Shipping Clothes Internationally by Courier | Packing Tips

How to pack and ship clothes internationally by courier

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Clothes are some of the most shipped items in the world. However, getting the right service to ship clothes overseas is still important to make sure your clothes reach their destination safely and on time. At Eurosender, we offer reliable services for shipping clothes internationally for you or your business. Learn how to pack and ship clothes and benefit from instant quotes and a whole professional team dedicated to ensuring every delivery’s success.


How to ship clothes internationally by courier

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How to pack clothes for shipping overseas

Learn how to pack and ship clothes properly by following these steps. Make sure that all your garments are well protected before you book a courier service for shipping clothes. Knowing how to pack clothes for shipping overseas is crucial to ensure the safety of your shipment.

  1. Fold the garments as flat as you can and in a shape that is easy to pack into a box.
  2. Secure any loose parts. Detachable belts such as zips, larger buttons or any other embellishments should be either removed before sending or secured. You can wrap them in bubble wrap or place them in a plastic bag.
  3. Add extra padding. Use the bubble wrap that will help prevent water damage. You can also use plastic bags or padded envelopes.
  4. Put the wrapped clothing items into a box. When your clothes are neatly packed, you can add some extra padding to make your favourite T-Shirts and sweaters extra safe. Seal the package.


Shipping clothes in larger loads

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How to pack and ship larger loads of clothes

If you want to ship clothes when moving within Europe, you can pack them in boxes and take advantage of our van moving services. For transporting clothes in bulk, you might need a pallet.
To transport clothes in bulk on a pallet, follow these instructions:

  1. Put the boxes on the pallet, the heavier one on the bottom, and the lighter on top.
  2. Fix the boxes to the pallet using a rope.
  3. Cover the pallet with plastic wrap for extra protection.


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We have compiled dedicated guides about shipping specific types of clothes internationally:

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How to ship clothes internationally by courier: FAQ

Can I get shipping clothes services for my online shop?
Eurosender has experience offering reliable solutions for shipping clothes from small shops and e-commerce sites. Check what we can do for your business and find the best shipping solution for selling and shipping clothes on a marketplace. You can register for free and open your own logistics dashboard online, completely free of charge and easy to use.
What is the cheapest way to ship clothes by courier?
The cheapest way to ship clothes internationally is by booking the standard service for European routes or express service when shipping overseas. Whether you are an online retailer, who wants to save costs when sending multiple packages of clothes to customers, or you are individual shipping clothes as a gift or to a holiday destination, choose the standard service and benefit from the lowest prices on the market.
How much does it cost to send clothes in the post?
The cost of shipping clothes internationally depends on the shipping destination, parcel dimensions and how urgent the shipment is. Eurosender offers multiple options for shipping clothes internationally, and you will get an immediate price for every route. We automatically select the company with the best service-to-price ratio to provide our customers with a reliable service for shipping clothes overseas.
How to weigh clothes for shipping if I don’t have a scale?
There are several things you can do to determine the weight of the clothes without scales. First of all, you can search for an approximate weight of a T-Shirt, jeans or dress online. You can also ask a friend or a neighbour who might have a scale. Alternatively, there’s a way to weigh goods with the help of a clothes hanger. This blog article will explain in detail how to do it.
Can you mail a shirt or other clothes in an envelope?
It is not recommended to ship clothes in an envelope, as they can be torn or damaged easily. With Eurosender Document Service, you can only ship documents, letters etc. To provide the proper packaging and protection of your apparel while in transit, you should send it in a cardboard box. If you still decide to mail a t-shirt in an envelope, make sure to book a package service (standard or express). For extra protection, place the clothes first in a plastic bag and pick a padded envelope.
What is the best way to send clothes when moving within Europe?
The most convenient way to ship clothes when moving is to book the Van Service. When moving across Europe, the best way to transport clothes, household items and other belongings is to reserve a whole van solely for your needs. Your shipment will be transported directly to the destination point without stop-overs, and there will be no space shared with the belongings of any other customer.
Can I return clothes shipping them by courier?
Some of our customers ordered a new piece of clothing online, only to find out the item did not suit them. Our website helps to send clothes back to the seller in the shortest time possible. You can check our selling and shipping guides for some of the most popular sites to learn how to return clothes by shipping them by courier.
How can I ship a large box of clothes?
You can ship a large box of clothes with our dedicated van service or by shipping the box on a pallet. Do not forget to check the dimensions of your box on our booking tool, our Priority service allows you to ship clothes by courier on packages up to 70kg.
What is the best way to package clothing for shipping?
The best way to pack and ship clothes is to use good cushioning materials and sturdy cardboard boxes. You can use acid-free paper or muslin for shipping delicate or valuable clothes overseas or put the items in a sealed plastic bag to protect them during transport.
How to send a dress by courier?
Dresses and other upscale garments like suits are better packed using paper or muslin between each layer for better protection. Put the dress in a clothes bag before putting it into the box and don’t forget to add cushioning materials to avoid movement during transit. You can check our guide for shipping wedding dresses for more information about how to ship a dress via courier.
Are designer garments covered by shipping insurance when sending via Eurosender?
When booking deliveries through the Eurosender platform, your shipments are always covered by basic insurance, the amount of which may vary depending on the service selected. Additional insurance coverage is also available during the booking process. Please note that some couriers may consider expensive or luxury clothes a restricted item, especially if they contain precious materials. Valuables will not be covered by insurance.
How can I ship dancing costumes such as flamenco dresses by courier?
If you want to send a flamenco dress and other dancewear abroad, you need to pack it properly and select the most suitable service for your route. Follow the packing instructions to prepare the flamenco dress, shoes, or any other dancing clothes for shipping. Choose the preferred route and service with our booking tool and get door-to-door delivery to the required destination.