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Poland is one of the biggest countries in Europe – a land of delicious foods, beautiful and old cities and diverse nature. Poland is also a big market, so they have a great variety of products at affordable prices. As the country is quite big, people tend to send things inside Poland a lot, but not only. Some Polish people live or study outside of Poland and they send packages home or from home to abroad often enough which gives us great material for the unusual shipping request series.

Bizarre shipments Poland

Potatoes, carrots, beetroots

Potatoes form the basis of many traditional Polish dishes. No wonder that potatoes are also one of the most frequently shipped items in Poland. The real shipping revolution of potatoes takes place, however, in the pre-Christmas period when Polish tables are accompanied by many Christmas dishes. During this time, carrots are also often sent which are the basis for vegetable salad, and beetroots from which the festive red borscht will be prepared. It is largely thanks to courier services that the festive tables of Poles remain full.

But do not forget that shipping food is not always a good idea. If you ship some fresh vegetables that do not get old fast or you pack some food well enough in Tupperware, it is alright. But if the food is not packed well enough or expires fast, you might get in trouble. Learn here how to do send food the right way.

An urn with human ashes

Saving money on transportation was one of the reasons which directed a German who shipped an urn with human ashes to his family in Poland. The police also confirmed that these were human remains. How did they find out about it? Post office workers sometimes scan some parcels on a random basis – in this case, the workers were forced to inform the police about the content.

Thief in a box

It is not even a joke. This actually happened. Two thieves from Łódź showed great originality. They came up with the idea of sending one of them in a parcel by courier. During the night the thief robbed the courier’s warehouse for the equivalent of 50 thousand zlotys (11,400 euro) and then hid back in his parcel and was delivered to the address given in the order. The plan of the thieves could have been successful, but it all came to light when a mobile phone of the thief was left in the couriers truck, which later on made it possible for Police to find out the identities of the thieves.

If you have a weird or unusual shipping request, ask us! You can send almost anything (but no pythons, please, give messengers a break) with Eurosender, and our logistics experts will tell you if your shipment is feasible or if you will make it into our next weird shipping article!

These are our favourites from the list of weird or unusual things sent to and from Spain. Can you think of some others? Tell us in the comments below, we are always ready to have a laugh!

Last modified:September 20, 2019

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