Air France, the French flag carrier, flies people to 36 destinations in France and 168 destinations worldwide. It is one of the founding members of the SkyTeam global airline alliance and it has an 85-year history.

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Air France baggage allowance policy | AF baggage allowance in 2020

If you are going to fly with Air France in the near future, you might be wondering what is the Air France baggage allowance policy and fees. Eurosender has gathered all the information you need before you organize your next trip with the French flag carrier. We are also able to offer you a smart alternative option that can significantly lower your travel costs.

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Accessories1 item (e.g. a handbag, a briefcase tec.)40 x 30 x 15 cmN/AFree
Hand baggage1 or 2 (depending on the travel cabin)55 x 35 x 25 cm12 kg combining with the weight of the accessory for Economic ticket holders and 18 kg for the rest of the options.Free
Checked baggage0-4 (depending on ticket selection and if the passenger is a member of Flying Blue or SkyTeam)158 cm23 kg0€-35€ (depending on the ticket type and number of baggage)
Extra baggageUp to 9158cm23 kg for Economic ticket holders and 32 kg for the rest of the options45€ per piece

Air France hand baggage | Air France checked baggage | Air France extra baggage

AF baggage allowance policy states the following:

    • All passengers travelling by Air France can bring an accessory, such as a small handbag or a briefcase, with them along the journey. The same goes with hand baggage, which is free of charge. The number and the weight of the hand baggage depend on the ticket that the passenger has purchased and can be easily calculated on the airline’s website.
    • As for the checked baggage, this is the allowance based on the ticket selection:
TierRegular usersFlying Blue (Silver or superior) / SkyTeam (Elite or superior) members
Economic (Light fare)No checked baggage1 piece up to 23 kg
Economic1 piece up to 23 kg2 pieces up to 23 kg each
Premium Economy2 pieces up to 23 kg each3 pieces up to 23 kg each
Business2 pieces up to 32 kg each3 pieces up to 32 kg each
La Première3 pieces up to 32 kg each4 pieces up to 32 kg. each

Air France extra baggage fees: If an Air France passenger wants to bring more than 1 (or 2, in the case of “Flying Blue Elite”) suitcase(s), he/she is required to pay extra baggage fees. The price for one extra suitcase is 45€ if the purchase is done online. If the passenger pays for the extra suitcase at the airport, the price will be 70€.

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The baggage allowance of some Airlines can be quite strict. At the same time, the extra baggage fees can be extremely high, especially for passengers who need to bring many items to their destination. An affordable and smart alternative to bringing all of your items at the airport would be to simply ship some of the suitcases with a courier provider. In this way, you will save money and you will also be able to travel with your hands-free. Eurosender can help you find the cheapest shipping service for the number of suitcases you want to send and the final destination. Check our shipping engine and see for yourself!

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Air France special baggage items | Air France baggage allowance policy

You might be a musician participating in a concert in Paris or a winter sports enthusiast planning a ski trip in the French Alps. Check whether you can bring your musical instrument or sports equipment on the plane:

Air France musical instrument policy: Large musical instruments are considered to be regularly checked baggage items. That means that the checked baggage general information applies in this case. Musical instruments over 32 kg, such as a cello or a bass, can be accepted on the hold, as long as the passenger has informed the airline company at least 48h before the flight. These items can also be accepted in the cabin, as long as the passenger buys a seat for them. The musical items that can be transported as hand luggage are the ones that are smaller than 115 cm (e.g. violin, guitar, etc.).

Air France sports equipment policy: Air France states that sports equipment, such as golf clubs and skis, can be accepted in the flight, as long as they do not exceed 23 kg and 300 cm. For Business cabins, the sports equipment can be up to 32 kg. In both cases, however, the passenger should have informed the airline company about the type of equipment he/she is going to bring on board. Air France’s policy does not clarify whether any payments will be required for this equipment. That is why we would recommend you to contact the company for more information or search for an alternative option to transport these items. Last but not least, hunting equipment can also be accepted in the flight, as long as the company has approved the passenger’s request.

Air France pet policy | AF baggage allowance policy

Dogs and cats that are up to 8 kg (but not heavier than 75 kg) can travel in the cabin, as long as they are vaccinated and placed in a pet travel bag. Air France pets policy advice its passengers to advice a vet before travelling with a snub-nosed animal, such as a pug. That is because these animals often suffer from respiratory problems when they are stressed-out. The pet’s travel bag should, in any case, be well ventilated and it must not exceed the dimensions 46 x 28 x 24 cm.

Animals that weigh more than 8 kg should travel in the hold. The pet should be at least 10 weeks old, vaccinated and should be placed in a container that is approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA. Keep in mind that snub-nosed animals are not permitted in the hold since they often suffer from respiratory problems. Last but not least, animals that are larger than 75 kg should be transported by freight.

Air France Flying Blue | AF baggage allowance policy

“Air France Flying Blue” is a loyalty program that helps passengers use their Miles to win reward tickets. Air France Flying Blue policy states that or Air France-marketed flights that have Tour Operator fares, passengers can earn Miles based on the distance, the booking class earning percentage and the Elite bonus earning percentage. It is important to note that the Air France Flying Blue program also applies to fares for which the ticket price cannot be retrieved. If you are interested in Air France Flying Blue, then you can contact the airline company directly.

Air France Flying Blue baggage allowance: Passengers who are part of the loyalty program can also bring extra bags that they purchase with the Miles they have gathered by travelling. Passengers can use Miles for oversized baggage or special items like bicycles or use Miles to transport their pet.

Air France Flying Blue members can earn the following benefits:

  • Explorers get up to €10 off their first paid bag;
  • Silver members benefit from an extra baggage allowance on SkyTeam flights;
  • Gold members benefit from an extra baggage allowance on SkyTeam flights;
  • Platinum members benefit from an extra baggage allowance on SkyTeam flights;

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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on AirFrance’s webpage on 15/01/2020.