How to pack and ship books

Whether you want to move your whole home library to another address or earn some money by selling a few old hardbacks, Eurosender can be your go-to specialist for sending books abroad as well as domestically. By only choosing the most trusted courier companies as our partners, we make sure that every shipment booked through us is delivered to your chosen address safely and in time. Make your life easier – follow our instructions for packing and shipping books and enjoy all the benefits of a door-to-door delivery at some of the most affordable prices out there.

How to place an order for sending books abroad or domestically

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Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

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Get informed on how to pack books for shipping.

When you book the service, our engine will automatically choose the most reliable as well as the cheapest way to ship books on your chosen route. Our logistics specialists will then take care of arranging the shipment and contacting the couriers in your name if needed. Your only job is to follow our tips on shipping books and wait for the courier driver to arrive and pick up the box(es).

Every time you book the shipping through Eurosender, the standard insurance is already included in the price of the service (up to 200€). However, the booking process also allows you to choose from additional insurance options (up to 1000€ or 2000€). We highly recommend opting for these insurance packages if you would like to send books of higher value.

If you think you need even more specific book packaging guidelines, never think twice about contacting our friendly and engaged customer support specialists. The Eurosender team is dedicated to providing excellent customer experience and will be glad to help you ship boxes of books abroad or to another city in the simplest way possible.

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How to ship books internationally with Eurosender


When sending books abroad or to another part of your country, proper preparation is crucial in ensuring a successful and, above all, stress-free delivery process.

To make sure you never forget about the crucial steps in ordering the shipping, simply follow this checklist.

  • Most book shipments are suitable for standard shipping services. However, if you want to ship a larger box of books abroad, it is a good idea to measure the box and use the dimensions calculator below to determine the type of shipping service that would be needed in your specific case.
  • Books can also be quite heavy, which is why you should weigh heavier packages and make sure they do not weigh over 40 kg, which is the upper limit for standard package shipping. If the shipment is heavier, you can request an individual offer on our page and our logistics specialists will do their best to offer you the best possible price for a reliable service. This is also a great option if sending more than 6 boxes at the same time.
  • When you want a package to be picked up in Poland, Spain or Sweden, do not forget to print the shipping label and attach it to your package. In other countries, this is done by the couriers.
  • When you plan to leave your chosen pick-up location soon after booking, place the order at least 2 days before your scheduled departure. This is the easiest way to avoid any problems with the pick-up.

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Essential book packaging guidelines

Every good list of tips on shipping books should emphasize the importance of packaging. By choosing the right materials and carefully following the instructions, you do not only significantly reduce the risk of complications during the transportation. You will also significantly increase your chances of a successful claim if anything ever goes wrong.

For starters, you want to make sure you have the right materials for packing. You will need the following:

  1. A sturdy cardboard box – Despite the fact that padded envelopes might be suitable for shipping softcover books in smaller numbers, we recommend that you always use sturdy cardboard boxes, especially the ones made of corrugated fiberboard, for proper protection. Choose a box that will accommodate all your books but still offer some extra space for cushioning materials. Used ones are ok if they are in good condition and strong enough. A great alternative to a cardboard box are also book mailers, which you can buy online.
  2. Bubble wrap or packing paper – these materials will protect the covers and edges of the books, which is why they are a must when shipping extra valuable works.
  3. Cushioning materials – crumpled paper or packing peanuts will suffice. You can buy the polystyrene chips (peanuts) in hardware or stationery stores.
  4. Adhesive tape and scissors – to finish the job by sealing the package, but also to protect the seams of the box and make it stronger.

How to package books for shipping

It does not matter if you are shipping softcover books or hardbacks, you should always invest enough time in properly packing and securing the items you want to ship.

  1. Prepare the box. When you ship hardcover books, take the box and reinforce its back and seams with several layers of adhesive tape. This will help you make sure that the box will sustain the weight of the books. Cover the bottom of the box with a layer of crumpled paper (old newspaper or packing paper) or some packing peanuts.
  2. Wrap the books. Especially when shipping softcover books or works of great value, it is a very good idea to wrap them in some bubble wrap or packing paper first. This will offer more protection to the books’ covers and also keep the dirt or dust away.
  3. Placing the books in the box. There are several ways of placing the books in the box. The choice of the right method depends on the type of books you want to ship as well as their number. Always start with the biggest and heaviest titles, though.
    • You can pack hardcover books in a standing position (like on a book shelf). Spine to spine with the fore edges facing the side walls of the box. You can also place the books in the box with their spines facing downwards. Stacking them vertically is also a possibility.
    • How to pack paperback books to avoid damage? Softcover editions of literary works are more susceptible to damages, especially if they are thinner, which is why vertical positioning is not advisable. Therefore, just stack them flat. If you have several stacks, its best if the spines are facing inward. You can also separate the stacks with some crumpled paper, Styrofoam sheets or cardboard dividers.
  4. Add extra cushioning and seal the package.If there are any empty spaces left in the box, fill them with crumpled paper or other cushioning materials of choice and make sure nothing can move inside the box. If everything is in place after you have gently shake the package, the only thing left is to seal the package with tape.

Eurosender – the safest and the cheapest way to ship books

Eurosender has already helped many customers to ship heavy boxes of books all around Europe without spending too much. These are some of the reasons why they decided to turn to our services when moving their library to another town or across Europe:

  • Sending books abroad as gifts. Combining friendly guidance and an affordable offer, Eurosender is the perfect solution for shippers who cannot deliver their gifts in person or want to surprise their loved ones living abroad.
  • Selling books online. From occasional sellers to beginners in the book selling business, those that cannot directly negotiate the best shipping prices with couriers frequently turn to us in search of better offers. With Eurosender, shipping costs for your clients will be extremely low, which is a big advantage on the online market
  • Spending a semester abroad. When leaving home to spend a semester or even longer abroad, packing is probably one of the most frustrating tasks for many a student to face. Where to put all the books when the suitcase is already full? The solution is simple, it is called Eurosender.
  • Moving to a new apartment. Why should you struggle with carrying heavy items around when you can just ship them cheaply to your new address? Our customers pack hardcover books and paperbacks in a box and let us arrange the transport for them.
  • Donating old or used books. Sharing knowledge is a virtuous deed that shouldn’t always require money transfers. When people want to do some good by giving away books for free but cannot do it in person, Eurosender is glad to help. Moreover, we always support NGOs and charitable individuals with special offers and tips on how to ship books internationally.

Congratulations, you’ve made it! You now know everything, from how to pack paperback books to how to place an order for shipping. However, if there are still any questions that you feel we should address, do not hesitate to tell us about it. We are eager to help you and other customers with as much information as we can. Happy shipping!

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