How to ship cosmetics and toiletries internationally

Do you want to know how to pack and ship cosmetics as gifts? Are you looking for tips on cosmetic packaging and how to arrange makeup delivery to your customers? Are you wondering whether you can ship toiletries internationally? You can find all the answers by following Eurosender’s complete pack & ship cosmetics guide.

There are two ways to book a makeup delivery service. Ship cosmetics and toiletries internationally:

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  2. or book the service as a guest.

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There are two types of makeup delivery services you can choose from

  1. Standard delivery is easily booked through our shipping engine below. It is suitable for small packages (up to 40 kg). If you want to ship a makeup box as a gift to a friend, you will most probably need to book a standard shipping service. The same would apply if you are making your own makeup and you want to send a few makeup samples to social media influencers and/or customers. In this case, the price will instantly appear on your screen and you will be able to book the service in a matter of minutes.


Are your items suitable for standard shipping?


  1. If you are a cosmetics manufacturer and you are in need of shipping services to distribute your products across Europe, you might need to request an individual offer. This type of service is suitable for shipments that are over 40 kg. Is your shipment too big or too heavy? Our sales team will come back to you with a competitive offer!

What qualifies as cosmetics?

Cosmetics are any products that are used to enhance or alter someone’s appearance. These include makeup products, hair dyes, face masks, lotions and many more products. Fragrances, perfumes and any other product that adds a scent to the body are also considered cosmetics. The majority of men and women use cosmetic products on a daily base. That is why cosmetics are a popular choice when it comes to birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts and Christmas presents.

Important note: Many cosmetic products, such as moisturizers and perfumes, are in liquid form. Most courier service providers do not recommend shipping liquids. However, many people choose to ship cosmetics, such as perfumes, moisturizers, bb creams, foundations, liquid eyeliners, day creams, fragrances, colognes, mists, and other liquid cosmetics via courier services. If you choose to ship such items and the package gets damaged (e.g. the perfume breaks and leakage occurs) the insurance will NOT be valid. Also, the delivery will not take place and the package might be returned to you. That is why we recommend you to be extra careful when packaging perfumes, moisturizers, and other liquid cosmetics. Last but not least, please note that cosmetics that include flammable substances (e.g. nail polish, acetone, colognes with alcohol) are not allowed!

  • Makeup shipping services | Ship toiletries internationally | Ship lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations and many more products

Maybe you want to send a high-end lipstick as a gift to your sister who lives in another city. Or you could be a beauty product manufacturer and might need to ship makeup samples to your customers. Apart from makeup, you might want to ship toiletries internationally, skin care products, such as anti-aging and/or moisturizing creams, face cleansers and lotions. Whatever the case might be, you can turn to Eurosender and find the cheapest makeup delivery services. Just remember that liquid items are not recommended by courier providers. That is why we advise you to follow all the packaging advice we provide you.


  • Mists, scents and fragrance shipping | Ship perfumes internationally

Many of our customers are asking how to ship perfumes internationally. Maybe you want to send one as a gift to your mother on her birthday or you might be sending your own scents to buyers across the world. Whatever the case might be, Eurosender can offer you a solution, as long as the perfume you send does not contain alcohol. Please note that perfumes and colognes that contain alcohol are not allowed into the parcels. Also, although perfumes without alcohol are not considered prohibited items, they are still products in liquid form.

Makeup packaging | Perfume packaging

Before you learn how to pack makeup for shipping (or any other cosmetic product), you will need to find the right makeup packaging materials. The items you want to be provided with are:

  • A cardboard box – make sure to find a sturdy box without dent, holes or tears. Use a box that is just a little bit bigger than the products you are shipping. Using an old cardboard box is allowed, as long as it is in a good condition.
  • A thermal bubble wrap – to protect your products from temperature changes. That is because most cosmetic products are temperature sensitive.
  • Cushioning materials – such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, crumbled paper etc.. They are used to protect the items against bumps and shocks of parcel handling.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors – for cutting materials and securing the parcel.
How to pack cosmetic products

These are the steps you need to follow when you pack makeup and other cosmetic products, such as perfumes and night creams. Pack appropriately and ship toiletries internationally!

  • Make sure that your products are properly closed. Even if you ship a new, unused product, it is recommended to check how easily the lid might open. If needed you can always secure the lid with some tape.
  • If the lipstick, foundation, lotion, cleanser, perfume or any other toiletry product is within a box, please do not remove it from there. Shipping cosmetics that already come in a box (e.g. a makeup box) is much safer.
  • Wrap each item in a thermal bubble wrap or foil, securing it with adhesive tape. You can also use a thermal bubble mailer.
  • Put some cushioning material on the bottom of the box. Place your items in the box and add more cushioning material to fill the empty space. Make sure that your beauty products do not move. Check this by slightly shaking the closed box.
  • Close and seal the box with tape. Add shipping labels if needed.

Why to ship cosmetics and toiletries internationally with Eurosender
  • Eurosender is one of the leading European booking platforms for shipping services.
  • We offer very competitive prices, due to our constant negotiations.
  • The booking process is seamless and we offer customer support service in 15 languages.
  • You will always be provided with a tracking number.
  • Our services are door-to-door; you will not have to find a drop-off point.
  • We offer insurance coverage for your shipment.



Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping cosmetic products. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship cosmetic products, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.