Ship Lost Property and Luggage from Paddington Station

Paddington lost and found property shipping

Avoid travelling back to fetch your items by booking a delivery service to recover your lost property and left luggage from Paddington Station. Find out how to reclaim and retrieve your lost luggage and items from Paddington Station and have them shipped to your address in just a few steps.


Paddington lost and found items shipping services

Our booking engine will find the best solution to ship your lost property or left luggage from Paddington Station. After you have identified and reclaimed your lost items you can get an instant quote for parcel collection services from Paddington with a reliable courier company.
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How to reclaim lost luggage from Paddington Station

Follow these instructions to retrieve your lost property from London Paddington Station:

  1. Find your missing luggage on the Great Western Railway online database, where all lost and found items from Paddington Stations are registered. You can also contact the lost and found offices on the phone.
  2. Claim your property. You may have to provide a detailed description and show proof of ID.
  3. Ask for details for collection – you may have to get the contact details of a lost property officer in charge of lost property who will deal with the courier;
  4. Remember that your item also needs to be packed to be shipped. Always check that airport staff is willing to pack the item according to our packing instructions.
  5. Always be sure your parcel will not contain any items considered prohibited or restricted by the courier companies or Paddington Station, to prevent issues with collection.
  6. Book the courier service with Eurosender and let our shipping experts get the best parcel collection services from Paddington.


Courier services from lost and found in Paddington: getting the address right

When booking a service to ship lost property or left luggage from Paddington Station, getting the address right is the key or successful delivery. Make sure you give the exact address so the courier driver can pick up your parcel without any complications.

  1. Country
    Choose the country of pick-up/delivery
    Ex.: United Kingdom
  2. Name & Surname
    Add the name of Network Rail’s Paddington Lost Property Office and the name of the officer responsible for handling your package
    Ex.: Tr lost property, (lost property for) Geraldine Granger
  3. Address
    Fill out the street name in full and the number.
    Ex.: Network Rail’s Paddington Lost Property Office, PAD, London
  4. Additional info – Optional
    Keep in mind that the courier does not always take this into consideration.
    You could choose to include a reference number or officer contact here.
  5. Postal code
    Add the postal code, please double check if it’s the correct one
    Ex.: GR8F+M6 London, United Kingdom
  6. Town/city
    Add the full name of the town or city
    Ex.: Dibley, Oxfordshire
  7. Phone number
    Add the phone number, change the area code if needed.
    + 44 1 814 555 525

What items are often shipped from London Paddington Lost and Found?

Most travellers book courier services from Lost and Found at Paddington Station to recover missing suitcases, handbags or laptop bags. Although you can use our shipping services to recover almost anything from left luggage at Paddington Station, the most shipped items are:


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Courier services from Lost and Found at Paddington: FAQ

Can I ship lost property or luggage from Paddington Station to a hotel?
Through our platform, you can book courier services from lost and found at Paddington to a hotel or hostel. All our services are door-to-door, allowing us to ship to any address in the world, including remote areas.
Can I get my suitcase shipped from Paddington?
You can get a service to have your suitcases and bags delivered from the lost and found department at London Paddington, but they have to be properly packed according to our instructions. Couriers can refuse to pick up a suitcase that is not packed properly inside a cardboard box. Only properly packed items can be covered by insurance.
Are the items shipped from lost and found from London Paddington insured?
If you book a shipping service with us your shipment will be covered by basic insurance, with more insurance options available during the booking process. Please note that only items that are packed properly will be covered by insurance.
How long will Paddington hold my items at their facilities?
The left luggage offices at Paddington Station will hold your items for 12 weeks before they dispose of them. Items that are not claimed after 12 weeks will be donated for charity or recycled.
Does Paddington have luggage storage?
Paddington offers both short-term and long-term luggage storage, starting at an hourly rate. You can check the prices and services on their online site.
Can I ship all kinds of items from left luggage at Paddington Station?
Before booking a Paddington lost and found items shipping service through Eurosender, you have to make sure your parcel does not contain any restricted or prohibited items. The security staff at Paddington will inspect your luggage for forbidden items and may break zippers or lockets they need to open to access your luggage.
Can big luggage items be shipped with Eurosender parcel collection services from Paddington?
Most of the time, suitcases and packages have dimensions that fit the requirements for a standard courier service. If, however, your shipment is heavy or bulky, you can book a van delivery service or ask for an individual offer.
What is the fastest way to retrieve lost luggage from Paddington?
The fastest way to retrieve lost luggage from Paddington is to book an express delivery service. You can check the express delivery prices and estimated delivery dates on our express services page.