Eurostar baggage allowance | Can I bring all my luggage on board?

Eurostar is the high-speed train that links the United Kingdom (UK) to France and Belgium, via the Channel Tunnel. It has definitely changed the way people travel around Europe and it is quite popular among young professionals and travellers. Today, the railway service connects the UK with over 100 destinations, via Paris, Brussels, and Lille.

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When traveling with Eurostar, passengers who have purchased an adult ticket can bring 2 pieces of luggage with them. Those who have purchased a Business Premiere ticket can bring 3 pieces of luggage instead of 2. These should be up to 85 cm long and can include rucksacks, bags, suitcases or ski equipment.

Passengers can also carry a personal item, such as a handbag, a laptop bag or a briefcase. Pushchairs and prams are also welcome aboard, as long as the passenger will fold them and store them in the luggage rack above the seat. As for the children, they can bring 1 piece of luggage and a small bag with them. However, children under 4 have no baggage allowance.

It goes without saying that anything that is inherently dangerous is not allowed when travelling by train. Some items that are strictly forbidden when travelling with Eurostar are guns, knives, lighters, and explosives. If you are unsure about a specific item that you want to bring on board, you can directly contact the company.

Eurostar baggage allowance:

  • Adult ticket: 2 pieces of luggage (up to 85 cm long) & a personal item
  • Business Premiere ticket: 3 pieces of luggage (up to 85 cm long) & a personal item
  • Children’s ticket: 1 piece of luggage (up to 85 cm long) & a personal item
  • Children under 4: No baggage allowance

I have more suitcases. Will I have to pay extra baggage fees with Eurostar?

Maybe you were on a shopping spree in France and now you have too many bags with you. Or you could be moving from London to Brussels and need to take all your personal belongings to your new home. Whatever the case might be, you will be required to pay extra baggage fees for the additional luggage you want to bring.



Eurostar extra baggage fees

When a passenger brings more than the standard number of suitcases on a Eurostar train, he/she will be required to register their luggage. The same happens when the suitcase exceeds the 85 cm length limit. All the suitcases will be stored in a designated part of the train and the passenger will need to pay for them. The prices for each suitcase start from £30 (33€) and can be up to £55 (61€).


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Tired of carrying your heavy baggage around the train stations and paying extra for their storage? You can always ship them directly to your destination. Eurosender can help you find the most affordable option to ship your items to any destination in Europe.

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Can I bring my bike on board? | Eurostar baggage allowance

Passengers can bring their bikes when travelling with Eurostar but only on specific routes. If you want to take your bike with you, you should book a space separately to the train ticket. To make sure that the bike will actually travel on the same train, you should reserve this space in advance. If the bike is fully assembled, you should pay around £35 – £55 (38-61€). Bikes that have been packed in a box will cost less, usually up to £40 (44€).

Can I travel with my guitar or my snowboard? | Eurostar baggage allowance

When travelling with Eurostar, you may bring your musical instrument or sports equipment with you, as long as you pay attention to the company’s policy. Extra charges usually apply, especially when the items are quite large in size.

  • Eurostar musical instrument policy clarifies that you can take your violin or guitar with you on board. To be more precise, any musical instrument that is under 85 cm long it is considered to be part of the passenger’s baggage allowance. That, however, means that the passenger will be able to carry fewer suitcases with him/her. If the passenger needs to carry a cello or any other medium-sized instrument, he/she will have to buy a companion ticket. You will need to contact the train company and learn how much it will cost for your specific route. You should also register bigger instruments that are over 136 cm long, such as harps, at least 48 hours before the departure. The price for this can be around £40 (44€). However, we would recommend you to contact the train company beforehand.
  • Eurostar sports equipment policy states that passengers can bring their sports equipment along their journey, as long as they register their items before their departure. The price for sporting goods, such as golf clubs, can be £30 (33€). Given the fact that an exhaustive list of every type of sports equipment and its costs is not provided, we would recommend contacting the company. You should definitely do so when travelling with a large piece of equipment. At this point, it is worth mentioning that in certain Eurostar train routes, passengers are allowed to bring their ski equipment on board, without extra charge. This applies for trains going to Bourg-St-Maurice, Lyon, Avignon and Marseille.
Can I bring my pet onboard? | Eurostar baggage allowance

Only registered guide and assistance dogs can board Eurostar trains. Also, they are specific routes on which pets are allowed. These routes include London-Paris, London-Brussels, London-Lille, and London-Calais. Please, keep in mind that, when entering or exiting the UK, passengers should hold specific documents for their dogs. You can find these documents in DEFRA’s (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) website.


Can I ship my items instead? | Eurosender

For some train passengers, shipping their suitcases, musical instruments and sports equipment is a more affordable and convenient solution. At Eurosender, we regularly help travellers transport their items from one place in Europe to another.

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*The information concerning Eurostar’s baggage allowance is based on data collected from the company’s website on 06/09/2018.