Online Shopping After Brexit: UK E-Commerce and Dropshipping 

Online shopping from the UK after Brexit | International deliveries

You can still buy products from the UK after Brexit and have them delivered to Europe within days. Get yourself familiarised with the rules that apply after the transition period is over, whether you are selling, supplying or buying the goods from the UK. Choose a reliable company to manage post-Brexit online shopping deliveries with ease. Let our logistics experts guide you through the VAT and customs procedures and get acquainted with all the regulations concerning shipping from UK online stores after Brexit.

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Delivery services from UK online stores after Brexit

UK online stores that ship internationally after Brexit can choose from several transport options.
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Selling online after Brexit with Eurosender shipping solutions

Eurosender is the right choice for UK online stores that ship internationally after Brexit! Our vast network of logistics partners allows us to choose the right provider according to your needs. We will match your request and offer you a shipping solution for products or freight brokerage. Allow us to handle the shipping organisation on your behalf and register on our platform for extra transport benefits and lower prices.
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Order dispatch from the UK after Brexit: customs, duties and VAT

UK online shopping sites shipping internationally post-Brexit will not be directly facing additional charges on goods they send abroad. In most cases, the customer is liable for covering the VAT and the customs duties. At Eurosender we have gathered the necessary customs information that anyone selling online after Brexit from the UK should know about. Post-Brexit online shopping deliveries do not have to be a hurdle when you have the best courier companies and customs brokers by your side.


VAT on orders dispatched from the UK to Europe

Online stores selling to European customers will not be facing any direct charges on the goods they are offering unless they decide to take upon them part of the additional shipping cost and possible import fees by lowering the profit on their goods.

As of 1st of July 2021, some UK sellers will have the option to charge and collect the VAT at the point of sale. By doing so, UK sellers exempt EU customers from paying VAT to customs in the country of importation. VAT will be then declared and paid to the respective Member State via a One-Stop-Shop. From this date on, all goods must pay for VAT as the exemption for small consignments with a value up to £15 (or €22) will no longer be valid.


VAT on orders dispatched from EU to the UK

As long as the business selling the goods is registered in the UK for a UK VAT number, the VAT can be charged at the point of sale instead of being charged to the customer upon delivery or importation. In this case, VAT will be calculated based on the sale price of the goods rather than the import value which may include also shipping costs and other fees. After the 1st of July, VAT charges will be applicable to all commercial goods, and the exemption rule on items under £15 (or €22) will no longer be valid.

Please bear in mind that UK businesses need an EORI number after Brexit from any EU country for imports and exports.

Customs duties for goods bought in the UK and in the EU

There will be no customs duties if you are buying products from the UK or Europe after Brexit for orders up to £135 (or €150). Orders whose value is above the mentioned will undergo customs charges, and the amount will depend on the type of goods you are importing from the UK or from Europe.
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Guide to shipping from e-commerce post Brexit

Post Brexit shipping guide for e-commerce businesses
  • Book the right transport service for the type of product.
  • Fill out the necessary documentation.
  • Fill out the CN22 customs declaration if the value of the goods does not exceed £270.
  • Fill out the CN23 customs declaration if the value of the goods exceeds £270.
  • Attach the customs declaration with a protective cover on the outside of the package.
  • Hand out the package for delivery.


Online shopping steps for individuals after Brexit

Placing Orders from the UK after Brexit
If you are buying products from the UK after Brexit, and the store does not offer international delivery, you can arrange the shipping through Eurosender platform.
  • Inform the store that you are arranging the shipping on your own.
  • Select the desired countries on our booking tool.
  • Indicate the store address as the pickup country.
  • Select the delivery address and finish the ordering process.
  • Prepare all the necessary import/export documentation.
Returning a purchase to the UK after Brexit
It is not that uncommon that suppliers of the dropshipping business in the UK after Brexit send a faulty, or a wrong product, and as a buyer, you need to know how to proceed.
  • Check the store policy to see if they cover the cost of return.
  • Book a return shipping directly on our platform.
  • After you finish filling out the required information in the empty fields, you need to fill out the necessary import/export documentation.
  • The courier will collect the package from your house, or any other indicated address.
Bear in mind that when you are from Europe and buying items from the UK after Brexit, you may need to fill out additional documentation, and pay the customs duties, if applicable. Read here all about customs duties and charges when importing goods to the UK.

Additional documentation required when shipping from Ireland to the UK

There will be some important updates from the 1st of January 2023 in the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement on how are the rules of origin determined for the goods you are shipping.

