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FedEx international courier and shipping services

FedEx is an international courier company with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, that offers domestic deliveries within the US as well as international parcel and cargo shipping. Find out all about FedEx courier services, including the latest prices, pallet solutions, and customs brokerage procedures.

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FedEx shipping quotes for economy and express courier services

As one of the leaders in global logistics, FedEx offers various types of international courier services to cater to shipments of all sizes and requirements. FedEx shipping prices are calculated based on the service you choose, the pick-up and delivery locations, and the size of the shipment. To give you a better idea of how much shipping with FedEx courier services costs, we have gathered a few price examples below.

FedEx domestic courier: economy and express quotes

FedEx offers economy and express parcel deliveries within the US through their domestic network. These FedEx deliveries cover the continental US as well as Alaska and Hawai’i. See below the base quotes and how long it takes for FedEx to deliver 5 kg parcels with different services.

Domestic deliveriesPriceWeightDelivery time
FedEx OvernightFrom US $ 227.33Up to 150 lbs (68kg)1 working day
FedEx 2DayFrom US $ 147.68Up to 150 lbs (68kg)2 working days
FedEx Express SaverFrom US $ 123.71Up to 150 lbs (68kg)3 working days
FedEx GroundFrom US $ 36.57Up to 50lbs (26kg)5 working days

FedEx prices for international deliveries from the US to the UK

FedEx international shipping services are especially indicated for those who want to send a parcel to the US from abroad and vice-versa. See below the services and price examples for FedEx courier services available for shipping a 5 kg package to the US from the UK:

Shipping service US-UKPriceWeightDelivery time
FedEx International FirstFrom US $ 380.14 (approx. £ 331)Up to 150 lbs (68kg)2 working days
FedEx International PriorityFrom US $ 321.21 (approx. £ 280)Up to 150 lbs (68kg)2 working days
FedEx International EconomyFrom US $ 307.05 (approx. £ 267)Up to 150 lbs (68kg)5 working days
Before booking any shipping service, make sure you check the price of shipping with other providers so you can get the best deal in the market. Use our platform to get access to +100 logistics providers by getting a quote using the button below.

Does FedEx x-ray packages?

Because of the volume of shipments they manage every day, FedEx will not x-ray domestic parcels shipped by road. However, due to customs regulations, most international FedEx parcels will be scanned when they are shipped abroad. In the US, all air cargo has to be screened before being shipped. Following US and EU regulations, packages and cargo are inspected and can be scanned in customs.

Customs clearance delays when shipping with FedEx

Sometimes a package can get stuck at customs for multiple reasons. When this happens, FedEx will mark the delivery tracking with “Clearance delay”. This may happen simply because the volume of parcels is too high and FedEx is facing internal delay or because something is wrong with the parcel: it can be damaged, prohibited items can have been found during scanning or customs duties are waiting to be paid.

One of the best ways to make sure FedEx will not take too long during customs clearance and delay your delivery is to hire a customs brokerage service. By doing so, an agent will always be on top of your FedEx courier delivery, making sure any setbacks that may happen during customs clearance get solved immediately. Read more about how customs clearance works.


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FAQ: FedEx international courier services

