Send gifts by mail or by courier domestically or overseas

Are you an individual trying to send birthday or Christmas gitfs to your loved ones? With Eurosender you can send gifts overseas or domestically by mail or by courier at the lowest cost! If you are a store owner, trust us with your national and international gift deliveries and focus on growing your business. Benefit from Eurosender’s best parcel services for companies willing to send abroad big quantities of presents to their customers or partners!

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International gift delivery services for companies

Join thousands of companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Pay with user credits and save costs on each shipment! Simplify your accounting by opting for consolidated invoices. Access an extensive network of couriers, as well as all relevant information regarding your shipments in one place. Book your shipments in a few clicks and feel the difference!


Deliver your presents by post or by courier via Eurosender

Choose one of Eurosender’s door-to-door shipping options that suits you best to organise the cheapest international gift delivery by courier according to your needs:

Standard shipping service

The most cost-effective service for sending presents to your loved ones abroad
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Express delivery service

The fastest service for urgent domestic or international delivery of gifts within 24-72h globally
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Pallet delivery

Ideal for companies to deliver a larger quantity of goods to their customers or partners
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Individual offer

The best option for shipments with special requirements or for unusually shaped goods
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How to pack your gifts before sending them overseas by mail or courier?

  1. If possible, always keep your presents in their original packaging when sending them.
  2. Bubble wrap each item that you send.
  3. Place the bubble-wrapped gifts in a cardboard box.
  1. Fill all empty spaces in the box with a generous amount of cushioning materials (polystyrene chips, etc.).
  2. Close the box, seal it with adhesive tape, and stick a shipping label on it (if necessary).
  3. If you send fragile items, you can add a sticker saying “Fragile” or “Handle with care.”


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FAQs on sending presents abroad by parcel service

What gifts cannot be sent by mail or courier, whether domestically or overseas?

Each transport company has its rules regarding restricted items. It can be problematic to send perishable products, liquids (large quantities of alcohol, etc.), and valuables between individuals, especially if the package is subject to customs control. On the other hand, if the items that you want to send, belong to the restricted category but are not strictly prohibited by the selected courier company, they usually can be shipped, but the logistics provider will not be held responsible in the event of damage or loss of your parcel

What is the cheapest service for international gift delivery by courier?

The most cost-effective solution for sending gifts by courier or by mail, whether domestically or overseas, depends on the shipping distance and on the dimensions and weight of your package, as well as on the urgency or non-urgency of your shipment. Book your shipment though our low-cost shipping platform here above and benefit from preferential rates for international shipment of standard, bulky or urgent packages

What are the best birthday and Christmas presents that you can send by parcel service?

Among birthday and Christmas gifts that are most frequently sent by our customers are customizable items, such as decorative accessories, homemade souvenirs like those that you can buy at Etsy, and sweet treats. It is becoming more and more popular to send festive decorations by parcel. As for a sports item (a tennis racket, a bicycle, etc.) or a musical instrument (a guitar, a drum kit, etc.) as a birthday gift, they are popular at all times. With Eurosender, you can easily send any of these items to almost any destination in the world.

Will my presents delivered by post or by courier via Eurosender be insured?

When shipping gifts with us, your parcel is insured! We never compromise when it comes to safety. The insurance value will vary depending on the service chosen. Additional insurance for packages is also available at low rates. We strongly advise you to always keep the original invoice for your items since it serves as proof of value if needed.