Some additional proof of origin documentation will have to be provided in order to benefit from the 0% duty rate when shipping from Ireland to the UK with DHL, TNT and UPS. Therefore, the statement of origin will no longer be enough, but you should provide some of the following:

  • Registered Exporter Systems (REX) Authorisation that can be granted by Irish Revenue. To be granted the REX number, certain criteria must be met. You can find additional information by following this link.
  • Certificate of Origin that can be obtained by a local Chamber of Commerce. You can find additional information by following this link.

Van delivery from EU to the UK after Brexit – Requirements

When booking van delivery on our platform, you need to provide us with the following information:

For individuals
  • Copy of ID;
  • Proof of residence, proving that you have resided in Europe (or country of origin) for a minimum period of 6 months;
  • Proof that you have a visa to reside in the UK (except for English citizens);
  • Detailed list of each item being transported: what the goods are, what they are made of, their origin, their purpose, HS code, and their value, etc;
  • You need to send us the ToR (Application for transfer of residence relief) number. You can use this guide for the ToR or find the frequently asked questions here.
For businesses

It is important to note that the packing list should contain information about the sender, receiver, the item description, the value of each unit and the total value. Additionally, it should be signed by the owner of the goods.

How will Brexit affect UK online sellers?

Many people were buying products from online marketplaces from countless UK stores. Most stores will still send parcels to the EU after Brexit; however, the prices may not be as appealing. Either the customer will have to bear the additional costs or the store. Let us consider both options:

  • The customer will have to pay a higher price when online shopping from the UK after Brexit. The higher price will include the new transport solution from the logistics providers the import VAT and customs duties they may have to pay upon receiving the goods. This option is favourable to the seller, but not the customer.
  • The seller will have to lower the price to match the final cost of a good bought in any other European store. This means a lower net gain for the seller, which is not favourable to them, but advantageous to the customer.

As in most cases, the solutions may not be favourable to both parties and the following should be expected:

  • Exporting goods from and to the EU after Brexit will not be an attractive option, and most British sellers will consider serving the UK market only.
  • UK customers will consider purchasing goods from UK online marketplaces.
  • Irish customers from the Republic of Ireland turning to a German, or other EU marketplace to avoid paying import VAT and customs duties for goods sold in the UK market.
  • Many businesses will consider hiring customs brokers when shipping to Europe after Brexit.


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FAQ for online shopping and dropshipping from the UK after Brexit

Can I still deliver packages from AliExpress to my customers in the EU with a dropshipping business in the UK?
You can ship from the UK from AliExpress after the Brexit transition is over. The packages will have to go through customs procedures, and import VAT will apply. VAT will be charged to all private purchases, both from retailers and end-users.
Can I return Amazon products after Brexit?
You will be able to return the products you have purchased from Amazon stores, whether in Europe or the UK. The buyer can return the products to Amazon without paying additional fees if the purchase received was faulty, wrong, or damaged. For any other return that does not go into this category, you have to cover the shipping costs and additional fees that may occur from shipping outside the EU.
Will Brexit have any effect on Etsy sellers?
Deliveries from Etsy post Brexit on a domestic level will stay the same. For international purchases, the seller will have to fill out the CN22 or CN23 customs declarations before exporting them from the UK and pay for the import tax whenever the item’s value is lower than £135. Etsy sellers will benefit from registering on our platform, as our logistics experts are here to support them through every step of the way.
How much will shipping cost for online purchases after Brexit?
After Brexit, the shipping cost for international online purchases may increase as companies should consider other, global shipping services. Some online stores may offer free shipping, but in most cases, the cost is already calculated in the end product price.
Which UK stores will be delivering from Europe post Brexit?
Until now, there aren’t any stores that have announced they will be stopping their operations in other countries. Our shipping solutions can be beneficial both for individuals and sellers, as our logistics experts will support and advice you on handling the customs duties and clearance.
Will there be import duty after Brexit?
There will be import duties after 1st of January 2021. The tariff depends on the type of product that you are importing, and its value. In most cases, duties will apply to goods whose value is higher than £135. You can read all about customs duties after Brexit on this dedicated page.
Can Irish people buy from UK online stores post Brexit?
Irish people can buy from UK online stores, the same way they would buy from other European Union online stores. The only difference now is that Irish people from the Republic of Ireland will have VAT imposed on the purchase, and may be subject to customs tariffs.