European Trains Baggage Allowance

European trains baggage allowance policies and shipping alternatives

We have gathered all the information regarding different European trains baggage allowance policies so that you can prepare better for your journey. How many suitcases can you bring on the train? Can you bring your bike when travelling? Are pets allowed on trains? Check the European train baggage allowance policies and find out what are the alternatives to travel light.


European trains baggage allowance: how much luggage can you take on the train?

Most European train and railway companies do not have a strict luggage policy: passengers can usually take more than one suitcase on the train, if they can lift and transport them. Musical instruments, sports equipment and pets are allowed on most of the trains but usually the dimensions are limited. Some companies or some specific trains do not have a lot of space for luggage, so they limit the number and dimensions of luggage each passenger can take on the train.

Check the specific baggage allowance policies of the main European train companies on our dedicated pages:


Door-to-door luggage transport service

European trains baggage policies are not strict, and passengers can usually take their luggage on the train without specific limitations. However, when travelling with a lot of luggage, the best solution to avoid carrying a lot of weight and enjoy the trip is sending the luggage ahead, especially when travelling with bikes or big luggage. Some trains companies may charge extra fees for the transport of bike or big luggage on the train.

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Alternatives to transporting luggage on European trains

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FAQS about luggage transport on European trains

Do I have to buy a ticket for my luggage when travelling on European trains?
Most European train companies don’t require booking a specific ticket for the luggage so that passengers can take their suitcase on the train free of charge. In some specific cases, it may be required to buy a ticket for the extra luggage. Check on our dedicated pages what are the luggage allowance policies for each European train company.
How should I prepare my luggage for the delivery service before travelling on European trains?
If you book a door-to-door delivery service to send you luggage ahead when travelling on European trains, you should prepare and pack the suitcase following the courier requirements. You can either wrap the suitcase in plastic foil or put it in a cardboard box. While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, we recommend using cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Please bear in mind that the couriers will not accept suitcases not packed in a box for routes that include Austria, Czech Republic, Poland or the United Kingdom. Check our dedicated page for detailed information about luggage shipping services.
What is the Norwegian luggage policy when travelling on VY train and NSB?
The Norwegian train company VY (previously known as NSB) baggage allowance policy states that passengers can bring up to 3 pieces of luggage. According to NSB/VY trains luggage policy, passengers are not allowed to bring baggage that exceeds 30kg in total. When travelling on VY trains (former NSB), always follow the updated VY trains baggage allowance and not the previous NSB luggage policy.
What is the luggage policy on Avanti west coast trains?
Avanti West Coast is the train company that took the place of Virgin trains and its baggage allowance policy is different from Virgin trains luggage policy. Avanti West Coast baggage allowance is not strict, even though the company suggests bringing luggage that does not exceed 30x70x90 cm in size. When travelling on the routes previously served by Virgin, always make sure to check Avanti West Coast policy and not Virgin trains baggage allowance.
How can I organize a shipment for a suitcase that was lost and found in a train or train station?
Through our platform, you can book different shipping services domestically and abroad to send or receive luggage or other items that were lost and found on a train. Check our page dedicated to lost and found shipping services for more details.
Is there a luggage limit on European trains?
When travelling on European trains, the luggage policy is different for each company and specific types of trains or tickets. Most railway and train companies do not limit the number of luggage you can take on the trains. High speed trains usually have a limit in size or dimensions of the luggage passengers can take on the train. Check the specific luggage policy for each company on our dedicated pages.
What can you not take on the train?
Every European train and railway company have a list of items that are prohibited. Passengers cannot take on the train dangerous objects such as weapons or explosives. Each company has a specific policy about what passengers cannot take on board the train: some companies, for example, do not accept pets.