How to ship candles internationally by courier

Candles are a great gift to send to someone overseas, which is shown by the growing number of stores and individuals selling and shipping candles. Whether you are an individual what wants to ship a candle without melting or breaking by courier, or a business that needs recurring weekly or monthly shipping services, we are here for you!

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The best solutions to ship paraffin and soy candles

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How to ship candles internationally by courier

Getting your shipment delivered intact is of utter importance, especially when shipping such delicate item as a candle that can melt during summertime. Do you wonder how to send candles overseas? Our platform offers various shipping options for candles, starting from small packages, to shipments in bulk on pallets.
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How to package candles for shipping

In this section, we will provide you with the packaging materials needed to protect candle shipments from melting during summertime and how to pack flameless candles for transportation.

Wrap the candles individually.
Cover each candle with thermal bubble wrap. If the candles are in the original packaging, keep them in it.

Prepare the box.
Take a box of the corresponding size, and fill the bottom of the box with plenty of frozen packing peanuts, and additionally add cold packs around the candle.

Put the candles in the box.
If you plan to send several candles in the same package, separate them from each other with cardboard, so they stay intact.

Seal the box.
Fill the remaining voids with more packing peanuts and seal the box. Secure the edges of the box with adhesive tape.


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Commonly asked questions when shipping candles internationally with courier companies

Many people have issues when it comes to sending candles overseas, especially when shipping in the summertime. Here we list some of the most commonly asked questions about shipping candles without melting and breaking.

How to keep soy or paraffin candles from melting during shipping?
  • The safest way to keep soy, paraffin, votive, pillar or other types of candles from melting during shipping is to use the fastest express shipping option and have it delivered within 24h in Europe or 48-72 worldwide.
  • Ship the candles in glass, wood or tin container to preserve their form.
  • If the candles do not come in such a container, then we recommend you to freeze the packing peanuts before shipping, or add additional cold packs or thermal bubble wrap around them to keep them cooled down during transport.
Which candles can withstand international shipping in hot weather?

Search for candles that have a Micro 180 wax additive in the paraffin wax. This substance adds to the quality of the candles and makes them withstand hot weather.

Is freezing the candles the best way to ship candles internationally?

You may want to freeze the candles before shipping, but this it is not advisable as in many cases, the candles can crack and break. If you are worried about the condition that the candle will arrive in, you can add additional insulation to the box to make sure your shipment withstands the weather conditions.

What are the most common reasons people ship candles overseas?

Many people have different reasons for shipping candles overseas, but most of them have the same common requirement when shipping in hot weather conditions; to have the candles delivered by courier without melting.

  • Shipping candles as a present. Those who want to surprise their nearest and dearest by sending a set of scented candles.
  • Shipping candles to buyers. Sellers are often trying to find a solution to prevent candles from melting while shipping on hot weather conditions, so they arrange express delivery.
  • Shipping candles for ceremonies and celebrations. Those that are planning a birthday party, hen party, or a wedding soon, often ask if they can ship candles by courier.