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Shipping across Europe: packages, pallets and more

Thousands of goods are transported between European countries every day. At Eurosender, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, making logistics services more affordable and accessible to everyone. Through our one-stop platform, you can ship pallets, packages, envelopes, and other goods within Europe or worldwide. Get a quote now and book your delivery service in an instant.

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Solutions for shipping between European countries and beyond

Booking international and European shipping services with Eurosender is easy, regardless of what you wish to ship. Benefit from the cheapest solutions for shipping within Europe, suitable for all types of loads:
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Freight and parcel delivery services in the EU

At Eurosender, we are experts at freight and parcel delivery to any EU country. In collaboration with the most well-known logistics providers, we are proud to offer you the lowest pre-negotiated prices for shipping parcels and cargo within Europe. Whether you are a business or private shipper, you can always count on Eurosender for the best quality shipping service in Europe.

To make sure our customers are always satisfied, we offer a complete shipping experience. Besides getting instant quotes for shipping anywhere in Europe, you will also benefit from our team of specialists’ dedicated support every step of the way.


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer support

When sending packages in Europe with Eurosender, we will handle all the transport details for you. Our experts are always one phone call away, ready to give you professional advice on the best shipping solutions and help you with anything. We will act on your behalf and deal with any situation that might arise as quickly as possible.

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Not sure how to ship your goods across Europe?

No worries – we know it can be tricky deciding which service to use and how to pack certain items, or even if they are permitted to send. We have prepared a range of shipping guides to help you easily pack and ship your items to destinations across Europe:

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Important information about shipping between European countries

  • Shipping labels and documentation. Always check if you are required to print & attach a shipping label to your parcel. This information will be sent to you via e-mail once the booking is confirmed.
  • Address information. Address issues account for most failed deliveries, so it is important to provide all details, including floor number, name on the doorbell, building numbers, etc. Read more about shipping to particular destinations in Europe and abroad.
  • Packing. Before sending your package to Europe, make sure to pack it according to the courier’s recommendations.


Free insurance with every shipment!

When sending packages and goods within Europe through Eurosender, basic shipping insurance is already included in the price. For extra protection, additional insurance is available to purchase at low-rates.

Ship in Europe with the best courier companies

Our European logistics network includes some of the best names in logistics, such as:


Cheap parcel shipping services within Europe

Our low-cost shipping services are available all over Europe. We offer you some of the lowest rates on the market for shipping documents, suitcases and parcels thanks to our wide network of couriers operating throughout the continent. Read more about the different services at the links below:


How much does it cost to send packages across Europe?

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FAQ – Shipping between European countries

How long does it take to ship to European destinations?
Although air transport effectively links most European shipping destinations in a matter of a few hours, most shipments transported within Europe are taken by road. Package and freight deliveries usually take between 3-7 business days. If you are in a hurry, take advantage of our Express Service and have your goods delivered in 24-72h.
At Eurosender, we know how important it is for you to know where your package is at all times, which is why we provide tracking for all shipments to keep you up-to-date.
What documents are needed when shipping between European countries?
When shipping between European countries, the most important documents are the shipping label and the original invoice of the items to serve as proof of their value. Since the EU is a trade free zone, there are no import/export fees when shipping packages across Europe. Isolated islands and EU territories located outside of the European continent may be exceptions to this rule.
If you need any assistance when booking an international shipping service within Europe, reach out to our experts via the live chat on the screen's right corner.
How to send a package to Europe from the UK?
As of January 1st 2021, the UK is no longer part of the European Union, which means that every package sent to Europe will have to undergo customs clearance procedures. To make sure your goods will be released from customs as quickly as possible, prepare all necessary documents and promptly pay the applicable import taxes/fees.
What is the cheapest way of shipping packages from the USA to Europe?
The best solution for shipping packages to Europe from the USA or abroad is via the Express Service. With this service, your envelope or parcel will be delivered anywhere in the EU in only 24-72h. Depending on the courier availability in your area, you can book a same-day collection and have the package picked up even today! Get a quote on our booking tool and schedule your delivery right away.
How can you ship products to Amazon FBA throughout Europe?
After registering as a seller on Amazon and selecting the option of "Fulfilment by Amazon", you will need to have your inventory delivered to the Amazon FBA centre. Our platform offers multiple shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals. Ship your inventory in boxes or pallets to Amazon fulfilment centres in Europe at affordable prices. Register your business account and get your own logistics dashboard to have full control of your logistics operations.