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Europe is one of the busiest shipping destinations worldwide, with thousands of parcels, packages, pallets, and other goods sent between European Union countries every day, across Europe and to non-EU member countries. Given that Europe’s economy is one of the largest in the world thanks to imports and exports, booking reliable methods of fast transport is paramount in order to keep things moving. Eurosender understands this, and is at the forefront of digitizing logistics with our smart booking platform and network of European and international logistics providers, making the process of shipping pallets, parcels, letters and other goods within Europe or worldwide, not only more affordable, but quick, reliable and hassle-free.

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Optimized solutions for businesses shipping within Europe

Start shipping more efficiently – within Europe and beyond. Take advantage of your own personalised dashboard giving you a full overview of all your logistics processes in one place. Register your business for free with Eurosender and benefit from exclusive discounts, easy payment options and pre-negotiated prices for the cheapest shipping within Europe and internationally across our network of the best international couriers.
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Freight and parcel delivery services in the EU

At Eurosender, we are experts at freight and parcel delivery to any EU country whether inside the European Union, between EU and non-EU countries and beyond. We are proud to offer you the lowest pre-negotiated prices for shipping parcels and cargo within Europe thanks to our partnership with the most well-known logistics providers, to save you time and money.

What’s more – we pride ourselves on delivering only the highest standard of customer support to handle any questions you may have and provide solutions for any shipping requirement. Whenever you have a special request, our agents are on hand to provide professional and timely individual quotes as well as communicate with courier service providers on your behalf, as part of our service.


We pride ourselves on our great customer support

Our customer support allows you to relax and let us handle the mundane stuff for you. Whenever your packages are in trouble we represent your interest and our dedicated team of logistics experts will help you deal with any situation that might arise.

How long does it take to ship to European destinations?

Although air transport effectively links most European shipping destinations in a matter of a few hours, the majority of shipments within Europe take place by road. Parcel and freight deliveries usually take between 2-5 business days.

At Eurosender, we know how important it is for you to know how long your shipment will take, so we will always provide you with an estimated delivery time when you book our service. Likewise, it is important to know where your package is at all times, which is why we provide tracking for all shipments to keep you up-to-date.

Not sure how to ship your goods across Europe?

No worries – we know it can be tricky deciding which service to use and how to pack certain items, or even if they are permitted to send. We have prepared a range of shipping guides to help you easily pack and ship your items to destinations across Europe:


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Standard pallet

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Oddly shaped items

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Once you know how to pack your items, check our size calculator
to determine which service to use.

Eurosender services for shipping between European
countries and beyond

Booking international and European shipping services with Eurosender is easy, regardless of what you wish to ship. For the cheapest shipping within Europe and beyond, choose from our range of European and international delivery services:

Standard service

Low-cost shipping for small packages and suitcases
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Express service

Urgent delivery in 24-72 hours, worldwide
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Freight service

Send bigger loads and bulky items on pallets
Learn more

Van delivery

Reserve a van for direct transport within Europe
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Destinations for European cheap parcel delivery

Important information about shipping between European countries and outside Europe

Shipping labels and documentation. Always check if you are required to attach a shipping label to your parcel. You will be informed once you place your order and the label will be sent to you via email. Please print and attach if required.
Providing full address information. Address issues account for the majority of failed deliveries, so it is important to provide all details including floor number, name on the doorbell, building numbers, etc. For more information about shipping to particular destinations in Europe and abroad, see our dedicated pages.
Packing. Packing a parcel well is a crucial step especially when it comes to international shipments. Read our packaging and shipping guides for more information.


Insurance for shipping within Europe and beyond

When sending goods within Europe through Eurosender, each shipment is automatically insured with standard insurance. Additional insurance is available to purchase at low-rates.


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The best couriers to ship between European countries and worldwide

At Eurosender, we only collaborate with the most well-known international couriers to bring you only the best shipping services between European countries and worldwide, at the very best price: