airBaltic is a low-cost airline company from Latvia. It offers affordable flights from Riga to more than 60 different destinations in Europe.
On this page, the traveller can find precious information about the airBaltic baggage policy and the excess baggage charges.

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airBaltic baggage allowance in 2020

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Hand luggage155 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm + a personal item measuring 30 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm8kg combining the weight of both items as standard or 12kg as paid optionFree or 12€
Checked baggageUp to 4100 cm x 50 cm x 80 cmup to 20kgFrom 19.99 to 60€, depending on whether the booking is made online, by a travel agency or at the airport
Excess baggageN/AContact the company for detailed informationup to 32kg50€ for overweight items, 60€ for items not fitting into the maximum dimensions (bulky item), 110€ for heavy and bulky items

airBaltic hand luggage

Each passenger is allowed to carry onboard only one cabin bag and also one personal item. Together, the cabin baggage and the small item cannot exceed 8 kg as standard option, although exists a paid option for 12€ that increases the allowed weight up to 12 kg. Members of AirBaltic Club in the “VIP” level can carry 2 hand luggage pieces, plus the personal item.

If the airBaltic hand luggage is considered excess baggage, the passenger will be required to check it in and pay a fee of €50. However, compared to the fees charged directly at the airport (oversized luggage will cost you €60), this can be seen as the cheaper option.

airBaltic checked baggage allowance

There are 3 different types of tickets in AirBaltic (Basic, Premium and Business) with the following allowance:

  • Basic: No checked baggage
  • Premium: 1 piece up 20 kg
  • Business: 2 pieces with a max weight combined of 40 kg

Members of AirBaltic Club in the levels “Executive” and “VIP” can add, respectively, 1 and 2 extra checked baggage pieces while purchasing a Premium or Business ticket. VIP also can carry one piece of sports equipment of up to 20 kg:

Premium2 items up to 40 kg (combined weight)3 items up to 60 kg (combined weight) + 1 piece of sports equipment with a max. weight 20 kg. free of charge
Business3 items up to 60 kg4 items up to 80 kg (combined weight); 1 piece of sports equipment with a max. weight 20 kg. free of charge

The following prices apply for extra baggage:

WeightOnlineTravel agencies/airBaltic ticket officesAirport
up to 20kg19.99€ (on connecting flights, 29.99€)30€60€

airBaltic excess baggage charges

If the weight of the baggage exceeds 20 kg, it is required to pay a “heavy baggage fee” of €50 per piece of luggage; airBaltic does not charge for each extra kilogram like many other airline companies, but for each piece of luggage. Therefore, an extra fee of €50 applied even if the luggage only exceeds the weight limit by 1 kilo. If the number of the checked bags is too high while these are also too heavy, both charges will apply at the same time.

Another fee called the “bulky baggage fee” (€60) has to be paid if the luggage exceeds the following dimensions: 100 cm x 50 cm x 80 cm.

If an item is both overweight and oversized, then both fees apply for that item summing up 110€ per bag and flight.

Alternative to excess baggage fees

Shipping the suitcases might be a very good and above all cheap alternative to flying and travelling with the heavy baggage. Any traveller who wants to keep the travel costs down should consider sending the luggage ahead to their desired destination in Europe with the help of logistics services. This is truly a simple, practical and budget-friendly option for anyone who would like to try some hands-free travelling.

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airBaltic additional carry-on items

Some additional items that an airBaltic passenger is entitled to take on an airplane free of charge are:

  • A handbag;
  • A laptop bag;
  • A Tax-free shopping bag;
  • A Camera bag;
  • An umbrella.

airBaltic sports equipment allowance and fees

Standard limitations apply to sports equipment, thus they can weigh more than 20 kg or they will incur in an excess baggage fee. There is a limited number of seats that can carry sports equipment, therefore is recommended to declare it in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The price per sports equipment set is 40€ when the customer purchases it online or at the call centre, and 60€ at the airport. Some of the sports equipment allowed by AirBaltic to be transported are bicycles, diving equipment, golf equipment, skiing equipment, ice hockey equipment, snowboarding equipment, fishing equipment, surf/kiteboard and windsurfing equipment.

airBaltic musical instruments policy

Musical instruments are considered special baggage. Small instruments can qualify as hand luggage while
cellos, guitars and other larger other musical instruments are accepted for carriage in the cabin if a special ticket has been purchased for their transportation. The items will be placed on the seat next to the passenger, not weighing more than 32 kg and with maximum dimensions of:

Max dimensions for Boeing and Bombardier CS300 flightsMax dimensions for Bombardier Q400 flights
Cello and guitars35cm x 50cm x 150cm35cm x 40cm x 135cm
Others43cm x 45cm x 95cm42cm x 43cm x 85cm

Small fragile items and musical instruments that do not require an extra seat may be allowed on board as extra hand luggage and in exchange for a fee of €60. This is the price for one-way flight only.

A maximum of 1 extra piece of hand luggage per passenger is allowed. The weight of each item may not exceed 8 kg and the overall dimensions are limited to 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm (the only exception is a violin – the maximum allowed case length is 80 cm).

Ship your items instead

If you do not want to take risks by taking oversized or awkward items of sports equipment or musical instruments on the plane with you, there is another solution that might be just what you need, namely baggage shipping. What is more, Eurosender enables you to book this service at an extremely low price while making sure that your belongings are transported only by reliable logistics services. You can simply request an offer and our team will provide you with a price.

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airBaltic pet policy

Dogs and cats can travel in the cabin as hand luggage, as long as the weight of the animal + the container box is inferior to 8 kg and the container box has maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. Each box can contain maximum 2 animals of the same kind.

Pets/animals that cannot be transported in the cabin must travel in the cargo hold area of the aircraft, providing that the combined weight of the animal + container cannot exceed 75 kg and the container is no larger than 80 cm x 156 cm x 86 cm.

As for the prices, animals in cargo up to 32 kg cost 100€, while those between 32 and 75 kg cost 200€.


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Choosing a low-cost airline is a good option when travelling on a budget. However, the costs can significantly increase if you have many items that you want to take with you. The fees for extra-baggage or for overweight baggage can add up quickly and turn a cheap flight ticket into a considerable expense.

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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on airBaltic website on 15/01/2020.