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2 years ago2 min read

Travelers know it is sometimes hard to cut through the noise of constant advertising, often disguised as unbiased information. It is, therefore, refreshing to see bloggers, such as, that deliver truly authentic and reliable guidance.

Eurosender’s new partner, that we are super excited to welcome on board, is a specialist in all things Portugal. James and Jemma, creators of, will take you on a tour of best food places in Lisbon or of nicest wine hotels in the country.

They also go in details describing costs of living, how to find long term accommodation in Porto or where to spend best New Year’s Eve.

“We cover all things Portugal. From practical stuff like moving here and learning the lingo to fun things like the most exciting events. We’ve even thrown in reviews of great places to stay and the best restaurants. This will make planning your Portuguese holiday a little bit easier,” the couple writes. is a must-read blog for travelers, Erasmus students or expats. Above all, it is perfect for those who are not satisfied with usual tips from travel guides but are instead looking for an unvarnished insiders’ advice. Go check it out!

Last modified:October 02, 2018

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