How to Ship Candles Internationally without Melting

How to ship candles internationally by courier

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Candles are a great gift to send to someone overseas, which is shown by the growing number of stores and individuals selling and shipping them. Find out how to ship a candle without it melting or breaking by courier transport. Follow our guidelines on how to package various candles and wax melts for international shipping, including soy or paraffin candles.


Sending candles in the mail internationally

Our platform offers various options for sending candles overseas, from small packages to bulk shipments of candles on pallets:
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How to package candles for international shipping

Get suitable packaging materials to protect candle shipments from melting, especially during summertime, and learn how to pack flameless candles for transport:

  • Wrap each candle individually in packing paper and cover them with thermal bubble wrap. If the candles are in the original packaging, keep them in it.
  • Get a cardboard box of corresponding size. Fill the bottom with plenty of frozen packing peanuts and add cold packs around the candles.
  • Put the candles in the box. If you plan on sending several candles in the same package, separate them from each other with cardboard, so that they stay intact.
  • Fill the remaining voids with more packing peanuts and seal the box. Secure the edges of the box with adhesive tape.


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FAQ about shipping candles internationally with courier companies

Can I ship candles internationally? Is it allowed?
Yes you can. Candles are not a restricted item and can be sent overseas by mail or courier. Just make sure that you pack the candles properly so that they do not melt or break during shipping.
How do I keep soy or paraffin candles from melting when shipping overseas in the summer?
The safest way to keep soy, paraffin, votive, pillar or other types of candles from melting when shipping overseas is to use our fastest Priority Express Service and have the parcel delivered within 24h in Europe or 48-72h worldwide.
Ship the candles in a glass, wooden or tin container to preserve their form, especially if you are shipping them during the summer.
If the candles do not come in such a container, we recommend freezing the packing peanuts before shipping or adding additional cold packs or thermal bubble wrap around them to keep them cool during transport.
How much does it cost to ship a candle internationally?
The price for shipping candles internationally depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations, the weight and size of the shipment as well as the urgency and type of transport service selected. You can get a quote for sending your candles to any location home or overseas by entering your shipping information in the booking tool below.
What is the cheapest way to ship a candle by courier?
The cheapest way to ship candles internationally by courier is through our Standard Service. This option is available to you if you are shipping within the EU. If you have to ship candles overseas outside the EU, we offer an Priority Express Service.
How can I ship candles in bulk as an ecommerce?
If you are shipping as an ecommerce and plan on transporting a large quantity of candles by courier, we recommend our Van Delivery Service. You will have an entire vehicle dedicated to your shipment, with direct transport from the pick-up to the delivery address. This is the most convenient service if you are transporting or shipping candles in bulk to a single customer as it has less packaging and labelling requirements. Get an instant quote in our booking tool below.
How do I pack candles for moving or transporting?
You can follow our packing guidelines above for candles if you are moving or relocating. To save yourself the trouble of moving your personal items by yourself, consider booking a relocation or removal service with Eurosender and we will transport your goods safely to your new home.

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