Secure Courier Delivery Service in the UK and Europe

International secure courier services

At Eurosender, we make safety a priority.
Secure and insured delivery
From envelopes to full truckloads
Network of international couriers
Book a secure courier service when transporting the most special and important items. We only collaborate with vetted and renowned logistics providers to make sure we keep the highest quality on all shipping services we offer. You can rest assured your goods will be in safe hands when requesting a secure delivery service through Eurosender.

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Secure courier services based on your demand

We understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shipping special items. To make sure your needs are always covered, we will prepare a custom solution with a secure courier delivery service based on your requirements. Whether you need to ship something small as an envelope or large as aircraft parts, we’ve got you covered.


Dedicated vans for the most secure courier service in Europe

The safest shipping method is our secure courier services performed by dedicated vehicles. You will have a van entirely dedicated to your load, which eliminates any risk during handling at a depot centre or potential damage from other shipments. A single van driver will be assigned to your delivery and will stay with your shipment from start to finish. We have a vast network of European secure couriers to provide deliveries all over the continent.
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Secure deliveries when you need them, where you need them

You can book secure courier services internationally with Eurosender. We work with various logistics companies in Europe and abroad to make sure we can get your shipment to wherever it needs to go.

Pre-book deliveries

Scheduled service

Ad-hoc requests

Last-minute shipping


Express deliveries with secure courier providers

Our direct courier services guarantee you always have your goods delivered in the shortest time possible. With secure international shipping, you can schedule the collection within the same day, in only 2-3 hours in most European urban centres.

The van will go straight from point A to B

No un-authorised stops on the way

Always taking the fastest route available


Items perfect for shipping with international secure couriers

Highly important shipments

Expensive and high-value products

Unique items that can’t be replaced

Temperature-sensitive goods

Confidential documents or sensitive paperwork

Delicate goods that aren’t suitable for groupage services

Secure courier service for sending documents

Send important and confidential documents through our secure document courier service, and you will get tracking and proof of delivery already included in the price. Our secure document courier service is available worldwide, with deliveries in only 24-72h! Envelopes are transported by plane to ensure they get to the recipient’s hands as fast as possible.
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Your secure delivery service is automatically insured

Every time you book a local or international secure courier service with Eurosender, you automatically have basic insurance protection for your goods. The insurance value may differ depending on the service and the types of items being shipped. You also have the option of purchasing additional insurance if you would like even higher protection when booking a secure insured delivery service.


FAQ – European and international secure courier services

Does secure delivery require a signature?
Yes. Every time you book a secure delivery service through Eurosender, the recipient will have to sign for the delivery. If the consignee cannot be present at the delivery address, please make sure someone else can be responsible for receiving the goods and signing for the delivery on his behalf.
Will I get a proof of delivery when booking a secure courier service?
If you require the proof of delivery document, please contact us, and we will forward it to you. You can also call us at any time for additional updates about your secure international shipping, as we will be in contact with the courier driver on your behalf.
How can I track my secure delivery service?
All of our express & secure courier services already have tracking included in the price, but the way of tracking your shipment may differ depending on the service used.
The most used secure courier service is Van Delivery, with which you can track your shipment using a live map that will be updated every 15min. You will be able to follow in real time the progress of your delivery and predict with precision the arrival time.
How to get a quote for a secure express courier service?
To get a quote for secure international shipping, all you need to do is fill out this form. Our logistics specialists will then reach out to our van partners and prepare a custom quote based on your needs. All quotes are no obligation and free of charge!
If we need more information regarding your shipment, we will contact you before providing the final price, so please make sure to provide a contact number where we can reach you.
Which secure express courier service is available globally?
The dedicated van is a secure courier service available in Europe, across the EU, UK and other neighbouring European countries.
For international secure courier services outside of Europe, we can tailor a solution using air freight transport. This can be arranged for secure document delivery, package, and pallet shipping.
Does Eurosender offer secure and insured delivery services dedicated to package shipping?
Yes, you can book the Priority Express Service if you need a secure express courier for package deliveries around the world. With this service, your parcel will be delivered within 24h in the EU and in up to 72h globally.
However, if you have a valuable or unique item, even if it is small, we recommend using the secure international shipping provided by the Van Service. This is the safest transport option because you will have the vehicle solely dedicated to you, offering maximum protection for your secure delivery service.
Can I book a secure courier service for shipping passport documents?
Yes, through our Document Service, you can ship any type of document as long as it is paper-based. Since our deliveries are door-to-door, we can ship your passport directly to the embassy or the official office required.
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