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Eurosender enables you to book affordable delivery services for shipping large and heavy parcels. We have a wide network of logistics partners that can accommodate any of your shipping needs. We, in turn, can prepare the best-customized offer for a large parcel delivery or a heavy parcel shipping service.

How to book a heavy or large parcel delivery service| Multiple parcel delivery| Cargo shipping | Freight shipping

A parcel is usually considered large and/or heavy when it exceeds the standard dimensions and/or weight and, therefore, is not eligible for a standard shipment. If your parcel is over 40 kg and/or its length exceeds 175 cm, then we can prepare an individual offer that will be customized according to your requirements. In this case, all you have to do is fill-in a form with the shipment details and our team, which specializes in large parcel deliveries, will contact you and give you the most affordable possible offer.

Cargo shipping | Freight shipping | The booking process step by step:

  • Measure the size and weight of your parcel(s);
  • Fill-in and submit the “Individual Offer” form;
  • Accept or decline our competitive offer;

What is cargo shipping and what is freight shipping?

“Cargo shipping” or “freight shipping” is basically the shipping of large and/or heavy items! Cargo in the past used to refer to shipload. However, now it refers to any means of transport for shipping heavy items, including trucks and trains. Another thing to keep in mind is that a cargo or freight shipment does not necessarily include products that need to be distributed. If you ship large, heavy or many items, then your shipment will be treated as freight, whether it contains goods or not.

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*Is your package eligible for standard shipping? Then, you can instantly book the service through our engine! This option is perfect for those who want to ship small and light-weight parcels. In these cases, the final price automatically appears in your screen and you can immediately pay for the service.

*You can book non-standard deliveries through our engine as well. The main difference is that, instead of instantly seeing the final price, you will have to wait for our logistics experts to customize the perfect offer for you.

*Maybe you have many small parcels that you want to ship. Multi-parcel delivery services are also available! If all the parcels have the same delivery address, then the booking process is done in a couple of minutes. If you want to ship multiple parcels to different addresses, then you will be required to go through the booking process at least twice (depending on the number of addresses). However, do not worry, we promise you that the process will not take much of your time. Learn more about multi-parcel delivery services by visiting our blog!

Check the size of your shipment(s)!

Check if your item is suitable for standard shipping

Shipping too many, too heavy or too large items? See some of our shipping options:

  • LTL shipping. It stands for less than truckload shipping and it is the mode of transport of small freight shipments. In such cases, the space inside the truck is distributed among different shippers who only pay for their portion. In this sense, LTL is a more affordable solution.
  • PTL shipping. It stands for partial truckload shipping and it is the mode of transport of shipments that occupy a big portion of the truck, without filling it entirely. It is faster than LTL, since it requires less loading and reloading.
  • FLT shipping. It stands for full truckload shipping and it is the mode of transports of shipments that occupy the entire space inside a truck. In this case, the shipping process is way faster than LTL and PTL, since the shipment has only one final destination.

*When booking cargo/ freight shipping services, pallets, corrugated shipping containers and crates are required in order to secure the shipment in the truck. Also, forklifts and pallet jacks will also be used for the safe handling of your items.

Why book heavy parcel shipping or large parcel delivery services through Eurosender

Business owners and individuals all across Europe book shipping services through our website on a daily basis. The items they ship vary in many different ways. Some of them are occasional shippers who send gifts to friends and relative that live abroad. Others are frequent shippers, such as local producers, who deliver their products across the country or abroad. Their shipments can be quite small to be carried by the courier driver himself/herself or big enough to require the use of pallets and pallet jacks. In Eurosender we offer safe and affordable pallet shipping services for shipments up to 4000 kg! Learn how to prepare a pallet for shipping!

Why do our customers stay loyal and choose us over other options? That is because…

  • We offer some of the cheapest prices that are available on the market
  • Our customers are able to track their package by using the tracking numbers we provide.
  • We answer all questions in a friendly and helpful way. Our customers can also find valuable information in our website!

*All freight shipments are insured according to the provisions of the CMR convention. At the same time, we offer the possibility of purchasing additional insurance.

*Do you have more questions regarding large parcel delivery services, heavy parcel shipping or multi-parcel deliveries? Feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to answer any of your questions.

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