DB Luggage Allowance Policy

Deutsche Bahn (DB) luggage allowance policy

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is a German railway company that offers its services in Germany and Europe with regional and international trains. Check our page for Deutsche Bahn luggage policy and find out how many suitcases you can take on DB trains. Book our door-to-door delivery services to avoid the stress and the hassle of bringing heavy luggage or sports equipment on Deutsche Bahn trains.

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Deutsche Bahn luggage policy: how many suitcases can I take on DB trains?

There are no specific weight or size limits on the Deutsche Bahn luggage policy. The general baggage policy on DB trains is the following.

  • Passengers can take their luggage on DB trains free of charge.
  • DB baggage policy does not require tickets or fees for extra luggage.
  • Passengers should be able to carry their own luggage.
  • Suitcase and other personal items should not block corridors and doors.


Door-to-door luggage shipping services when travelling on DB trains

Deutsche Bahn luggage policy is not restrictive and passengers can bring on DB trains their luggage with no specific limitation. If you are looking for an alternative solution to travel light and enjoy the trip on DB trains you can opt for a door-to-door luggage delivery service.
Thanks to our luggage services, you can send your suitcases, sport equipment or musical instruments directly at your doorstep and travel with Deutsche Bahn hassle-free. Book on our platform a door-to-door luggage shipping service to travel light on DB trains.

Important: While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, we recommend using cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Couriers will not accept suitcases for routes that include Austria, Czech Republic, Poland or the United Kingdom.


Alternatives to transport luggage on DB trains

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, you can choose between
different door-to-door services to send your luggage ahead:
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Can I bring my bike on board Deutsche Bahn trains?

Passengers can take bikes on long-distance Deutsche Bahn trains, but not all DB trains have dedicated areas. Therefore, if you want to take a bicycle with you when travelling on Deutsche Bahn trains, you should buy a bike ticket to reserve the space on the train.

  • Folded bikes and scooter can be transported as luggage on DB trains free of charge.
  • Assembled bicycles can be transported only on specific DB trains with dedicated space.

Can I take sports equipment or musical instruments on DB trains?

DB luggage policy does not have specific rules about sports equipment or musical instruments.

  • Passengers can take their skis, surfboards or other types of sports equipment if they follow the general requirements of DB luggage policy.
  • It is allowed to take musical instruments on Deutsche Bahn trains as long as the passenger can carry the instrument.


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FAQ about Deutsche Bahn (DB) baggage allowance policy

Are pets allowed on DB trains?
Yes, dogs are allowed on DB trains if the passengers follow the Deutsche Bahn pet policy. Passengers can bring small dogs free of charge, if they are transported in a small cage or carrier. Larger dogs are considered on the DB train pet policy as passengers and require a specific ticket.
How many suitcases or pieces of luggage can I take with me on DB trains?
Deutsche Bahn luggage policy doesn’t specify the amount of luggage that a passenger can take on the train. However, when you take luggage on DB trains, suitcases or sports equipment should not be so big or heavy that you cannot carry them.
Where can I put my luggage on Deutsche Bahn trains?
Passengers can put their luggage under the seat or on the luggage rack above the seat itself in every DB train. Larger suitcases or sports equipment can also be stored in specific luggage racks near the doors or in the middle of the coach.
Can I book a luggage delivery service when travelling as a group on DB trains?
Yes, you can easily send multiple suitcases through our platform. If you travel as a group on DB trains and you are looking for the best option to have all the luggage delivered to the hotel or the final destination, you can book our door-to-door shipping services or an entire van for the luggage transport.
Is there a bike ticket to transport a bicycle on DB trains?
To transport a bike on Deutsche Bahn trains, passengers need to a bike ticket for the reservation of the bike holder on the train. Unfortunately, not all DB trains have dedicated space for bicycles. If you need to transport your bike when travelling on DB trains you can book our door-to-door shipping service and receive the bicycle directly at your destination address.
The information concerning Deutsche Bahn luggage allowance is based on data collected from the company’s website on July 2021. For more information about DB luggage policy and limitations we strongly recommend checking the company official website.


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