How to Ship a Saddle and Other Horse-Riding Gear

How to pack and ship a horse saddle and other equestrian?

When you are looking for the best way to ship a saddle or deliver other horse-riding equipment, Eurosender has the solution. To help you prepare your shipment for transport, we made a detailed guide on how to package a saddle, riding clothes and other gear for shipping. Choose your route and preferred shipping service on our booking tool and get the immediate cost to ship a saddle, helmet, boots, or any other horse-riding equipment within Europe or abroad.

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How to ship saddles and horse-riding gear internationally

Depending on the size and urgency of your shipment, you can choose the right service to ship a saddle and other riding supplies internationally:

Express service

Fastest way to send with delivery in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The most-cost effective option to send packages
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Pallet shipping

Ideal for delivery of large or bulky goods
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Van delivery

A van reserved only for your load across Europe
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How to pack a saddle for shipping

When preparing a saddle for shipping, take extra precautions to ensure you have packed it properly. Follow the packaging recommendations we have prepared for sending a saddle by courier:

  1. Remove the detachable pieces and place them in plastic bags.
  2. Bubble wrap the saddle and bags with several layers of bubble wrap.
  3. Nest the saddle inside a strong cardboard box and add enough cushioning materials.
  4. Close and seal the box.

How to package horse-riding equipment for sending

For packing riding clothes, boots, helmets, and other equipment, you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Fold the clothing and place them in plastic bags.
  2. Wrap each item carefully with bubble wrap and cushioning.
  3. Place the packages in the cardboard box.
  4. Fill the empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  5. Close and seal the box.


How much does it cost to ship a saddle by courier?

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FAQs on how to send a saddle and other riding equipment by courier

What size box do I need to ship a Western saddle?
To choose the proper size of the box, you need to measure and weight your saddle first. The average saddle will require a box size of approximately 18 x 18 x 24. A Western saddle may need a wider box.
What is the cheapest way to ship a saddle?
The cheapest way to ship a saddle is by choosing the Standard service. It is the perfect option for sending a saddle by courier within Europe. If you plan to ship a saddle overseas, choose Express service with our booking tool and check the immediate price.
How much do saddles weigh? Can I ship a saddle with Eurosender’s standard service?
Saddles can weigh anywhere from 5– 30 kg. English saddles are lighter, while Western saddles can range from 11– 30 kg. Considering this information, you can choose the standard service when sending a saddle within the country or Europe. To double-check, we recommend you to weight your saddle and measure the package. Then simply use our online tool to check which type of service you can use.
How much does it cost to ship a Western saddle pad?
Choose the countries of origin and destination in our booking engine. Then, select the service, and you will get an immediate quote to send a western saddle pad and other horse-riding equipment.
How long will it take for my riding equipment to arrive?
To calculate the average delivery time, you can use our online calculator. The delivery time depends on the service you book and the chosen route. After the service is confirmed, you will receive a unique tracking code to check the status of your shipment any time.