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Package services for shipping heavy items internationally

See below the options for sending large or heavy parcels weighing up to 70 kg:
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Heavy parcel delivery: How to pack up to 70 kg

If your shipment weighs up to 70 kg, you can use a sturdy cardboard box for shipping. Follow the steps below to pack your heavy items for shipping internationally:

  1. Get a cardboard box that is an appropriate size for your item(s).
  2. If using a used box, make sure it is strong without tears or holes. Remove old labels.
  3. Line the box with packaging materials such as packing peanuts.
  4. Wrap items individually using bubble wrap.
  5. Pack the wrapped items carefully inside the box.
  6. Fill empty spaces with extra cushioning materials.
  7. Close and seal the box using adhesive tape.
Please note that the weight of the entire packaged item must be a maximum of 70 kg (considering your item and the packaging materials).


Freight services for sending heavy parcels internationally

If your parcel weighs over 70 kg, it needs to be shipped with a freight service instead – see below the options available for shipping heavier parcels:
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Shipping heavy items internationally on a pallet

Follow the steps below to ship heavy items on a pallet:

  1. Choose a sturdy pallet that is in good condition.
  2. Pack your items in boxes, following the manufacturer’s weight limit.
  3. Place heavier boxes at the bottom.
  4. Place paper liners for better security between each layer.
  5. Secure the shipment with straps.
  6. Add stretch foil or bubble wrap for additional security.

How to ship heavy items easily – Van Delivery!

Looking to ship multiple heavy items? Skip the hassle of packing and choose our Van Delivery Service. With no restrictive packing guidelines to worry about, you will have a dedicated vehicle to send your heavy parcels safely throughout Europe.


What can I send with heavy parcel delivery services?

You can ship almost any heavy item internationally as long as you prepare it properly for transport. Below are some common examples of heavy parcel deliveries:

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The best way to send large and heavy parcels overseas

Read more about how to ship large and heavy parcels of different weights internationally by courier:

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FAQ on how to ship large or heavy items internationally

What is considered a heavy parcel in shipping?
A heavy parcel is typically classified as anything weighing above 30 kg and may be subject to additional fees. For example, some courier services have a surcharge for parcels over a certain weight to cover the costs associated with handling and transport, while others may require that you use a different service altogether to ship your heavy items internationally.
If your parcel exceeds 70 kg in weight, it is typically classified as "freight" rather than a standard parcel. Freight shipments may have additional requirements, such as special packaging or shipping documentation, and are typically priced differently from regular parcels due to the increased weight and volume.
It is always a good idea to check with your courier service or shipping provider beforehand to ensure that you understand their policies regarding heavy parcel deliveries.
Not sure which service you need? Request a custom quote, and our specialists will recommend the best service for your needs.
What a parcel is considered large by couriers?
A parcel is considered large if it surpasses standard size limits defined by the courier, usually when one size exceeds 120 cm or 175 cm (depending on the courier).
Another case when the parcel is considered large is when the sum of its dimensions exceeds 210 cm or 230 cm in the majority of services.
What is the cheapest way to ship a heavy parcel?
For boxes up to 70 kg, the cheapest way to send your heavy parcel to another location is with one of our Package Services. For parcels weighing more than 70 kg, we always recommend quoting the price with the Pallet or Van Services to see which one is more affordable for your specific dimensions.
If you have multiple parcels to ship, you can get the most cost-effective solution by inserting your shipping details in our booking tool.
How much does it cost to send a large parcel?
The cost to send a large parcel depends on the size of your item and the service you choose. To calculate the price of your shipment, simply input the dimensions and shipping route in our booking tool, and you will get a quote in a matter of seconds!
Bear in mind that the price of large and heavy parcel deliveries is typically calculated based on the volumetric weight of the shipment. If you are shipping multiple items within the same package, it may be cheaper to repack them into two lighter/smaller packages instead.
What happens if the items I want to ship are heavier than I thought?
Additional charges will most likely apply to shipments that exceed the dimensions, weight, or number of parcels stated in the ordering process. You can:
  • Inform us by 12 pm one business day before collection, and we will make the necessary adjustments and inform the courier; or,
  • The courier will impose a surcharge if the shipment exceeds the maximum size and weight allowed by the selected service provider upon the parcel scanning at the provider’s warehouse.
If you cannot inform us prior to collection, please be aware that the courier may refuse to collect or return your parcel if it is heavier than what it says on the order. Insurance does not apply to heavy parcel deliveries that exceed the stated amount.
Is my delivery insured?
Most of our parcel shipping services include basic insurance coverage in the price. The value of the coverage may differ depending on the service you choose when sending your parcel.
If you need additional protection when shipping heavy or large items internationally, you can purchase additional insurance at low rates.