Astrological Shipping 2021 | What Would Each Sign Ship?
Fernanda Spolaor
3 months ago

Whether or not you are a believer in the science of reading the stars, we all get curious when we see someone holding the horoscope with the predictions for the day. In the past few years, astrology has gained a lot of momentum, especially online and between younger generations. Many people turn to it looking …

Relocation Services for Companies Willing to Leave the UK
Marina Ryabchuk
last year

The number of company relocations due to Brexit is not even close to going down. According to the official data, a third of British business leaders are considering moving their headquarters. In 2019, one-third of UK-based companies are reportedly ready to turn their back on London. As a result, relocation services for companies willing to …

How to become a parcel drop off point
Elena Yemelianova
last year

A few years ago, logistics came to the right solution to the parcel´s collection problem. Several couriers found out that by creating partnerships with smaller stores, they could assign them the tasks of drop off and pick up benefiting not only the customers but also themselves. This method proved to be beneficial for all participants …

The Best European Outlets for Shopping Maniacs
Marina Ryabchuk
2 years ago

Whether you’re planning a vacation or a short business trip to some of the most popular Western European countries, chances are that you could spare a few hours, or (why not?) an entire day to your shopping needs. Europe is known not only for its rich architectural heritage and extraordinary cultural destinations. Countries like Italy, …

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