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Are you a seller on eBay and want to streamline all your shipments?
Partner up with Eurosender and get the best logistics services for your domestic and international deliveries. Are you an individual looking for the best way to return your items bought on eBay? You can use our platform to find the best offer tailored to your needs.

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Global courier service for your eBay goods

Register on Eurosender and join thousands of other sellers and e-commerce professionals that have chosen our platform as their digital logistics department. Bring your logistics to the next level and enjoy the benefits of working with Eurosender.


Sell goods on eBay and ship with Eurosender

Create an eBay account on this page. The cost and type of account will depend on the kind of goods you want to sell.

Create a PayPal account in order to receive the payments for the goods you are selling and get additional protection when buying and selling.

Once you found a buyer for your goods, just login to your Eurosender account and book a shipping service.

Make sure that you receive the payment before you ship the goods.

Why companies choose eBay to sell their goods

Expand your business
With over 180 million users worldwide and 1.300 million listings in 2019, eBay is the right place to grow global.

Pass the brand recognition to your business.
Get customers to trust your business faster by having a store in a safe selling platform.

Save with low fees.
eBay fees for sold items are lower than the ones in comparable websites and listings are free of charge.


International shipping services for your eBay products

Many sellers complain of high fix costs and lack of flexibility when shipping their eBay sales. Eurosender offers businesses the opportunity of bringing their logistics to an international level:

Standard shipping

Ship small packages internationally at very low rates
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Freight shipping

Get access to international freight networks for B2B and B2C users
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Express shipping

Worldwide urgent deliveries in over 220 countries
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Individual offer

Find shipping solutions tailored to the specific needs of your shop
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Shipping alternatives when selling on eBay

How to ship internationally on eBay? eBay offers different options for sellers, but the standard international shipping procedure on eBay has many shortcomings. The number of courier providers is limited, and the size and weight limitations may be very strict.

Global Shipping Program

This scheme is only valid for sellers registered on or The seller ships their items to a hub where eBay gets in charge of forwarding them to their final destination. These shipments have size and weight limitations and are not insured.

Freight shipping for B2B

Only available for B2B sellers in the US.


How to sell and ship on eBay – parcel courier services FAQ

Do I have to pack my items for shipping?

Whether you choose eBay courier services or if you decide to ship your goods with Eurosender you will need to pack your items for shipping. The materials required for shipping goods depend on the type of product you want to ship.
Do you need more info on how to pack and prepare your eBay items for shipping? You can check our pack and ship guides with tips for packing dozens of different items.

Are deliveries insured when using eBay shipping solutions?

eBay parcel courier services do not include automatic shipping insurance and the policy options vary from country to country. When you ship your sold items with Eurosender, you will get immediate access to different insurance options depending on the type of your shipment.

How can eBay sellers manage the returns of sold products?

How is the return procedure on eBay? When opening a shop on eBay, sellers must decide on their return policy and on who will pay for the shipping costs. Eurosender wallet option is the perfect option: simply top up your wallet and manage your returns easier and faster.

Can eBay businesses ship to every country in the world?

eBay offers the Global Shipping program for sellers registered in eBay UK and eBay US only. Even though this service allows shipping to dozens of countries, it does not offer insurance and is only available for small packages.
Eurosender offers global deliveries for parcels of all sizes, weights and prices. Additionally, we offer shipping insurance at no extra cost with each standard shipment and additional insurance for all types of parcels.

The information above is a result of online research and is subject to change at any moment. Eurosender will not be held responsible for any occurred casualties as a result of updated information on the official marketplace website. Nevertheless, we do our best to keep the presented information on our website as present as possible.