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Courier price from Serbia to Slovenia

Up to 10kg
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Courier price from Slovenia to Serbia

Up to 10kg
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Prices for courier services within Serbia

Parcel up to 2kg
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Parcel up to 20kg
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Parcel up to 30kg
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Important information when booking courier services to Serbia

  • Correct address information:

    For successful pick-up and delivery of your shipment to Serbia, remember to write complete and correct address information, including postcode, name, doorbell and floor number.

  • Customs procedures:

    In case of courier services from countries outside of the EU to Serbia, your parcel may undergo customs clearance. Make sure to provide all the data and documents required for the customs clearance.

  • Labelling:

    Depending on the service selected, you may be instructed via email to print and attach the shipping label to the parcel to avoid refusal by the courier.

  • Parcel dimensions:

    Measure the parcel dimensions and weight to provide correct details when booking a courier service to Serbia. Check out the dimensions limit per each service.

Packing a parcel for delivery to Serbia

Before booking a courier service to Serbia, make sure to protect all the items properly and choose the right materials to minimise the risk of damage during the transport:

Choose a sturdy cardboard box to hold the weight

Use cushioning materials to fill any extra space

Seal the box securely on all sides

Attach the shipping label, if required

Check our packing guides

The advantages of Eurosender courier services to Serbia

  • Courier services to Serbia to send both small and big parcels.

  • Basic insurance option free of charge. Additional options available.

  • Online live parcel tracking for any international shipment.

  • Eurosender, the smart platform your business needs

    Manage all your business logistics with a simple and free digital dashboard. With Eurosender not only you can book the best Serbian and international courier services but also simplify and optimise your logistics. Book courier services to Serbia, check past orders and all your invoices in just a few clicks.

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    Things to consider when booking courier services to Serbia

  • Pick-up and delivery:

    Make sure to be present at the pick-up and delivery addresses or appoint another person to hand over or receive the parcel to the courier.

  • Access to the address:

    Always make sure the courier has easy access to the given address, with parking no more than 15 metres away.

  • Delivery to PO Boxes:

    Most couriers are unable to deliver to PO boxes, so please provide a physical address and a local telephone number.

  • Before signing for the parcel:

    Always check the parcel and its contents before signing the delivery paperwork.

  • Instant quotes for courier services to Serbia

    No matter what you need to send to Serbia, the ideal courier service is only one click away on Eurosender platform. Benefit from expert advice to handle any shipping need. Access a network of world-class international courier services to Serbia and book within a few minutes.

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    FAQ about courier services to Serbia

    What is the best way to send a parcel to Serbia?
    The best way to send a parcel to Serbia will depend on the size of your shipment and how urgently you need it delivered. Express shipping solutions are the best choice for urgent deliveries, while the standard road transport is better to save on shipping costs when you do not have a tight delivery deadline.
    To find out how much it would cost to send a parcel to Serbia, simply use our booking tool and get the estimate within a couple of seconds.
    How can I track my parcel delivery to Serbia online?
    To track your parcel when booking a courier service to Serbia, you only need the tracking number assigned to your parcel. Every time the parcel is scanned during transit, either for pick up or when passing through a depot, the tracking status will be updated.
    When you book a courier service to Serbia with Eurosender, you can easily track your parcel progress from collection to delivery with our online tracking tool.
    How should I pack luggage and suitcases for a courier service to Serbia?
    We always recommend packing suitcases inside a cardboard box and sending them as a parcel to Serbia to ensure the best protection and to avoid refusal by the courier.
    Check our dedicated page to discover exactly how to pack your suitcase.
    Please bear in mind that insurance may not apply if you book a parcel delivery to Serbia but your items are not packaged correctly, according to our guidelines.
    How can I book a door-to-door courier delivery for a large load to Serbia?
    The safest option for sending large loads is to book a pallet delivery. Freight carriers have extensive expertise in transporting large and bulky items; thus, they can guarantee to move your loads safely.
    At Eurosender, we work with several Serbian and international couriers and freight carriers to offer different types door-to-door services: from large & heavy parcels to bigger loads on pallets.