MSC Cruise Luggage Allowance: Rules, Limits and Forbidden Items

MSC Cruises luggage allowance policy: What are you allowed to bring on an MSC cruise?

MSC Cruises is one of the top cruise lines in the world, with a current fleet of 15 cruise ships. The MSC cruise luggage allowance is not very restrictive when it comes to weight and size, but every traveller has to be aware of the MSC cruise luggage restrictions and the list of forbidden luggage items on MSC cruises. Read more and learn how to send luggage items to or from a port or touristic destination with Eurosender and travel light and hassle-free wherever you go.

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MSC cruise luggage limit & weight indications

What is the MSC cruises luggage allowance policy? Although the MSC cruise luggage limit is quite generous, there are many forbidden luggage items on an MSC cruise, and if you are travelling with children or plan a longer trip, the MSC cruise luggage allowance may not be enough. Different price points and tickets include different services and weight limits, which are usually adapted to the size of the cabin. However, a standard ticket includes for each passenger:

  • MSC Cruise luggage limit: Two suitcases (90 x 75 x 43 cm and 23 kg maximum weight)
  • Carry-on bags on MSC Cruise lines: Two hand luggage pieces (56 x 45 x 25 cm and 23 kg maximum weight)
  • Total weight of 100 kg and a maximum of 8 bags combining all the pieces of luggage inside a cabin, including the children’s luggage.


What is forbidden to bring on board MSC?

In addition to the MSC cruise luggage limit, you will have to consider the list of forbidden luggage items on MSC cruises. Because security on board is a priority, cruise lines will not allow dangerous items on board, neither as checked luggage nor as carry-on luggage.

MSC luggage restrictions and forbidden luggage items:

  • Open flame devices or heat sources: such as candles, kettles or bottle and food warmers
  • No animals are allowed on board – the only exception is assistance dogs that must travel with the proper documents
  • Unpacked food and drinks – including produce or alcoholic beverages bought during the excursions
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not allowed onboard according to MSC luggage restrictions. The smartphones will be placed under custody for the duration of the cruise
  • Firearms and ammunition and sharp objects
  • CBD Oil: CBD and other CBD products are forbidden and will not be returned
  • Hoverboards, drones and electrical extension cords

Shipping extra luggage with Eurosender

Do you want to bring with you your sports equipment or special luggage? Enjoy your journey to the maximum by shipping extra luggage with Eurosender directly to a port or hotel and carry only the essentials with you on board. Getting your luggage delivered with us is simple: all we need is a complete postal address and a contact person who will be there to collect your packages. You can send sports equipment, electronics, souvenirs or extra clothing items to and from the excursion spots and not be limited by the MSC luggage restrictions.


Shipping MSC luggage with Eurosender

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MSC luggage allowance & restrictions: FAQ

Can I bring a drone on an MSC cruise?
According to the MSC drone policy, you cannot bring your drone on a cruise ship. Drones are explicitly listed as forbidden luggage items on MSC cruises. Remember, the crew may instead check your carry-on luggage when embarking, so if you carry any electronics that break the MSC drone policy, they may be confiscated until the end of the cruise.
Will I have to load my luggage when boarding?
The crew will load your luggage on the ship when boarding, but you will have to print and attach the identifying label generated with your ticket so they can put all your bigger suitcases and bags directly in your cabin. As for carry-on bags on MSC Cruise lines, you should carry all your important documents, tickets, money, jewellery, medicines and personal items, because the line is not liable for any losses or damage occurred during the boarding.
What is the MSC baggage allowance for fly-cruises?
When booking an MSC fly-cruise, you will have to follow the airline’s luggage policy, and usually, these policies are far more restricting than the MSC Cruises luggage allowance policies. Shipping your luggage through Eurosender directly to the boarding port is the perfect solution if you do not want to drag your suitcases and bags to and from the airport or want to carry more luggage for your MSC cruise.
Can I bring hair straighteners on MSC cruises?
Hair straighteners are included on the forbidden luggage items list for MSC cruises because they are heat sources and can be dangerous on board. Most MSC cruises have on board salons and hair dryers in every room.
Can I bring a baby stroller on board an MSC cruise?
Wheelchairs, baby carriages and strollers are allowed on board. They must stay inside the cabin when not used and never block escape routes. You will have to contact the cruise line and inform them beforehand.
Can I bring a camera on board an MSC cruise?
Cameras are allowed on board. Make sure you bring a charger with you that follows the cruise’s specifications. You can check with the cruise line beforehand to ensure your accessories (like ring lights or tripods) will not be confiscated when boarding.
Can I ship my luggage items to the loading dock?
Yes, you can get your luggage items shipped to a loading dock. Make sure you contact MSC cruises beforehand and that you add enough information to your luggage so it can be identified.
Can I carry luggage over the MSC luggage allowance?
If you are planning a longer trip and your items will likely be over the MSC Cruise luggage limit, you must contact MSC before the boarding date because extra pieces of luggage or too heavy bags will not be accepted.
The company can arrange the delivery of any luggage item over the MSC luggage restrictions via freight or cargo. Alternatively, you can book door-to-door luggage deliveries with Eurosender in just a few minutes and have your items delivered anywhere.
Will my luggage be inspected before boarding?
Please note all suitcases and bags go under inspection and X rays before they are loaded into the ship. If you are travelling with forbidden or restricted luggage items on MSC Cruises, they will be seized and will not go on the ship.
Can I ship luggage to a tourist destination?
If you have booked an excursion or plan to visit a particular spot after the cruise, you can plan and send your luggage to a hotel, hostel, camping or other destinations and not be limited by the MSC luggage restrictions. All we need is a complete postal address and a contact person. You can also ship from an excursion site and have your articles reach your home or a loved one’s while you continue your journey without having to worry about the MSC cruise luggage limit.
All the information provided on this page comes from online sources. To check up-to-date regulations, prices of extra luggage, an exhaustive list of restricted and prohibited items and the updated MSC terms and conditions, please check the official website.