European trains baggage allowance

European trains baggage allowance | Can I bring all my suitcases?

Rail travel is very popular among Europeans. Maybe you are about to embark on your first Interrail adventure. Or you are planning to spend a semester in Budapest as an Erasmus student. Maybe, it could be that you found a new job in Brussels. Or you are a traveller from the US who wants to explore every part of Europe, from the Scandinavian countries to the Mediterranean. Whatever the case might be, you must be wondering what do the European trains baggage allowance policies state.

We have gathered all the information needed regarding different European trains baggage allowance policies, so you can take important decisions before your trip. Should you bring a guitar, along with your laptop bag and your two suitcases on a DB train? Can you bring your bike when travelling with TGV? Are pets allowed on Eurostar trains? If yes, which pets and under which circumstances? Are there any restricted items on European trains? These are just some of the questions we have answered for you.

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