What are FedEx restricted or prohibited items?
The first step to sending a parcel with FedEx is to make sure the items can be shipped via courier. Some of the items prohibited for shipping by FedEx are:
  • Fine jewellery, art and fur.
  • Watches with a value of over $ 1,000
  • Weapons, drugs, counterfeit goods and cash or stamps.
On the other hand, there are many items restricted by FedEx, meaning that they can only be shipped under certain conditions. Check our dedicated page to read the full list of FedEx restricted and prohibited goods and understand the difference between these two categories. Additionally, you can also take a look at our list of courier prohibited and restricted items, which gathers the most common items considered prohibited by logistics companies.
Does FedEx offer non-urgent international deliveries?
The express parcel shipping service is FedEx's most prominent feature, but they also offer non-urgent courier services to deliver parcels in Europe and the US. If you do not have any hurry when shipping a parcel with FedEx, you can choose from their main European standard services:
  • FedEx International Economy®: FedEx international courier service for deliveries in Europe
  • FedEx Europe First®: fast deliveries to main cities in Europe.
How long does it take for FedEx to deliver a parcel?
It depends on the selected route and the type of service. The fastest courier service offered by FedEx is the FedEx same-day, available only for domestic shipments within the US. For international courier services, FedEx offers express solutions with delivery on the next day.
What is FedEx ground home delivery?
FedEx ground home delivery is a domestic US door-to-door courier service. This service covers all 50 US States and offers deliveries in 1-7 working days between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
How do I track my shipment with FedEx?
After your item has been picked up, you will receive a tracking number. You can insert this number at the FedEx website, on the Track and Trace section, and see the status of your delivery.
At Eurosender, a tracking number is provided to every package, independently of the selected courier, that you can use on our tracking tool to follow your shipment in real time.
Where can you find the FedEx tracking number?
The FedEx tracking number consists of 12 to 14 digits that you can use to see the status of your delivery. Normally you should receive your FedEx tracking number from the person or company sending you the shipment. You can also sign up for FedEx InSight, where you can follow your order without a FedEx tracking number.
Can you track a FedEx package without a tracking number?
Yes, it is possible to track a FedEx package without the tracking number. You can use the reference number given to your parcel.
See the ways in which it is possible to track a package without the tracking number.
I missed my FedEx delivery, can I book a redelivery?
If you missed your FedEx delivery, here's what you can do.
  • Depending on the type of FedEx parcel delivery service you have booked, there will be up to three delivery attempts.
  • After a FedEx missed delivery, the courier driver will leave a note at your address indicating when the next delivery attempt will take place.
  • Alternatively, you can contact FedEx using their contact number and opt to schedule redelivery.
What is a FedEx redelivery?
FedEx redelivery is a service the courier company offers to their clients that allows them to schedule another delivery attempt. To schedule a FedEx redelivery, the customer must contact the shipping company directly.
Can I book FedEx express courier services to ship cargo?
Yes, FedEx commercial solutions include express cargo shipping in the US and Europe. Their most popular express cargo services are:
  • FedEx International Priority®: FedEx express courier services for urgent freight shipping to Europe.
  • FedEx International First®: FedEx express courier services for urgent worldwide freight shipping.
Read more about FedEx Pallet delivery services.
Is FedEx a freight forwarder?
Yes, FedEx offers freight forwarding services for certain areas through FedEx Trade Networks. They offer ocean and air freight transport covering the whole world, as well as customs brokerage services and trade assistance. Read more about freight forwarding services.
What are the FedEx drop-off locations and services?
FedEx drop-off services allow customers to bring their parcels to a FedEx Drop Box instead of waiting for the courier at home to collect or deliver the shipment. FedEx Drop Off boxes are located in public spaces all over the US and are a safe way of organising deliveries with increased flexibility on the schedule.
What is a FedEx account number?
You receive a FedEx account number when you register on the platform. This number will act as a user ID and will be connected to all your shipments and transactions done via FedEx international couriers when you are logged in.
If you want to know how to find your FedEx account number, you should go to the FedEx website and log in. Your FedEx account number should be visible under the Account Management menu.
Does FedEx offer deliveries on the weekend?
FedEx offers deliveries on the weekend as an extra service and for certain routes. If you want to have your FedEx parcels delivered on the weekend, you can purchase this service option when placing your order for FedEx express courier services.
Do I need to print the shipping label when shipping with FedEx?
Yes, when shipping with FedEx, you always have to print the label yourself. When you don’t have a printer at hand, in most cases, you can go to the nearest FedEx office and have it printed over there.
Don't have a printer available? Discover how to ship parcels from home without a printer.
How can I contact FedEx by phone or email?
The local FedEx contact numbers are listed in FedEx website under the section named Customer Support. If you wish to contact FedEx via email, you will have to fill in the form provided in the same page and wait for their response.
Do FedEx labels expire?
FedEx shipping labels do expire, but the expiration period varies depending on the service booked. According to FedEx, once the shipping label is printed, it should normally be used within two weeks. Find more information regarding shipping labels on our dedicated page.
What to do when my package is not delivered by FedEx?
There are many possible reasons for a package not to be successfully delivered. It may be that it was stuck in customs, the consignee was not present at the address, or the package may even be lost.
If you had booked a package courier service with FedEx that was not delivered, you should contact the courier company and file a claim, if necessary. The claim procedure can be started if your shipment is lost, damaged, violated, etc.
Can I still send packages to the UK with FedEx, even after Brexit?
Although Brexit has heavily impacted the shipping and logistics industry, FedEx still ships packages and cargo to and from the UK after Brexit. The main difference is that packages to and from the UK are now subject to VAT and customs charges, which makes shipping with FedEx to the UK after Brexit a bit more time-consuming but still possible. If you want more information about the Brexit shipping rules, you can check our dedicated page.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2022. When looking for accurate information, such as the costs of shipping with FedEx, FedEx packing instruction and information about the cost of shipping with FedEx, always check the official website.