How to retrieve your lost property from a train station | Paddington lost and found items shipping

Maybe you lost your suitcase, your wallet, your phone, your passport or another valuable item while trying to catch a train at London Paddington Station. Thankfully, the employees of the station were able to find your lost property and have already stored it in a secure place. However, you are currently in a different city and you are not planning on going back soon. Travelling just to get this item back would be very costly and time-consuming. That is why we would recommend trying the services of shipping your lost and found items. It is cheaper, faster and way more convenient than taking the next train back to Paddington.

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Paddington lost and found items shipping | Eurosender

Please, make sure that you always insert the correct pick-up address when inserting the order details. By simply inserting the name of the train station, hotel or airport, the courier driver might be unable to locate the shipment on time. Always make sure that you provide us with the exact location of your items (within the station/ airport etc.) to avoid a possible delayed delivery or even a canceled order. It is important to remember that courier drivers have a limited time to pick-up the items from the different addresses they are provided with. That is why it is important to always provide us with the correct data.

Eurosender is a popular platform for booking logistics services online. As our name suggests, at the moment, we offer shipping services in Europe. Why should you choose our services? Because it is convenient and cheaper. Instead of visiting each courier company’s website to try to find the lower shipping price, you can automatically find it through our engine.

Our services are door-to-door; however, houses and apartments are not the only places from which our courier providers can pick-up and deliver items. Eurosender can move objects from/to train stations and airports as well. All we need is a valid, accessible address and a person to hand-in/accept the shipment. In this way, Paddington lost and found items shipping is possible through our platform.

About Paddington Station:

London Paddington Station, known simply as Paddington, is located on Praed Street, in the Paddington area of London. It serves both as a central London railway terminus and an underground station. Londoners and travellers visit the station, not only to move from one point of the city to another but to also get to Heathrow airport. That translates to a high number of commuters, who often lose their belongings at the station.

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Paddington lost and found items shipping | Important steps

Before you book a shipping service to retrieve your lost property from London Paddington Station, it is important to follow some important steps:

  • Contact the railway station and learn where your item(s) is/are located;
  • Book the service by indicating the exact address that the railway employees have given you;
  • If you receive a reference number for your lost and found items, do not forget to indicate it in the order form.
  • Inform the people responsible for handing-in your items about the pick-up dates.

Please, make sure that your items will be protected during transit. Suitcases should be covered with protective plastic film and individual items must be placed in a cardboard box. We strongly recommend you to inform the railway employees on the measures that need to be taken before they hand-in your items to the courier driver. The steps are quite simple and the packaging materials cost nothing. Extra protective measures should be taken when shipping very fragile items, such as porcelain. You could also check our detailed guide on how to prepare various items for shipping.

Things to remember | Paddington lost and found items shipping

  • All items should be packed and protected; suitcases are also included. The courier companies will not accept any unpacked individual items. Keep in mind that this is for the safety of your belongings! Therefore, reach out to the people from the lost and found department of the London Paddington station and make sure they can pack the items for you.
  • Pay attention when inserting the pick-up address, especially when shipping from a train station. For example, your items might be temporarily stored at a nearby facility. In a case like this, if you had inserted Paddington’s address, the courier driver would fail to pick-up the shipment. That is why you should ask the exact location of your items before booking the service.
  • Train stations are quite busy. That is why you should make sure that you have provided us with accurate details and instructions. Otherwise, the courier driver might have a hard time finding the exact department in which your shipment is located/.
  • Train stations and airports will not store your lost and found items forever. The time limit varies and it could be around 3 to 6 months. That is why we recommend you to book the shipping as soon as the items are found.


What can I ship? | Paddington lost and found items shipping

By booking a Paddington lost and found items shipping service through Eurosender, you can send anything that is not inherently dangerous or belongs in our restricted items list. Our customers often ship packages, parcels and suitcases. These might include clothes, electronic devices, documents, souvenirs, sports equipment and many more items.

Most of the time, suitcases and packages have dimensions that fit the requirements for a standard courier service. If, however, your shipment weighs over 40 kg, is longer than 175 cm or is oddly shaped, then you can ask for an individual offer. You simply fill in a form and we get back at you with a customized offer. Requesting such an offer is free and you will have the option to accept or decline it.

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Can I ship from another train station | Eurosender

Yes! In fact, you can ship from any other address, as long as it is valid, accessible and in one of the many different countries we operate in. What is also important is to have someone pack and hand-in your lost property to the courier driver. That, in this case, will probably be a railway employee, responsible for locating abandoned items. This person should be informed about which courier company will collect the shipment, along with the pick-up date.

Lost and found shipping: Additional consideration | Eurosender
  • We offer free basic insurance (of up to 200€) for every shipment. You can purchase extra insurance if needed.
  • Our services are door-to-door; you will receive your items at your door.
  • We value safety; that is why we collaborate only with the most reputable logistics providers.
  • Our company will provide you with a tracking number. You can use it to see where your shipment is located.
  • Do you have any questions left? Feel free to contact us!

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