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International Shipping Solutions for Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a global platform where users can sell and buy items as individuals or businesses. Eurosender makes selling and shipping on Facebook Marketplace easier by offering best-rate shipping to match all e-commerce requirements. Get final quotes for individual and business sellers on Facebook Marketplace in Europe and the world, as well as support in your language to ship all types of items sold on Facebook Marketplace.

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How to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace: upgrade your shipping and improve your benefits

  1. Create a profile in Facebook and then click on “Marketplace” on the page top left.
  2. Click the option “Sell something”. Create an accurate description of your item.
  3. Include the shipping details – whether you will offer to ship on Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Once you have received the payment, use our platform to find the best-priced deliveries.

What are the advantages of selling on Facebook Marketplace?

List all types of products
Sell almost anything: from properties and cars to second-hand goods.

Worldwide marketplace
Easily reach customers located halfway around the globe.

Biggest online audience
Facebook has almost 2.5 billion monthly active users.


Reach a worldwide audience by shipping your sales on Facebook Marketplace

Does Facebook Marketplace offer shipping options? Facebook does not provide any default shipping methods and it is up to the seller to decide how to ship the sold items to the buyer. As a seller, you will have to book and pay for the delivery, as well as provide tracking information to your buyer. You can receive payment through PayPal or another online banking platform.


Facebook Marketplace shipping made simple

Partner up with Eurosender and start operating your own logistics from a single platform. Get accurate prices and provide your customers with reliable information. Start making data-driven decisions with the help of our team of experts. Sign up without any cost on our platform and get:

Final instant prices
Get matched with the best shipping solutions for every sale.

Customised dashboard
Manage all logistics processes and transactions from one place.

Track and predict
Real-time tracking and increased predictability of deliveries.

Safe and secure
Low-rate insurance options for different types of shipments.


Affordable Facebook Marketplace shipping options with Eurosender

Have you made a sale and need to book affordable shipping services for the items sold on Facebook Marketplace?
We offer logistics solutions adjusted to all types of deliveries:
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Facebook Marketplace return policy. What to do if the buyer wants to return the item?

All returns and replacements of the items purchased on Facebook Marketplace are subject to each store’s specific policy. When buying goods on Facebook Marketplace, you should read the sellers’ return and refund policy before finalising the transaction. If the buyer wants to return the item bought on Facebook Marketplace, he should follow the instructions provided by the seller to organise the return. To have simple and seamless shipping service, get a quote with Eurosender and we will organise all the details of the transport service for you.

Check more information about Facebook returns on the FAQ below.


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Selling and shipping on Facebook Marketplace FAQ

Can you ship on Facebook marketplace if Checkout with shipping is not available in your region?
When “Checkout with shipping” is not available in your region, you can arrange shipping with the buyer directly. You can establish a shipping policy for all your sales or define a particular way of shipping your Facebook Marketplace items each time you make a sale. You can provide your buyer with a final shipping price by using our booking tool.
Do I have to bring my Facebook marketplace sales to a shipping hub?
All the services booked through Eurosender are door to door, you will only have to take care of packing and preparing your items.
Is it safe to ship items sold on Facebook Marketplace?
We offer you safe and secure shipping solutions for your Facebook Marketplace items. We recommend sellers to use PayPal and keep the transaction and booking invoices in case the buyer decides to make a reclamation. Also, never ship your Facebook Marketplace items before receiving the payment.
Do I have to pack my Facebook sales before shipping?
Sellers are responsible for packing and preparing their items before shipping. You will need appropriate packing materials and make sure the item is protected. Need more info? Our packing experts have prepared these packing guides with useful tips and info about packing a multitude of different articles.
Is insurance valid when selling and shipping second hand goods on Facebook Marketplace?
All shipments booked through Eurosender include basic insurance. In case of a claim, it is essential to fill out a damage report and have proof of the value of the goods (invoice for example).
Can I buy on Facebook marketplace UK after Brexit?
You will be able to buy from Facebook Marketplace in the UK after Brexit, but all shipments between the EU and the UK after Brexit are considered exports and will have to go through customs and are subjected to VAT charges. You can read more about Brexit and customs here.
Shipping internationally from Facebook Marketplace after Brexit?
Sellers can still decide to ship internationally from Facebook Marketplace after Brexit to reach a wider customer base. If you want to arrange Facebook Marketplace shipping outside the UK, you can read our e-commerce and Brexit page for more info.
What is the return time frame for sending back items to Facebook Marketplace?
To return items to Facebook Marketplace, you must file a claim within 45 days from the date of delivery. If you have never received your item, you must wait 2 days after the last date of the estimated delivery before filing a claim.
If you are requesting a refund, remember to contact the seller within the return period specified by them and follow the seller’s instructions for returning the item delivered.
In some cases, your claim could be denied due to such reasons:
  • The item received was the same as described by the seller in your purchase;
  • The item was received, and the seller verified the delivery of the product;
  • You disputed the transaction with the bank that issued your credit or debit card;
  • You didn’t submit sufficient evidence requested by Facebook to support your claim.


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