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Heavy parcel delivery | Best way to send heavy packages abroad

Shipping heavy items does not have to cost you a fortune! At Eurosender, we hear our customer’s concerns and match our offers accordingly. By booking through our platform, you will benefit from a quality service carried out by the most reputable logistics companies and with already discounted prices. Choose the safest and cheapest way to ship heavy items or boxes to another destination whether you are an individual or a business!

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At Eurosender, we offer various transport solutions for your heavy parcel delivery to another destination:
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Best way to pack and ship your heavy packages

  1. Choose the packaging that fits your content – a box or a pallet.
  2. Wrap each item individually before placing it inside the box.
  3. Check out our guides for different kinds of items here.
  4. Add cushioning materials to fill the voids inside the box.
  5. Seal the package.
  6. If your item is heavier, we recommend you ship it on a pallet.


Best way to send heavy parcels internationally

Let Eurosender arrange the shipping for your heavy parcels to your customers while you focus on scaling your business. Use our platform to have all the shipping information at hand, anytime you need it and manage all your shipments from one single place.
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Shipping heavy items in multiple parcels

  1. Choose a sturdy pallet that is in good condition.
  2. Place heavier boxes at the bottom.
  3. Place paper liners for better security between each layer.
  4. Secure the shipment with straps.
  5. Add stretch foil or bubble wrap for additional security.


Send heavy parcels with our Van delivery service

  • Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
  • Direct and fast delivery, same-day pickup possible
  • The safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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FAQ on the best way to send heavy parcels abroad

What is the cheapest way to ship heavy boxes?

If you have one heavy box of up to 30 kg and up to 70 kg for specific routes, we recommend using the standard shipping service as the cheapest way to ship your heavy box to another location.
If you have one box to send that is heavier than this, we recommend you place it on a pallet, and our tool will automatically calculate the cost to ship your heavy items to the desired destination.
However, if you have multiple heavy parcels, we would recommend you the Van delivery service. With this service, you get the van dedicated to your load only, and it will go directly from the pickup to the delivery address, with no stop-overs. Not only this is the least expensive way to ship your heavy items, but also, it is the fastest way to have them delivered to another European destination.

What is the best way to send heavy packages to another location?

The Van delivery service is the best option to send your heavy parcels to any country in Europe. What makes this service premium without a doubt is the safety during travel. The van is loaded with your goods only and travels from and to the destination countries you request for.
We also organise heavy parcel delivery, worldwide! Our Express delivery service is the best fit for packages up to 70 kg!

How much will it cost me to ship heavy items by courier?

With Eurosender, it is very easy to find out the costs of shipping heavy items using our booking tool that will immediately show a price after you choose the service and fill it out in the empty fields.

How do I pack and ship heavy items inside a parcel?

We have complied dedicated packing guidelines for various items, so by clicking the link here, you will be able to choose the item you are shipping and get step-by-step packing advice!

Do I get insurance included in the price if I choose the cheapest way to ship my heavy boxes?

Yes! With Eurosender, you get insurance included within the price you pay for most of our shipping services. For more details on insurance per service, we invite you to follow this link.

How will the courier collect and deliver my heavy parcel?

It depends on the service, but in general, the driver comes with the vehicle and you can then load the parcels onto it. With some of our services, you can request help from the driver for loading and unloading or handling equipment. Talk your options with our experts upon booking!

What happens if parcels are heavier for the delivery than I thought?

Additional charges will most likely apply to shipments that exceed the dimensions, weight or number of parcels stated in the ordering process. You can:

  • Inform us by 12 pm one business day before collection, and we will make the necessary adjustments and inform the courier; or,
  • Pay an additional surcharge if the shipment exceeds the maximum size and weight allowed by the selected service provider upon the parcel scanning at the provider’s warehouse.

If you cannot inform us prior to collection, please be aware that the courier may refuse to collect or return your parcel. Insurance does not apply to shipments that exceed the stated amount.

Where I can get a pallet for my international heavy parcel delivery?

Check at your local hardware or DIY stores, such as Bauhaus or Obi. Follow this link to find out the stores to find all the necessary shipping equipment for most European countries.

How to best prepare the pallet to send heavy parcels?

If your large and heavy parcel delivery will require the use of a pallet and you are not entirely sure how to deal with packaging, see our dedicated page.

I have many packages to send. What will be the cost to ship multiple heavy items?

It depends on how many packages you plan to send. If you have only a few, Eurosender offers you a multi-parcel delivery service or the Van delivery service. You can get an instant quote in the booking tool for any EU destination!

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