Deutsche Bahn (DB) baggage allowance | Shall I bring all my suitcases?

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is a German railway company, which is described as one of the largest in the world. Every year, it carries more than two billion passengers, while connecting popular destination across Germany and other European countries.

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DB baggage allowance policy states that passengers can take one piece of hand luggage with them (e.g. briefcases, trolley bags, laptop bags etc.) and a bigger suitcase that might need to be stored a bit further away from their seat. Parents can also bring pushchairs and strollers. There is no indication that a passenger will be prohibited from bringing any additional pieces of luggage, but, as with most European trains, the availability to store your luggage in a proper place is not guaranteed. All passengers should also be able to lift their own suitcases.

DB baggage allowance policy:

  • 1 carry-on bag
  • 1 suitcase
  • Additional luggage might be permitted
  • Passengers should be able to carry all of their bags
  • Aisles, entrances and exits should not be obstructed by suitcases

Can I bring my bike on board?

Germans love using their bikes, even when going to work. If you are traveling around Germany or moving there for a new job or a semester abroad, you will probably want to bring your bike as well. It is a fun, healthy, affordable and eco-friendly way to move around, while it can give you access to places that cannot be reached by car. Also, who wouldn’t like to explore the country through its endless cycling routes?

DB baggage allowance clarifies that passengers can travel bring bicycles on long-distance trains. However, not all of them can accommodate them. The trains that have bicycle capacity are marked as such. If you are planning to travel with your bicycle, you will need to purchase a long-distance bicycle ticket and a bicycle space reservation.

This purchase can be done online and usually costs 3.90€. To actually reserve the bicycle space, all you have to do is go to the “Advanced search options”, while booking your ticket, and select the option “Take a bicycle”. At the same time you should keep in mind that folding bikes and scooters can be transported free of charge, since they do not take as much space. At this point we would like to add that, if you are planning to travel with your suitcase and a bike, it is better to look for an alternative solution to transport the latter; unless your suitcase is small enough to be tied at the bag of your bike.

Help! I cannot lift all my bags! | Eurosender to the rescue

Maybe you are moving to Berlin or another city in Germany. Or you are going to spend a month-long vacation with your relatives in Munich. Shipping some –if not all- of your items can be a more convenient solution when it comes to traveling with many suitcases. Are you worried that courier services can be quite expensive sometimes? Well, here is when we come into play. Eurosender is a platform for booking cheap and reliable shipping services. We will find the most affordable way to send your suitcases, bikes, musical instruments or sports equipment in just a few seconds.

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Are pets allowed on DB trains?

Traveling with pets is not an easy task. Not only can the animals get motion sickness or become anxious during the trip, but their owners should be able to carry all their belongings and the animal itself. In many cases they might be faced with extra fees. And they will have to comply with the strict rules concerning their pets’ transportation.

DB train pet policy states that dogs are permitted on its trains. If the animals are small enough to fit into a container at the size of a hand luggage, then no charges apply. However, if the dog is bigger in size, the passenger should obtain a ticket for it. This will cost approximately half the price of a regular ticket. The dogs, in this case, should be on a leash and stay close to their owner. However, that does not apply to guide dogs. As for other types of animals, DB train pet policy does not mention anything relevant. That is why we would recommend you to contact the train company if you are planning to travel with a pet that is not a dog.

Can I bring a musical instrument or sports equipment on board?

Maybe you are a musician and you were invited to play in a music festival in Hamburg. Or you are planning a ski trip in Winterberg. Bringing your musical instrument and sports equipment in this cases is essential.

  • DB baggage allowance policy does not mention anything about bringing musical instruments on board. However, we cannot imagine that a guitar or another medium/small instrument, if stored in a case and if they do not obstruct the aisles, will cause any problems. If you are planning to bring a bigger instrument with you, such as a cello, we would recommend you to contact the train company. Do not forget that finding another way to transport your instrument (e.g. shipping it via courier) can be a better solution in certain cases.
  • As for DB sports equipment policy, it is stated that skis and surfboards are allowed on board, free of charge. The same goes for other types of sports equipment, as long as it is stored in an appropriate case or bag and it is not unreasonably large. If you are planning to travel with very large items, such as canoes, shipping them to your destination can be a safer solution.

Should I ship my items instead? | Eurosender

Train companies in Europe might not have very strict rules when it comes to their baggage allowance policies. However, it is always recommended that passengers bring only as many items as they can handle by themselves. It is also important that the luggage does not obstruct any aisles and doors, while all seats must be available for the passengers. Leaving your bags on any nearby seats is not only disrespectful towards your fellow passengers, but it is also against the train company’s rules. That is why shipping your larger pieces of luggage is always recommended. In Eurosender, we regularly help travelers transport their items from one place in Europe to another.

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*The information concerning DB baggage allowance is based on data collected from the company’s website on 06/09/2018.