What Is Santa’s Address in 2020?

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Anastasiia Bernatska
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Christmas is near, and so is the time for sending a letter to Santa Claus! But how can you mail a letter to Santa and get a reply? Check what is Santa’s address in the North Pole, Canada or the US and find out three different ways to reach Father Christmas and even receive a response! Hurry up, Santa is waiting for your letter!

Sending a letter to Father Christmas: What is Santa’s address in 2020?

You can easily make Christmas holidays even more magical and receive a real letter from Santa. If you want to make this Christmas unforgettable, here’s how you can send a letter to Santa in 2020 and get a reply.

How to send a letter for Santa to the North Pole?

Every year, half a million people visit Santa at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Lapland, and enjoy the magical atmosphere there. And even if you can’t visit Santa, you can still write a letter and send it to Santa Claus’ postal address at the North Pole.

Don’t worry if you can’t speak Finish as you can send messages in 13 different languages! Here’s the real Santa’s address on the North Pole:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus ’Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1
96930 Arctic Circle

If you’re running out of time – don’t worry. You can always choose the fastest option for sending a letter to Santa Claus, and he will receive it in 24-72 hours!

Interesting fact: not only children send letters to Santa, however, some adults also participate in this wonderful ritual. Thus, Santa’s post elves once reported they receive letters from famous politicians and even celebrities!

send a letter to Santa

How to mail a letter to Santa in the USA?

For American Santa fans, there’s a way to send a letter to USPS Operation Santa program.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) takes an annual initiative to receive letters for Santa and send his reply to hundreds of thousands of children that write every year through the US Post offices.

If you want to write a letter to Santa in the US, mail an envelope to this address:


All letters should be postmarked by December the 7th. Though, the sooner your letter is received, the more likely it is to be answered.

How to send a letter to Santa in Canada?

If you want to mail a letter to Santa in Canada, you can prepare an envelope and use the Canadian Post. Every year, more than 6,000 Canada Post volunteers aka Santa helpers receive letters for Santa and send replies on behalf of Father Christmas to each child.

You don’t even need to pay postage when sending a letter to Santa in Canada. If you are mailing Canadian Santa from other countries, then you need to add postage, of course.

To get a response from Saint Nick before Christmas it is better to send your letter to Santa before December the 14th. Santa’s mailing address in Canada is:
Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

Now that you know what are Santa’s addresses around the world, you can choose the one depending on your location. You can reach Santa by sending a letter to the North Pole, Lapland, participate in USPS Operation Santa, and finally, you can reach Santa in his Canadian office.

Choose your route and find out the price for shipping an envelope to Santa.

What do Post Offices do with letters addressed to Santa?

Of course, you are wondering who reads all these letters sent to Santa. The answer is simple – Santa’s helpers! Hundreds of people who work in the post offices as well as volunteers who want to bring more magic to this world read and reply to the letters. Of course, one person can’t do this job alone. So many people around the globe become the ghostwriters to answer all the letters children send to Santa Claus.

Can I send a letter to Santa Claus through Eurosender?

Sure! With the help of our fast envelope delivery service, Father Christmas will receive your letter in 24 hours, if you are mailing from Europe. For envelopes coming from the US, Canada, Australia or any other country, the delivery timeframe is only 48-72 hours. To organise the delivery of your envelope, all you need to do is to prepare a letter and book our service in a few clicks. Choose the pickup and delivery address (make sure you select Finland, not Lapland) with our booking tool and complete the order. Enjoy Christmas holidays and send a letter to Santa in 2020 with Eurosender!

Send a letter to Santa with Eurosender.

Last modified:November 16, 2020

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