Eurostar Luggage Allowance and Shipping Alternatives

Eurostar baggage allowance | Door-to-door luggage delivery

Eurostar is the high-speed train that links the United Kingdom (UK) to France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. Check all the details of Eurostar baggage allowance on our page and find out what’s the best solution to deal with extra luggage and have the suitcases delivered to your destination. Travel light on Eurostar trains thanks to our door-to-door luggage delivery service.

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Eurostar baggage allowance: how much luggage can you take on the train?

When travelling with Eurostar, the baggage allowance is related to the specific type of ticket.

TicketLuggage (up to 85 cm long)Hand luggage (handbag or laptop bag)
Adult2 pieces of luggage1 hand luggage
Business3 pieces of luggage1 hand luggage
Children1 piece of luggage1 hand luggage


Extra baggage fees with Eurostar

Eurostar baggage allowance doesn’t allow passengers to bring on the train extra luggage or suitcases that exceed 85 cm. To travel with extra luggage or oversize suitcases, Eurostar offers the Registered luggage service or a delivery service.

  • Registered luggage service is available only in specific routes and the costs per item are from 30£.
  • Eurostar registered luggage service is not available for the stations of Ashford, Ebbsfleet, Calais, Disneyland® Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Rotterdam, Amsterdam or any ski destination.
  • To book a luggage delivery service with Eurostar, you will need to contact via email or phone the dedicated office.


Door-to-door luggage delivery service

Travelling on Eurostar trains is easy and comfortable but transporting suitcases in the station and inside the train can be hard and stressful. Our platform will help you enjoy every moment of your trip with Eurostar trains, avoiding carrying heavy luggage with you. Find out how easy and convenient it is to send your luggage directly to your destination and travel on Eurostar hassle-free.

Our luggage service allows you to ship your suitcases directly to the hotel, ski resort or any other destination when you travel with Eurostar trains. Book on our platform a door-to-door luggage delivery service when travelling with Eurostar.

Important: While some courier companies accept suitcases for shipping, we recommend using cardboard boxes as the final packaging. Couriers will not accept suitcases for routes that include Austria, Czech Republic, Poland or the United Kingdom.


Alternatives to travel on Eurostar trains with luggage

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, you can choose between
different door-to-door services to send your luggage ahead:
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Can I bring my bike on board of Eurostar trains?

You can bring on Eurostar trains a folding bike or children’s bike as long as it meets the luggage length limit of 85 cm. To transport a bike on Eurostar trains, it must be in a bag.

Eurostar does not accept at the moment any bike that is longer than 85 cm and not transported in a bag. If you want to send your bike ahead of you while travelling with Eurostar trains, you can book our shipping services. Check the advice from our experts on how to pack and ship a bike.

Can I travel with sports equipment or musical instrument on Eurostar trains?

Eurostar policy about sports equipment or musical instruments is different per each specific item. You can travel on Eurostar trains with musical instruments or sports equipment as part of your luggage if they meet the dimensions limits of Eurostar baggage allowance.

  • Musical instruments smaller than 85 cm long can travel as part of your luggage allowance;
  • Musical instruments up to 136 cm can be sent through the Eurostar luggage service if you book it at least 48h before the trip;
  • Specific items such as golf clubs or climbing gear must travel as registered luggage, and you will need to inform the company when booking your ticket.

If you need your musical instrument urgently shipped to your travel destination or your items don’t fit the Eurostar policy, send your luggage ahead with Eurosender.


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FAQs about Eurostar baggage allowance and luggage policy

What’s the best way to send a suitcase to my destination when travelling with Eurostar?
The standard courier service is the best solution for door-to-door luggage delivery when travelling with Eurostar trains. If you need an urgent shipment instead, you can opt for the Priority Express service, with international deliveries in only 24/72 hours.
How can I prepare my luggage for the door-to-door shipment before travelling on Eurostar trains?
When sending suitcases or different items via courier it is essential to follow the packing requirements to avoid the courier refusing to collect the parcel or that the objects get damaged during the transport. Follow our detailed packing guides or visit our luggage delivery page to learn more about the packing requirements of the couriers.
How long in advance should I book Eurostar services for extra luggage?
When travelling with Eurostar, it is possible to send the extra luggage up to a week before the travel. It will be possible to take the extra luggage sent with Eurostar to the destination luggage office for 14 days. For musical instruments or other items that exceed Eurostar luggage limits, you will need to book the delivery service at least 48 hours before the travel or bring them to Eurostar dedicated office before your trip. If you are looking for urgent luggage delivery when travelling with Eurostar or more flexible options, contact our experts via chat or book our door-to-door delivery service.
What are the prohibited items on Eurostar luggage policy?
Eurostar luggage policy has a list of prohibited or restricted items that can’t be brought on board of the train or need to travel as registered luggage. The list of Eurostar prohibited items includes alcohol (over a specific amount for beer and wine), perishable items and dangerous items such as guns, munitions, knives and explosives. If you are travelling with Eurostar with firearms, swords or dangerous sporting equipment, you should contact the company before the travel to arrange the transport of those restricted items.
Can I travel with my dog on Eurostar trains?
Eurostar pet policy allows you to travel with a registered guide or assistance dog. For travelling with a dog on Eurostar, the pet must be trained by a recognised organisation and follow all the requirements for pet travel (pet passport and vaccinations). Eurostar pet policy doesn’t allow any other type of animal to travel on the trains.
The information above is the result of online research conducted in July 2021. For more information about Eurostar baggage allowance policy, we strongly recommend checking the train company’s official website.


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