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Together with our partner – Hostelling International – we continue to encourage the campaign #SleepforPeace. Have you ever heard anything about it? Maybe you have participated in it yourself? Let us tell you more about it.

What is #SleepforPeace?

Sleep for Peace is a campaign that takes place every year on September 21, the International Day of Peace. Since 2013, Hostelling International has celebrated the UN International Day of Peace, through their campaign Sleep for Peace. Initiated by HI-USA, the campaign has steadily grown over the last 6 years and is now celebrated in HI hostels across the world, gaining strong support from the UN and UNWTO! Last year was their most successful year yet with over 6 million contributions across 29 countries. This year, Eurosender took part in this campaign, by shipping cultural boxes and trough its network spreading ideas of the project.

Dozens of associations worldwide exchange cultural boxes, containing articles related to the country’s culture. People participate in this campaign from all over the world: USA, Ireland, Slovenia, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and so many other countries. The two elements highlighted in this campaign are travel and peace. Everyone has their own definition of peace: tolerance, mutual aid, commitment. Eurosender connected them all in one project #SleepforPeace.

What is Hostelling International?

Hostelling International (HI) is a charity that manages a federation of not-for-profit youth hostel associations. They believe that exploration and travel lead to a better understanding of other cultures, and in turn that creates a peaceful, smarter, and more tolerant world. This is and has been their mission for almost 100 years. Hostelling International operates ‘for good and not-for-profit’ which means your stay should be cheaper while contributing to something amazing — any surplus of funds is reinvested in affordable hostelling and not some shareholders. Booking a hostel stay on ensures the help needed to Youth Hostel Associations to provide safe and clean HI Hostels for young people to enjoy for years to come. Book directly with HI Hostels and support their mission – they typically have the best hostel prices!

See more about this campaign in the video below or on their blog here.

Support the #SleepforPeace campaign and all the not-for-profit youth hostels by staying at their rooms all over the world!

Have some questions about Hostelling International or to Eurosender?

Last modified: September 19, 2019

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