How to send LEGO sets via courier

Most children and even some adults are fond of LEGO products and sets. Probably you also were spending hours of assembling sites, buildings, and vehicles out from colourful plastic blocks. If you want to dispatch a package of LEGO bricks to your friend or donate it to children, then it would be the right choice to send LEGO sets via courier. Undoubtedly, you will get a very appealing cost of shipping LEGO sets abroad and domestically as Eurosender partners with global logistics providers which grant exclusively low prices. In this article, you will also find essential tips on how to pack assembled LEGO sets before transportation or moving.

What is the cost of shipping LEGO sets abroad and domestically

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Sometimes it happens that some LEGO products are available at low prices in one country but practically impossible to find in other. Thus, have you ever thought of shipping LEGO products abroad? Definitely yes. Most likely you also were searching for the most affordable cost of shipping LEGO sets abroad. Luckily, Eurosender grants a unique option for you – it is no longer necessary to surf the websites of various courier companies to arrange international shipping. Our smart engine based on the proprietary algorithm will do everything instead of you and choose the lowest available price for transporting LEGO bricks. Meanwhile, our experts will organize everything else, while you might just enjoy a cup of coffee during that time. Nevertheless, you will have to take care of some aspects before you send LEGO sets via courier.

  1. Pack your shipment. If you are going to dispatch newly purchased items, the packaging process will not be very tough. In other cases, check detailed instructions below on how to properly pack assembled LEGO sets.
  2. Take dimensions of your shipment. Measure your parcel and insert the dimensions in the Shipment Size Checker below. This tool helps to identify which type of shipping services is the most applicable for you. As a rule, LEGO products fit standard shipping requirements, but bigger items might need a customized offer to be processed by our logistics experts. In case you want to send multiple packages to one or different addresses, check our dedicated page for that purpose.
  3. Print a label if necessary. In some cases, you will be asked to print a shipping label and attach it to a parcel before collection. You will get more details and instructions about this in the confirmation e-mail after your order is processed.
  4. Insure your shipment. As a rule, basic insurance is already included in the price of shipping services booked with Eurosender. Additional insurance for standard packages is also available, so you can choose one while placing an order on our website.
  5. Consult with our logistics experts. If you have any uncertainties about shipping LEGO products abroad or domestically, do not hesitate to contact our logistics experts via e-mail or phone.

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Packaging materials for protecting LEGO sets

Whether you are going to send LEGO sets via courier or want to protect LEGO products before moving, it is necessary to pack them properly. Here is the list of necessary packaging materials you will need to ensure the protection of your LEGO products.

  • Original packaging – if you are going to ship a new LEGO set, feel free to keep it in original packaging.
  • Cardboard box – in case you want to ship some buildings and vehicles made up from LEGO bricks, you will need a cardboard box to pack assembled LEGO sets properly. You can take a used box, but it should be sturdy enough and fit the size of your shipment.
  • Cling film – it is useful for covering details and smaller parts of LEGO construction.
  • Bubble wrap – it is essential for protecting fragile items as it creates an additional layer of protection.
  • Cushioning materials – you can take packing peanuts, crumpled paper, foam wrap, or any other type of cushioning material to fill empty spaces in the box and prevent items from shifting around the box.
  • Adhesive tape – you can use it for securing elements, packaging materials, and edges of the box.

How to pack assembled LEGO sets and new LEGO products

Regardless of the amount and size of LEGO products you are going to send, it is necessary to follow several simple steps related to proper packaging in order to protect LEGO sets. While it is not very difficult to wrap new LEGO products, you will have to make some effort to pack assembled LEGO sets. Anyway, we provide detailed guidelines here on how to do that, so just proceed with the instructions below to protect your shipment and decrease the risk of damage during transportation.

  1. Check the original packaging. Whether you are going to ship a newly purchased LEGO product, keep it in the original packaging.
  2. Disassemble LEGO sites. If you have constructed some elements of LEGO bricks and want to ship them to someone else, it is better to take it into pieces before transportation. However, it does not mean that you have to disassemble your creation completely. If you have a large construction, it is better to transform it into smaller details. That way, it will be easier to pack and transport them.
  3. Wrap details and parts. After you dismantle a large construction, it is necessary to pack each detail separately. Use cling film to wrap LEGO details and bubble wrap to cover them.
  4. Put LEGO products in the box. Put some cushioning materials on the bottom of the box and nest LEGO sets inside the box.
  5. Seal the box. Fill all the remaining voids with extra cushioning materials, make sure that the items do not shift around the box, and take adhesive tape for sealing the box.

The benefits of shipping LEGO products abroad via courier

Sometimes there is no other option but to send LEGO sets via courier. Eurosender will make it convenient, fast, and cost-effective for you. Choosing Eurosender is exactly what you need as you get a range of benefits when booking services on our platform.

  • Door-to-door shipping services. We at Eurosender grant this service to our customers because we recognize that saving time and effort is priceless. There is no need to go to a parcel shop to drop off your shipment. A courier will come to the indicated address to collect your shipment.
  • Estimated delivery date. Whether you are shipping LEGO products abroad or domestically, you can estimate the approximate delivery date with the highest accuracy by using our convenient online tool.
  • Shipment tracking is available from the moment of shipment collection up to the moment of delivery. Anyone who books shipping services via Eurosender platform is able to use a parcel tracking tool online.
  • Holistic support and order customization. We have a professional team of logistics experts and customer support agents who are always ready to answer your questions, respond to your queries, and assist you at any stage of cooperation with Eurosender. They would be also glad to share more tips for sending LEGO products.

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