Ship packages in Europe

Shipping packages of all sizes in Europe is always on a high level, due to the fact that the continent’s economy is one of the largest in the world. Thousands of packages are sent every day from country to country, not only by the European Union biggest players – like Germany, France or Italy – but also by all other participants in the transport market. Both import and export rely heavily on transport.

The Internet is a tool many people use to facilitate the process of ordering and booking transport services in Europe and around the world, and Eurosender is at the forefront of that digital revolution. We use our proprietary technology to ensure that all our clients have access to the highest standards of service. Quick, reliable and hassle-free.

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European parcel delivery

Eurosender specializes in shipping packages to almost every European country offering the wealth of experience behind our company and the low prices we are able to negotiate for you. We partner with only the most reliable and well-respected courier companies to make sure your European parcel delivery runs smoothly every time.

We pride ourselves on our great customer support, which allows you to relax and let us handle the mundane stuff for you. Whenever your packages are in trouble we represent your interest and our dedicated team of logistics experts will help you deal with any situation that might arise.

How long does it take to ship in Europe?

Although we are all getting used to the fact that the world is getting smaller and an airplane will take practically anywhere in a matter of minutes it is still worth remembering that most of the European parcel delivery happens on the ground. Vehicle transport, and all the bureaucracy, usually takes a 2 – 5 days.

Eurosender believes that you have the right to know when your package will arrive so we prepared our software in such a way that you will be aware of the delivery time before you book. Just choose the date of collection, specify the countries and you will have all the information you need. That includes the price as we immediately offer you a quote for your order – you’ll find we offer the cheapest shipping in Europe.

We can offer cheap package delivery in Europe thanks to our longstanding partnerships with courier companies and the sheer volume of packages that we process. Our clients put their trust in us and thanks to their continued business with us, we make our European shipping better and cheaper.

Not sure how to ship internationally?

We realize that it might be sometimes difficult to decide what service to use, how to pack different objects or if the things we want to send are even allowed to be shipped via courier. We have taken it on ourselves to make things as easy as possible and offer advice on all of the topics:

What can you send?

We have also prepared a size calculator, which will help you decide what service to use. If you’re wondering what’s not permitted to send via courier check our guide out!.

Check what service is best for you!

Destinations for European cheap parcel delivery.

If you’d like to learn more about the European shipping destinations we service, here is a more in-depth look: