Restricted and Prohibited Items for Road Freight

What items are restricted and prohibited for shipping?

Some items are prohibited from sending on pallets, while others may be only restricted. Find out what pallet carriers will not ship and what rules apply to companies and individuals. If you are wondering if you are allowed to ship your goods on pallets via road freight, check our guide below. Click the button to request a quote and get further advice from logistics experts.

What is the difference between restricted and prohibited items?

Even though the road freight transport industry as a whole follows the same transport regulations, each carrier has its own internal rules. For example, some items may not be allowed for shipping via groupage freight, but you can transport them with another service, such as FTL.
This happens because dedicated courier services offer more flexibility since the risk of damaging the cargo is greatly reduced.

Prohibited items for pallet shipping

The following items are strictly prohibited to send on pallets and must not be shipped through our services:
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Guns
  • Gases
  • Dangerous cargo
Transport of dangerous cargo and goods regulated by ADR is a specific activity that is performed with special vehicles and drivers who have undergone training.

Restricted items for pallet shipping

The list of restricted items for pallet transport includes, but is not limited to:
  • Glass products
  • Fragile items
  • Alcohol
These items are restricted for shipping via groupage transport because this service includes a lot of handling, meaning that the damage risk is higher.
However, there are less restrictions with our Van Delivery and FTL Transport options as your load is moved directly to the delivery destination – without stopovers or vehicle changes. It is very important that you provide all required documentation when shipping restricted or regulated cargo internationally.

Why are personal items restricted for pallet shipping?

Many personal items are of high sentimental value and are, therefore, irreplaceable. We always recommend transporting personal items with you whenever possible to be sure they arrive safely. Depending on the item itself and how much you value it, you may still decide to ship it at your own risk.
Read more about shipping personal items.

What are the rules for companies and individuals?

Some restricted items may be sent on pallets by licensed companies if they meet certain criteria. Items such as alcohol, tobacco, liquids, perishables, and dangerous goods are heavily regulated. These items can be transported in certain quantities by authorised businesses but are forbidden for shipping by private individuals.

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