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Benefit from the cheapest and most reliable way to send large and heavy parcels to a desired destination! Check our shipping options, discover our advantages both for companies and individuals, and be sure that Eurosender will offer you the best courier services to organise your large and heavy parcel deliveries according to your needs. Let us do the heavy job for you!


Services for businesses

Local and international shipping services for large and heavy packages.

Let Eurosender arrange the shipping of large and heavy parcels to your customers, while you focus on scaling your business. Use our platform to have all the shipping information at hand, anytime you need it and manage all your shipments from one single place. Get started to benefit from all the advantages that Eurosender offers!


Options for shipping large items by parcel domestically or abroad

At Eurosender we offer different door-to-door transport solutions for you to organise oversized and heavy parcel delivery by courier in line with your shipping needs :

Pallet delivery

The best shipping solution to send bulky and heavy parcels to your customers or business partners

Dedicated van

Optimal service for shipping large and heavy items within Europe in a van dedicated only to your shipment

Individual offer

We can prepare for you a tailored offer if you have any special needs for shipping your oversized and heavy weight packages

How to ship large and heavy items by parcel domestically or abroad?

  1. Start with packaging the items that you want to ship (see our guides for packaging different kinds of items)
  2. Weigh you packaged parcel and measure its dimensions.
  3. Enter the weight and dimensions of your packaged parcel into our special tool here below to determine what shipping service fits you the best.
  4. Book and pay the service.
  5. If applicable, print out the shipping labels and/or customs documents and stick them to your parcel.

If you have several large and heavy parcels and you will ship them on a pallet, we suggest you follow the next steps:

  • Place some liner paper on the pallet and put all your large and heavy boxes on it.
  • Place heavier boxes on the bottom.
  • Add liner paper directly between each layer, to decrease friction and spread the weight evenly.
  • Fix the shipment to the pallet with straps and secure it with stretch foil or bubble wrap.

Should you have any questions about shipping smaller parcels by courier or about large and heavy parcel delivery services or multi-parcel deliveries, feel free to contact us. We will be more than glad to help you!


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FAQ on shipping large and heavy parcels domestically or overseas

Where I can get a pallet for shipping?

Check in your local hardware or DIY store, such as Bauhaus or Obi. For more suggestions related to several European countries please visit our dedicated blog explaining where to find packaging materials.

How to prepare a pallet when shipping large and heavy items?

If your large and heavy parcel delivery will require the use of a pallet and you are not entirely sure how to deal with packaging, we invite you to learn here how to prepare a pallet for shipping.

Will the shipment of my large parcel be insured?

With Eurosender, all your risks will be covered. The amount of standard insurance depends on the type of courier service selected for shipping your large and heavy parcel, whether domestically or overseas. You may also choose an additional insurance formula with higher coverage. Make sure to keep the original invoice for the items you send as proof of your parcels’ value.

I have many packages to send. What is the best shipping option for me?

It depends on how many packages you plan to send. If you have only a few,, Eurosender offers you a multi-parcel delivery service or a pallet shipment for which you can get an instant quote in the booking tool!