How to pack and ship books internationally

Whether you want to move your home library to another address, or you are a business owner selling books, Eurosender is your go-to specialist for sending books abroad by courier. Check the packaging guide we prepared for shipping softcover and hardcover books safely and enjoy all the benefits of door-to-door books delivery with Eurosender.

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Shipping services for book stores

Eurosender offers the best shipping solutions for business owners in need of affordable and reliable book deliveries. Join our platform as a business and get immediate access to your personal logistics department, which allows you to:

  • Access all your orders and invoices at all times;
  • Analyse your data and improve your logistics processes;
  • Get high-quality assistance from our logistics experts.


How to ship books internationally with Eurosender?

When it comes to shipping books internationally, it is of utmost importance to pick the right shipping method and logistics partner for your transport.

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective option for shipping hardcover and softcover books in a box
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Express shipping

Do you need an urgent book delivery? Ship books overseas with our express courier service
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Pallet delivery

An efficient way for shipping books in bulk from publishers to stores or warehouses
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Van Service

Move your entire library or ship big sets of books to your clients across Europe in a dedicated van
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How to pack books for shipping by courier

When sending books abroad, proper preparation is crucial for ensuring a successful and stress-free delivery process. It does not matter if you are shipping softcover books or hardbacks, you should always use appropriate packaging materials and carefully protect the books for transport.

  1. Prepare the box. When you ship hardcover books, strengthen the box with several layers of adhesive tape. Cover the bottom of the box with a layer of crumpled paper or packing peanuts.
  2. Wrap the books carefully, especially when shipping softcover books or works of great value.
  1. Place the books in the box. Always start with the biggest and heaviest titles. You can pack hardcover books in a standing position.
  2. Add extra cushioning and seal the package. Fill the empty spaces in the box with crumpled paper or other cushioning materials. Seal the package with tape.

Each shipment you send through the Eurosender platform is insured. You can also purchase the additional insurance if you are sending books of higher value.

What to have in mind before shipping books internationally


Pack the books in boxes and measure them. Use the Calculator below to see which type of service is more suitable for your package.


Make sure that someone is present on the pickup and delivery addresses.


Check if you should print and attach the label to the package. This information should be provided to you by email.

Check which service to choose for your shipment


The safest and cheapest way to send books abroad

Many customers come to us when in need to ship books domestically or abroad. Here’s why:

Send books abroad as gifts. Combining friendly guidance and an affordable offer, Eurosender is the perfect solution for shippers who want to surprise their loved ones living abroad.

Sell books online. Book stores frequently turn to us in search of better offers. With Eurosender, you can be sure that we will offer you the best shipping costs, a big advantage in the online market.

Spend a semester abroad. When leaving home to spend a semester or even longer elsewhere, packing is probably one of the most frustrating tasks for many a student to face. Where to put all the books when the suitcase is already full? The solution is simple, ship your books internationally with Eurosender.

Move to a new apartment. Don’t carry heavy items around. Ship books cheaply to your new address! Follow our guidelines to pack hardcover books and paperbacks in a box and let us arrange the transport for you.

Donate old or used books. If you want to do some good by giving away books for free but cannot do it in person, Eurosender is glad to help. Moreover, we always support NGOs and charitable individuals with special offers and tips on how to ship books internationally.


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