How to organize bulk shipping of leaflets, posters, booklets, and other promotional materials?

Even though marketing campaigns tend to go online, printed promotional materials are still trendy today. Businesses usually need large quantities of promotional items to be produced in printing offices so that intermediaries could later distribute promotional posters, banners, or leaflets. We acknowledge that printing houses could be located distantly from the area of distribution. That way, you can send promotional leaflets by courier to a chosen location. Delivery of brochures and leaflets will be fast, safe, and easy as we partner only with renown logistics companies.

How to send promotional leaflets by courier?

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If you want to ship promotional materials to another city or country, we will provide you with the best shipping rates for delivery of brochures and leaflets. Depending on the amount of promotional items you are going to send, you need to consider the following:

  • Prepare printed promotional materials for transportation. Check the guidelines below on how to pack leaflets, booklets, and posters for shipping. It is necessary that you use cardboard boxes for their packaging.
  • Measure your shipment. If you are going to send only one parcel that fits standard shipping dimensions, you can instantly book shipping services on our platform. In case you are going to send several packages, consider multi-parcel shipment.

    Check the dimensions of your shipment

  • If your pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden, or Spain, you need to print and attach a label to your shipment. It will be sent to you via e-mail once the order is confirmed. If you have multiple parcels, make sure you attach the right label for the corresponding shipment.
  • Each shipment sent through Eurosender is automatically insured for the amount of up to €200. For standard shipping services, you can buy additional insurance for up to €1,000 or €2,000 per package.

Shipping tips:

  • If you want to send more than 6 packages at the same time and to the same address, an individual offer is a way to go for bulk shipping of leaflets and posters to reduce shipping costs. Get in touch with our shipping experts and they will find the best as well as the most affordable delivery option for you.

Individual offer

  • Sending several packages to different addresses is also possible. You might arrange all the parcels to be picked up at once, but as Eurosender always looks for the best offer for every individual route, do not be surprised if several different courier drivers knock on your door on the same day. Just make sure you give the right package to the assigned courier company.
  • Take care of insurance for several parcels. If you are shipping multiple parcels in one order, you must buy additional insurance for each package. You cannot buy additional insurance only for certain parcels in the order. If you would like to ensure only certain parcels, we advise you to place separate orders then.

If you have any other questions about the delivery of brochures and leaflets, let us know that by writing an e-mail or calling via the phone.

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Create a business account for bulk shipping of leaflets, booklets, posters, or flyers

With Eurosender business account you will get even a faster booking process, better prices, and many other benefits. Moreover, it will be easier to plan the delivery of brochures and leaflets beforehand.

If you have registered as a business entity, the easiest way to organize and optimize your shipping processes is to create a free business account on our website. This way you will get access to:

  • even better shipping rates – free of contract
  • personalised dashboard offering an overview of all past and present orders, transactions etc.
  • easy access to a large number of instant shipping quotes
  • easy payment option with user credits which allows you to top up the account with a desired amount of money and avoid multiple transfers when booking the service

Tips for packaging promotional materials

Regardless of the number of leaflets or posters you are going to send via courier, you need to pack promotional materials properly. Check the list of required packing materials:

  1. Cardboard boxes – you may take old or new boxes but without holes or dents. Each box should be of the appropriate size so that it is not too big or too small for the promotional items you are planning to send.
  2. Plastic foil – large quantities of printed promotional materials are supposed to be stacked in equal columns and covered with plastic foil then.
  3. Plastic bags – they are useful for other than printed types of promotional materials and gifts.
  4. Bubble wrap – it is necessary to cover the piles of leaflets and posters to create additional protection during transit.
  5. Cushioning materials – take crumpled newspapers or packing peanuts to fill the voids inside the box.
  6. Adhesive tape – you will need it to fix plastic foil and seal the box.
  7. Pallet – if you are going to send multiple packages to the same address, it is better to organize a pallet delivery instead.

How to pack posters and leaflets for shipping?

Delivery of brochures and leaflets will be very easy if you prepare them properly for transportation. Thus, follow the steps below to protect your promotional materials and ensure safety during transit.

  1. Organize the piles of brochures, posters, or leaflets. Depending on the parameters of the printed promotional materials, take at least 100 brochures, posters, or leaflets and make an even pile. It is essential that all of those are of the same type and size
  2. Cover promotional materials. Take plastic foil to cover those piles of brochures, leaflets, or posters. If you are going to send other types of promotional materials, including bags, pens, or t-shirts, you need to cover them with bubble wrap or plastic bags.
  3. Put your items in the box. Before you send promotional leaflets by courier, you need to obligatory place them in cardboard boxes or even double-box them for enhanced safety. The same goes for other types of printed promotional materials.
  4. Check and seal the box. Inspect the box carefully: make sure that the items do not move around it and that there are no dents from the outer side. Then, seal the box by using plenty of adhesive tapes. You can also cover it with several layers of plastic foil additionally.

Why do people send promotional leaflets by courier services?

If you are wondering how to distribute promotional posters, leaflets, or booklets fast and easily, then you take advantage of courier services that would help you with that. We have already helped many customers with bulk shipping of leaflets and posters. They choose delivery of brochures and leaflets with Eurosender owing to numerous benefits:

  • Transportation services for shipments of any size. Depending on the dimensions of your shipment, you can easily book package, pallet or even FTL shipping.
  • Shipping worldwide. As we cooperate with logistics partners operating globally, you can send promotional leaflets by courier to any country on the list.
  • Advantages for business users. Delivery of brochures and leaflets gets even more flexible when you have a registered business account on our website.
  • Holistic support. Our experienced logistics experts know how to assist you and offer the best shipping options. They speak many languages, so you can reach them by contacting via e-mail or phone.

If you have any other questions about the delivery of brochures and leaflets, let us know that by writing an e-mail or calling via the phone.

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