipment.

What is the best shipping service for delivery to a rural area?

The shipping service that best fits your needs, depends on the volume of your items and the expected delivery time. Below you find the options that Eurosender provides, with all the necessary details.

  • Standard delivery: Pay attention to the maximum dimensions below.
    • Maximum weight of 40kg (30kg in some cases).
    • A maximum length of 175 cm.
    • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm.

      Check which service to choose

  • Freight service: For the bigger items you choose pallet delivery
  • Dedicated Van Delivery: For a van solely dedicated to the delivery of your goods.
  • Individual offer: When your shipment has individual needs, ask for an individual offer.

Best way to get ready for shipping packages to a rural area

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, said Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, more than three centuries ago. This advice can be applied to practically anything in life, including shipping packages to a rural area. Below you will find the most essential topics for shipping with Eurosender.

  • Packing your shipment is of the utmost importance, you don’t want your package to get damaged because the packaging was incorrect. With our easy packing page, complete with video instructions, you will pack your items quick and simple.
  • Having your courier delivery to a village insured is something you want to be easy. Read all about our insurance plan in our dedicated page and discover how easy and cheap our additional insurance is.
  • Stay safe and don’t ship prohibited items.
  • Are you a business user? Sign up for a Eurosender account and enjoy all the benefits of being a registered user, such as managing your employees and all your shipments in one place.
Common problems with shipping to rural areas and how to avoid them

Courier delivery to a village or a rural area has some peculiarities. That is why we have created this section about common problems with shipping to rural areas and how you can avoid them to experience a seamless delivery.

  • When you live in a new house or in an area that is still in development, it might happen that there is no street name and/or number. Then you could check with your neighbours to check whether they already have a registered address. However, the best option, in this case, is to have the shipment delivered to your work address. Often you spend there just as much time as at home and you will be able to accept it in person.
  • In rural areas, it is common that there is no daily delivery due to the low number of residents. In this case, there are usually dedicated days that could range from 1-4 times a week. So, delivery will take longer, and the delivery time shown on the website may not be correct. When this applies to you, contact our logistics experts to find the most convenient option for you.
  • When you live in the countryside you often reside on large premises. When you are out and about on your territory you might not hear the doorbell when the courier arrives. So, always be on the look-out on the day of pick-up or delivery.
  • When your shipment has the status “delivered” in our tracking system, but you haven’t received it yet, check with your neighbours. In small communities, where everyone knows each other, the driver could leave the package with someone else.
  • Even though courier companies do their best to deliver all shipments in time, sometimes factors that go beyond there sphere of influence, such as the weather, may cause a delay. This especially goes for courier delivery to a village or rural area as they are often more remote and for example services as snow removal might not be as widely available as in urban areas. In case of delay the courier, the company will contact you and notify you of the nearest possible delivery date.
  • When the courier cannot deliver to the given address, it is usually stored in the nearest depot. Providing an address that is suitable for delivery is the responsibility of the client and therefore extra charges apply when the parcel has to be stored. Do you already know that you need storage? Contact us and we can offer you storage at convenient rates.
What you should know about shipping to rural areas

There are several things that you should know when you are shipping packages to a rural area. Take a look at this short list to find out of any of this applies to you. In case of doubt, you can always contact us.

  • In many rural areas, pick-ups and deliveries are not carried out daily. This could have an effect on the pick-up or delivery. Check with the courier company or with Eurosender if that applies to the area where you live.
  • Some areas are not served at all by courier companies. Try to find out the nearest location to where you can ship.
  • Booking a courier service through a parcel broker means that it is possible that one courier company collects the parcel, and a different one delivers it. The reason for this is that local courier companies often work together with larger international chains of logistics providers.
  • When door-to-door services are not available in your village, there could be collection points for courier service to a rural area in the place where you live.

Are you living in a rural area or a village and have questions about your exact location? Our logistics experts stand by your side when you need some additional info. You can contact us either by email or by phone.

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