How to Pack and Ship Posters, Leaflets, and Flyers

How to send posters, leaflets, or brochures internationally

Get the best price and experts tips on how to pack and ship posters, leaflets, and brochures by courier. Whether you are an individual wondering how to send posters in the mail, or a business mailing leaflets and brochures internationally, Eurosender offers the best shipping solutions. Follow the packaging instruction and organise international deliveries in just a few clicks.

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How to send posters, flyers and brochures by mail or courier?

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, Eurosender offers several options to mail posters or leaflets by courier:

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How to pack booklets and leaflets before sending?

When arranging the delivery of leaflets and booklets in bulk from a printing house, follow these packaging tips:

  1. Bundle all booklets and leaflets together.
  2. Place the bundles in a plastic or Ziploc bag to keep them safe from moisture.
  3. Cover the booklets with bubble wrap.
  4. Place the booklets and leaflets in a cardboard box or an envelope.
  5. Close and seal the box.

How to package posters for shipping?

As posters are made of paper, they can be easily damaged during transportation. Follow these instructions to properly package posters before shipping:

  1. Cover the printed area of the poster with a white acid-free tissue paper.
  2. Add cushioning material at the bottom of the tube to reduce the free space inside and prevent your item from shifting.
  3. Roll carefully your poster and place it in the shipping tube.
  4. Close the shipping tube firmly with a cap and protect the ends of the tube with a bubble wrap.


How much does it cost to ship a poster in a tube by courier?

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FAQs on how to send posters, leaflets, booklets and flyers in the mail

How long does it take to ship brochures by courier?
The shipping time depends on many factors like pickup and destination locations, weather conditions and the type of service you choose. When you ship brochures domestically or overseas with Eurosender, you can always estimate the delivery time with our calculator. Usually, it takes 3-5 business days for standard service and 24-72 hours for shipping with the express or envelope options.
Where can I find mailing tubes to pack and send a poster?
To protect a poster during shipping, it is recommended to pack it into a mailing tube. You can buy shipping tubes of various sizes at most post offices or supply stores.
How do I ship a poster in a tube? How are poster tubes measured?
After packing a poster into a mailing tube, check its length (end to end), height and width. Measure the height and width at the widest point across. In other words, the diameter.
How can I mail posters without a tube?

If you are wondering how to pack and mail a poster without a tube or how to mail posters in bulk without rolling them, follow the packaging tips our logistics experts prepared:

  • Place your poster in a frame of the proper size. Otherwise, you can use sturdy cardboard and place your posters between the upper and bottom layers.
  • Fix the construction with adhesive tape, without damaging the posters inside.
  • Cover the posters with plastic foil and place them into a shipping box of the proper size.
  • Add cushioning materials. Close and seal the box.
Can I bring a rolled-up poster on a plane?
Yes, you can take a rolled-up poster packed into a tube as carry-on luggage. However, when shipping in bulk, the best way to mail posters or leaflets is to send them in a box directly to the destination point with courier services.
How to arrange the door-to-door delivery of leaflets and flyers through Eurosender?
Eurosender is the perfect option for organising deliveries of leaflets, brochures and flyers in bulk from printing houses to your door. Prepare your goods for shipping and register on our website as a business. Select the countries of collection and delivery with our booking tool and choose the service. You will see the immediate shipping price. Follow the instructions and track your shipment with our online tool.
Can I use the Document Service to mail promotional leaflets and flyers?
When mailing leaflets in bulk through Eurosender, you can choose the fast and affordable Document Service. You can mail large quantities of leaflets, brochures or booklets within Europe or overseas at the best cost. Organise the shipping of promotional leaflets in just a few clicks with our booking tool.
Can I organise multiple shipments of posters and booklets to different addresses?
Stores can easily organise multiple deliveries to different addresses through the Eurosender platform. Create a business account and send your promotional posters, leaflets or booklets easily. Access all your orders, invoices and check shipments’ statuses any time in your dashboard.