Shipping Parcels to Prisons and Correctional Facilities

How to send an inmate care package

Prison inmates have very restricted contact with the outside world for obvious reasons. If you know a prisoner or inmate serving time, cheer them up by sending a care package. Check the rules and regulations before booking a parcel delivery to inmates and prisoners in jail to avoid any potential issues. Some institutions only allow you to send parcels to prisons through third-party service providers. Get ideas for what to pack and find out the best way to send an inmate care package.

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Important information when shipping parcels to prisons and jails

Before you start shipping parcels to prisons and jails there are a few things to bear in mind to avoid problems with collection and delivery. Follow these guidelines to ensure successful delivery of your inmate care package:

Shipping to remote correctional facilities
  • Is the jail located in a rural or remote area? Expect a slightly longer transit time.
  • There may be a remote area surcharge or a limited courier service depending on the location.
Provide accurate shipping information
  • You will need to provide the prisoner’s full name and ID number as a reference.
  • Inform the prison in advance about the shipment. Provide the contact details of an officer who can accept the care package delivery for the inmate.
Parcel delivery restrictions for prisoners and inmates
  • Every jail or correctional facility has its own rules and regulations regarding inmates receiving mail and parcels.
  • Check the rules to ensure the inmate is allowed to receive mail and care packages while in jail. Some prisons have a monthly or yearly limit on the amount of care packages you can send an inmate.
Check if the prison is accessible for deliveries
  • Prisons and correctional facilities usually have separate service entrances for deliveries and mail.
  • Find out what requirements are needed for the courier driver to enter the premises, such as ID or an access code.


What can I send in an inmate care package?

Sending a care package is always a personal thing, so the contents will always depend on the inmate receiving your mail or parcels. Here are some of the most common items that people ship in parcels to prisons, jails and other correctional facilities:


What you cannot ship in parcels to prisons

There are a number of items that are prohibited for shipping to correctional facilities. These include:

Illegal drugs
Electronics such as mobile phones
Before you decide to ship a parcel to a prison or jail, contact the authorities to find out exactly what prisoners may not receive in their mail or care packages while in jail. Be sure to also check what items are restricted or prohibited by couriers for shipping.


Shipping to correctional facilities and anywhere else

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FAQ on parcel delivery to prisoners and inmates

What is the best way to send an inmate care package?
Before you book your inmate care package delivery, check with the prison what their mailing policy is. Some facilities require that you book with a third-party service provider such as iCare or Access Securepak. If the prison does not have this restriction, get the most cost-effective quote for sending a care package to an inmate by entering your shipping information (pick-up and delivery address, parcel dimensions and weight, etc.) in our booking tool above. If you have any special requirements for shipping parcels to prisons, jails or correctional facilities, contact our logistics experts via chat or email.
How do I send clothes to someone in prison?
Check with the prison if there is any rule against sending clothes to inmates. Some institutions have a limit on the amount of clothes you can send an inmate every year. If there is no restriction, follow our guidelines on how to send clothes or other items in a care package to someone in jail. Be sure that you provide complete address details in your order to avoid any problems with the pick-up or delivery.
How long does it take an inmate to get mail?
It may take longer than standard delivery time for inmates to receive mail and parcels. The transit time depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery locations, as well as the security protocols at the correctional facility.
Bear in mind that all letters and parcels are thoroughly checked by officers for contraband and other suspicious items. This process takes time and prisons may experience occasional backlogs, depending on the volume of mail and the number of officers checking the content. We suggest contacting the correctional facility to get a better idea of how long it will take the inmate to receive your mail and parcels.
Can I send money to an inmate?
You cannot send money to an inmate by bank transfer, cheque or postal order. It is also forbidden to send cash in the post. Some institutions allow you to make an online transfer to an inmate using a debit or credit card. You should check this with the relevant authorities in advance.
Can I send magazines or books to prisoners?
In most cases, you can send magazines or books to prisoners by ordering them from publishers or bookstores approved by the correctional facility. We advise you to check with the institution if there is any restriction on sending magazines or books to prisoners.
Does Amazon deliver to prisoners?
Yes, Amazon can deliver to prisoners but we recommend you check first with the correctional facility if they have any special policies in such cases. You cannot ship anonymously to prisoners, so make sure you provide complete information such as the prisoner's full name and ID number, as well as the full collection address where required.