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If you are wondering how much it costs to ship your bedside tables from Kildare to Zurich, simply use the calculator on the right-hand side and our system will return a price. From there on, you can simply start to book the service. With Eurosender you can trust you get the best service, as we work only with renowned international courier companies and every package is protected against damages by a shipping insurance.

Bedside Tables shipping
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Tamara Čurkov

14 hours ago

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable

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Jan Walter

15 hours ago

Easy and straight forward Booking…

Easy and straight forward Booking process

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Paula Nogueira

15 hours ago

Só não dou 5 estrelas porque é difícil…

Só não dou 5 estrelas porque é difícil fazer algum tipo de alteração de última hora. Também é difícil a comunicação com a plataforma para tentar respostas imediatas. Bom transporte!!

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15 hours ago

easy to use

The website is easy to use!

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N. George

15 hours ago


Great service

Shipment type

Package or suitcase


46cm x 49cm x 48cm, 5kg

Shipping price

€250.66+ VAT

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