SBB baggage allowance | Can I travel with all my suitcases?

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) is the name of the national railway company of Switzerland. It is a very popular means of transportation among Swiss nationals and foreigners, as it connects the biggest cities in the country. The train company is actually Switzerland’s biggest transport enterprise. It is worth mentioning that SBB is the German acronym for the Swiss Federal Railways. The train company has acronyms also in French and Italian (CFF & FFS respectively). However, SBB is more commonly used. It is worth mentioning that SBB has been named as the “best train operator in Europe” at the 2018 “Great Train Comparison Report”.

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If you are travelling with the Swiss Federal Railways, you might be wondering how many suitcases you can bring along your journey. In fact, there is no official SBB baggage allowance policy. However, that does not mean that passengers can bring as many items as they want. As with any other European train company, passengers on Swiss trains should be able to carry and lift their own luggage, without help. Also, the suitcases should not block the aisles and the entrances or occupy other passengers’ seats. You are able to know how much luggage you can bring on board by checking the Swiss Federal Railways timetable and seeing whether your train is listed with the comment “very high occupancy is expected”. If you see this message, we would recommend you not to bring more than a small hand luggage and a medium-sized suitcase.

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At first, you thought that bringing a backpack, a trolley-bag, a suitcase, a guitar and a laptop case on board was a good idea. Now you struggle to move around the railway station and you might miss your train. You are not sure whether there is going to be enough storage space in your wagon and you are afraid that someone was “investigating” your backpack’s outer pocket. Does this sound like a nightmare? No need to fear; we have a solution for you. Ship your items with a courier company and relax. It is way more affordable than you think and you will be able to travel without any hassle!

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Are bikes allowed on Swiss trains? |SBB baggage allowance

If you are exploring Switzerland, you will probably want to take your bike with you. The same goes when moving from one Swiss county to another. According to SBB baggage allowance policy, passengers can register their bike as an item of luggage. Alternatively, they can carry it on board as hand luggage. However, it is important to check whether the specific train they are about to board has a designated bike storage area. This information will be found on the Swiss Federal Railways timetable. Keep in mind that you will be required to make a reservation for the bike, which will cost about 5CHF (4,44€), plus a bike ticket. Ticket prices vary, depending on whether they are annual, daily or just for short distances. For a short distance, they usually cost half the price of a standard fare, while for the entire year, they can be up to 240CHF (213€).

Can I bring my sports equipment or a musical instrument? | SBB baggage allowance

You might be a musician who was invited to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Or maybe you are a winter sports enthusiast who is planning a ski trip at the Swiss Alps. Whatever the case might be, you will have to bring more items other than your suitcase. These, even when stored in their case, can have irregular shapes and might be hard to store in the wagons. SBB baggage allowance policy does not give any specifications regarding sports equipment and musical instruments. However, as long as the passenger can lift these items by himself/herself and can store them properly on the train (without obstructing the movement or the seats of other passengers) there will be no problem. It goes without saying that, if the instrument or the equipment is way too large (e.g. a harp, a piano, a canoe etc.), the passenger should rather use a logistics company to ship it to his/her destination.

Are pets allowed on SBB trains? |SBB baggage allowance

Passengers travelling with SBB can bring their dogs on board. Small dogs, up to 30 cm high, can travel for free, whereas, for bigger dogs, a ticket must be paid. This usually is equivalent of a second-class half fare. At the same time, there are daily tickets as well, which cost 35CHF (31€). If you travel with your dog on a regular base, you can also purchase a GA travel card for dogs, which will cost 805CHF (715€). At this point, it is important to mention that, if you are planning to travel with another animal, it is recommended to contact the train company.

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Travelling with too much luggage can be difficult and exhausting. Maybe you are moving to Zurich and you need to bring all your belongings to your destination. Or you might be organizing a ski trip to the Swiss Alps and you need to bring your snowboard and set of skis. Maybe certain health problems do not allow you to lift a lot of weight. Whatever the case might be, shipping some, if not all of your items with a reputable logistics company can be the solution you are looking for. Eurosender can offer you high-quality shipping services but in very affordable prices. Check our engine and see our negotiated prices for the route of your choice.

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*The information concerning Swiss Federal Railways’ baggage allowance is based on data collected from the company’s website on 17/09/2018.