Refrigerated Transport for Temperature Controlled Freight

Refrigerated delivery service with dedicated vehicles

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With our refrigerated van courier services, your goods will stay cool until they reach their final destination. We will prepare fully tailored refrigerated transport solutions based on your needs, such as load dimensions and route. Click on the button and fill out the form to request a quote.

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Requesting refrigerated transport services with Eurosender

To better serve your needs, we only work with personalised quotes when it comes to refrigerated van courier services. This means that we treat each request individually. Once you send us your shipping requirements, we will prepare a solution adapted to your needs.


Refrigerated transport services in Europe & the UK

You determine where your temperature-controlled freight shipment needs to be; we make it happen. We serve the European market with carriers all over the continent, including the UK, Scandinavia, and the Balkans. Based on your specific route, we will reach out to multiple providers and arrange all the details of your refrigerated delivery service.
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Refrigerated van and truck delivery services for loads of all sizes

We collaborate with a vast network of logistics providers with vehicles of different sizes and capacities. This way, we can cater to loads of every size and weight. If required, we can organise truck or van refrigerated courier deliveries, having one or multiple vehicles depending on your needs.


Express deliveries for temperature-controlled freight

When it comes to refrigerated transport, we know that every minute matters. With Eurosender, you can always be sure that you will get access to the fastest road freight services available. The refrigerated van courier will go straight from point A to B without stopovers or detours.

Deliveries in 24-48h in Europe!


Refrigerated transport in Europe with exclusive vehicles

To move temperature-controlled freight shipments, we always use dedicated vehicles to give you peace of mind
of knowing your goods will be handled by one driver only. Here is what this service includes:

Vehicle dedicated to your load only

No unnecessary detours or stopovers

No packaging restrictions from our side

No risk of damage due to handling on depots

Need a tail-lift? We can make it happen!

If you do not have all the loading equipment at the pick-up site, we can arrange a van with a tail-lift. This service has to be requested when placing your order so we can make the necessary arrangements upfront.

If you need further assistance placing your order, send us a message through the chatbox. Our specialists will be happy to discuss refrigerated transport options available in Europe.


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FAQ – Refrigerated freight transport services with Eurosender

Does Eurosender provide other optimised solutions for cold chain logistics?
At Eurosender, we are specialists in optimising supply chain processes by providing effective and reliable shipping services. You will be able to reduce the costs with daily logistics tasks as we take over pricing, planning, and carrier communication activities.
On top of that, you will be able to save on storage costs by using scheduled delivery services. Take advantage of having a fully dedicated account manager to handle your requests anytime.
Can I track my refrigerated delivery service?
Yes, absolutely. You can follow the progress of your refrigerated truck delivery service through a live map that is activated once the shipment is collected and updated every 15 minutes. Once the service is confirmed, you will receive the link and instructions for using the tracking tool via email.
Can I organise refrigerated transport services during the weekend?
Yes, we are able to organise collections and deliveries on weekends through our refrigerated van courier services. However, since most couriers tend to work only during workdays, we ask you to place your order at least until Friday, so we can make the necessary arrangements for your weekend delivery.
Please bear in mind that weekend collections are considered an additional service. Send us a message if you need any more information about our collection or delivery services for refrigerated transport in Europe.
Will the refrigerated van or truck come to my address for collection and delivery?
Yes, our refrigerated transport services in Europe are fully door-to-door, which means both collection and delivery take place at your chosen addresses. However, since we are talking about large vehicles, there are some limitations to this rule, i.e. you must ensure the location has enough space for the van to park and load the goods.
Will the driver load and unload my temperature-controlled freight shipment?
Loading and unloading activities are the responsibility of the customer.
If you need human assistance or additional equipment such as a tail-lift, we are able to organise those for you if you make such a request when placing your order. If you have any issues when placing your order, please get in touch with us, and our specialists will be happy to recommend you the best solution for refrigerated freight transport.