Shipping candles internationally and domestically

Candles are used in various spheres of life and serve as either decorative or symbolic elements. If you plan some event, sending candles overseas might be exactly what you are looking for. Many people are concerned about shipping candles internationally in hot weather, so we have prepared some tips on how to prevent candles from melting. In this article, you will also find guidelines on how to pack flameless candles for transportation and find answers to other questions about shipping candles.

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It is easy to book shipping services on our platform as you can choose any destination worldwide. Therefore, sending candles overseas would be as easy as pie. You just need to take the following things into account before placing an order.

  1. Prepare candles for transportation. Whether you plan to send votive, pillar, or LED candles, it is necessary to pack them properly. In the next section of the article, you will find out how to prevent candles from melting and pack flameless candles for transportation.
  2. Measure your parcel. After you pack candles properly, it is necessary to take dimensions of your package and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. If they fall under standard shipping requirements, you can easily book standard shipping service on our platform. If you have several packages which you plan to send to the same address, then pallet delivery would be an option. In case you need to send candles to different recipients, check our dedicated article on how to ship multiple parcels.
  3. Print a label if required. In the confirmation e-mail, you will be notified whether you need to print a shipping label and attach it to your shipment by yourself. This could be an issue when your pick-up address is in Poland, Sweden, Romania, or Spain. In general, couriers are in charge of bringing shipping labels when collecting your packages as a part of door-to-door shipping services.
  4. Place your order in advance. It is highly recommended to book shipping services at least 2 business days prior to the planned pick-up date.

If you have any questions about shipping candles internationally and domestically, feel free to contact our friendly logistics experts and get the most affordable cost of shipping candles internationally.

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Packaging materials for protecting candles during transit

Before sending candles overseas, you need to take all the necessary packaging materials to prevent them from melting when shipping candles internationally during summer or in hot weather. If you plan to ship LED candles, you also need to pack flameless candles for transportation properly. In any case, make sure that you have the following packaging materials.

  • Tissue paper – it is a good practice to wrap candles in tissue paper, especially when you are sending candles overseas as a present.
  • Bubble wrap – it is helpful for protecting votive, taper, and pillar candles, in particular.
  • Plastic film – it is used to wrap several candles together.
  • Shredded paper – this kind of packaging material serves as a separator for candles to prevent them from mingling.
  • Packing peanuts – serve as cushioning material and prevent candles from being damaged or broken during transit.
  • Glass or wooden container – if a candle is placed in a glass or wooden container initially, keep it there.
  • Cardboard box – practically all shipments are transported from the pick-up to delivery point in cardboard boxes. Sturdy boxes are very likely to protect your shipment properly.
  • Adhesive tape – it is used to secure the elements of packaging and seal the box.

How to pack candles for transportation

In case you need to pack flameless candles for transportation and prevent candles from melting, follow several simple steps to protect your shipment.

  1. Wrap candles. Either you have a flawless, votive, pillar, or taper candles, it is necessary to cover each of those with tissue paper or bubble wrap. If candles are in the original packaging, keep them in it. Candle sets also should be kept as they are if candles are placed separately there.
  2. Prepare the box. Take a cardboard box of the corresponding size so it fits the volume of your shipment. Fill the bottom of the box with plenty of packing peanuts or other cushioning materials.
  3. Put candles in the box. If you plan to send several candles in the same box, take shredded paper or bubble wrap to separate the items from each other so they do not mingle during transportation. It is crucially important to stick to these guidelines when shipping candles internationally in hot weather.
  4. Seal the box. Fill the remaining voids with more packing peanuts and seal the box. Secure the edges of the box with adhesive tape.

Sending candles overseas is easy with Eurosender

We at Eurosender are highly concerned about granting positive experience to our customers who would like to ship candles via courier. Hundreds of our consumers have successfully sent various types of candles to their recipients. Here are the most common reasons for sending candles overseas.

  • Shipping candles as a present. Those who want to surprise their nearest and dearest by sending a set of scented candles may take advantage of delivery services arranged by Eurosender. You can also check our dedicated pages for shipping gifts and birthday cake.
  • Shipping candles to buyers. If you are selling original handmade candles online, feel free to check our guide on shipping items sold on Etsy. Make sure you pack your shipment properly to prevent candles from melting during transportation.
  • Shipping candles for ceremonies and celebrations. Are you planning a birthday party, hen party, or a wedding soon? Eurosender is right there to help you with shipping candles and sending decoration kits and balloons by providing the most affordable cost of shipping candles internationally.

Do you have any questions about sending candles overseas? Feel free to contact our support team agents for more information.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping candles. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship candles, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.