Sending Documents to the USA by Courier (2024)

Express envelope and document shipping to the USA

Eurosender makes envelope shipping to the USA simple and fast. Book with us and have your documents delivered to the USA in 24-48h with trusted courier services. Use our automated platform to get an instant quote for sending important documents to the USA. Read our shipping guide below or consult our logistics specialists if you need more information about your options.

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Benefits of sending documents to the USA with Eurosender

Online tracking included in the price

Express worldwide delivery within 24-48h

Proof of delivery available on request


How to ship documents to the USA

Follow these guidelines for sending documents to the USA by post or courier:

  1. Get a suitable envelope and place the documents inside.
  2. Weigh and measure the envelope.
  3. Insert your shipping information in our order engine and book the service.
  4. Ensure someone is available for the courier at the pick-up address on the selected date.
  5. Monitor the progress of your envelope with the tracking code.
* Please note that with our Document Service you can only send paper documents. If you want to send other items in envelopes, you will need to select Express or Standard Services.


Send documents to the USA in the shortest time possible

If you need to send urgent documents to the USA in up to 48 hours, Eurosender has the answer. Our courier service transports your documents to the USA by air without passing through customs. Insurance and tracking are included in the price. Book our service in just a few clicks and benefit from an international document delivery service to the USA in the fastest time possible.
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How long does it take for documents to be delivered to the USA?

Our express document deliveries to the USA take within 24-48h worldwide. The exact arrival date varies depending on the pick-up and delivery addresses. If you are sending a document to the USA and would like to get a more accurate delivery time, simply enter the details of your shipment in our search engine.


Solutions for mailing registered letters to the USA

Leave your registered post to the USA in the hands of a trusted courier company with our USA document delivery service. Send important documents such as contracts, passports and legal papers to the USA in the safest way possible. The courier will deliver your documents by hand to the addressee at the indicated address. You can track your registered letter shipment to the USA at all times with our tracking system. Additionally, you can request proof of delivery to send registered mail to the USA even more securely.

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What can you ship to the USA in an envelope with Eurosender?

You can use our document delivery service to the USA to send envelopes up to 2 kg. This solution is designed for sending paper documents and materials, such as:

Want to know more about how to send registered post or confidential documents to the USA? Please contact our logistics specialists via chat or email.


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FAQ on sending documents and registered post to the USA

What is the price for shipping envelopes by courier to the USA?
To get an instant quote for shipping envelopes by courier to the USA, please insert your shipping details in our booking engine. The cost depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations as well as the weight of your envelope shipment.
When will my document be delivered in the USA?
The delivery time for documents shipped to the USA can vary based on the distance between the collection and delivery addresses as well as the shipment weight. The fastest way to ship envelopes by courier to the USA is through our dedicated Document Service, which normally takes 24-48h. You can get an estimated delivery time when booking your shipment on our website.
What is the best way to mail a document to the USA?
The best way to send a document to the USA is through our dedicated Envelope Service. It is fast and secure, with proof of delivery available upon request. Provide complete address details for pick-up and delivery to avoid delays or problems. If you are shipping documents to the USA and using an embassy address, be sure to check the opening hours and notify the staff of your shipment to prevent the risk of delay.
If I send documents to the USA by courier, will they be insured?
Yes, shipments with Eurosender are covered by insurance, including our Document Service. Bear in mind that you should only use this service to send documents and other paper materials, otherwise the insurance will not be valid. You can also purchase additional shipping insurance during the booking process for sending more sensitive documents, including registered letters and other important legal documents to the USA.
Is there a same-day pick-up option for shipping documents to the USA?
Yes, your document can be picked up on the same day in most cases if you book before midday local time. Same-day courier availability can also depend on where the pick-up address is located. If you have any questions, you contact our experts via chat to explore the courier options available for sending documents to the USA.
Can other items be shipped to the USA using the Document Service?
No, you should not use the Document Service for other small items even if they fit inside an envelope. The document courier delivery service to the USA is only suitable for sending paper documents such as passports, postcards, personal letters, printouts and other paper materials. If you want to send other types of items in an envelope, you can use the Express or Standard Services.