Pallet delivery services to Switzerland

Organise a pallet delivery service to Switzerland in less than 5 minutes! As one of the pioneers of digital logistics, we strive to make your deliveries simple and efficient. We offer smart solutions for transporting palletised goods to Switzerland for businesses and individuals. Instantly discover the price for shipping a pallet to Switzerland and get your load moving in no time!

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From France to Switzerland

120x80x100 240kg
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120x80x150 350kg
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120x80x220 520kg
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From Switzerland to France

120x80x100 240kg
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120x80x150 350kg
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120x80x220 520kg
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How to prepare your pallet for shipping to Switzerland

Choose a pallet suitable for your load’s weight

Stack the items evenly, heavier boxes at the bottom

Fix the cargo with bands and wrap it with plastic foil

Attach the shipping label to the side of your pallet

Check our packing guide

Pallet distribution services in Switzerland

Book the transportation of palletised goods to Switzerland with the best option for your company. Benefit from our vast network of couriers and logistics providers to organise fast pallet distribution in any city in Switzerland.

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Things to consider when sending a pallet to Switzerland

  • Make sure there is space for the driver to park
  • Pallets are collected and delivered at the ground floor
  • Provide total dimensions (cargo + pallet) for accurate price calculation
  • Request extra assistance for pallet collection or delivery (forklift, etc.) in advance
  • The carrier will contact the shipper to arrange the pick-up details
  • Additional charges may apply if the consignee is not present at the address

When should you use a pallet delivery to Switzerland?

  • Items are too big or heavy to fit into packages
  • Ideal for sending multiple parcels at once
  • When sending bulky items that can be better secured on a pallet
  • When the load requires special equipment for handling
  • Collection of goods that need to be shipped together

What items can you ship on pallets to Switzerland?

These are some of the items most frequently shipped with our pallet delivery services to Switzerland. For specialised instructions, read our guides to discover the best way of packing your items for pallet transport to Switzerland.

Household appliances
See guide
See guide
Bed and Mattress
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Solar panels
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Selected logistics provider for pallet delivery to Switzerland

At Eurosender, we offer a diversified selection of services for organising the delivery of pallets to Switzerland. When booking the delivery with us, our algorithm instantly compares several logistics providers available for your desired route and identifies the transporter that offers the best price to performance ratio for shipping your pallet to Switzerland.

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Advantages of our pallet transport services to Switzerland

Vetted international carriers

Access to a vast network of trusted logistics providers

Insured transport

Basic insurance coverage, scalable to your needs

Warehousing & more

Storage and fulfilment services organised upon request


Upcoming public holidays

Some logistics service providers don’t operate during public holidays, so please consider the bank holidays when organising your pallet delivery to Switzerland.


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FAQs – Pallet distribution and delivery services to Switzerland

How much does it cost to ship a pallet to Switzerland?

The delivery cost for sending a pallet to Switzerland depends on the shipping route and the pallet dimensions and weight. Discover the cost of shipping your pallet instantly in our booking engine. Select the countries for collection and delivery and input your pallet details, and the system will automatically calculate and display the final cost. For price estimation on some of our the most popular routes amongst our customers, please check the tables at the beginning of the page.

Is transport insurance included for pallet shipping to Switzerland? Can I purchase additional shipping insurance?

Yes. When organising a pallet transport service to Switzerland with us, your shipment is automatically insured according to the CMR Convention. For extra protection of your cargo, you can purchase additional insurance at affordable prices during the booking process. Check out the options here.

What is the fastest solution for pallet delivery to Switzerland?

At Eurosender, we organise fast pallet deliveries to Switzerland through our direct transport services, such as the full truck (FTL) and the Van Delivery. With these services, your load will be transported straight from the collection to the final address, without any stop-overs or diversions. Get an instant quote for any of these shipping services and arrange your delivery in less than 5 minutes.

How does Eurosender offer competitive and economy pallet delivery prices from Switzerland?

When you place an order with us, our algorithm instantly makes a comparison of pallet shipping services offered by several providers and identifies the most suitable option for you based on the price/quality ratio. Thus, we are able to organise economy pallet delivery services from Switzerland while keeping high-performance standards.

Will the truck stop along the way?

Depending on the service used. For pallet delivery and LTL transport, the truck will most likely make predefined stops along the way since its space is shared between you and other shippers for the maximum optimisation of the route/space. However, for the FTL transport and the Van Delivery Service, you will have a direct cargo or pallet delivery to Switzerland.