How to ship forage crops internationally?

Farmers usually need regular supplies of livestock feed, cattle feed, hay for rabbit or horses, and other animal feed ingredients in bulk. In general, these products are not prohibited for shipping, but there are some limitations related to their transportation. If you cultivate animal forage, Eurosender is here to help you with prompt shipping of cattle feed and deliver hay for rabbits with courier services. Furthermore, we have prepared some tips on how to pack and ship animal feed ingredients abroad or inland by following several easy steps to ensure their successful delivery.

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When using Eurosender services, you just need to prepare your package and go through several steps while booking a shipping service. Afterwards, Eurosender will choose the fastest and the most affordable shipping option with reliable and trustworthy logistics partners for you. Meanwhile, our experts will organize communication with a courier and care with your order starting from the time it is placed to the moment the parcel is delivered. If you decide to ship forage crops internationally, it will be easy with Eurosender.

Do you expect prompt shipping of cattle feed, livestock feed, chicken feed, or hay for rabbits and horses, but not sure how to do that? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our logistics experts via phone or e-mail.

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How to ship animal feed abroad?

There are many different types of food for cattle, livestock, chicken, rabbits, and other domesticated animals. They usually eat hay, straw, legumes, and compound animal feed in the form of compressed pellets. While the latter type of food is usually packed in sacks of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, or even 50 kilograms at the production points, straw and hay bales should be packed individually.

We have prepared some guidelines that will help to pack and ship forage crops internationally, inland, or simply across the European Union, and deliver hay for rabbits with courier services:

  • Use this Shipment Size Checker to decide whether your parcel fits standard shipping services. If you have a large package or want to ship more than 6 items in one order, ask for an individual offer and our experts will generate the best option for you.
  • In case your pick-up country is Poland, Spain, or Sweden, we will ask you to print the shipping label sent to your e-mail once your order is confirmed and attach it to your package. In all other cases, the courier will take the label and secure it on your shipment.

Certificates and documentation

Depending on your pick-up and delivery countries, especially when one of those is outside the EU, check whether you need any certificates for transporting animal feed. You can ask your provider or the overseas animal authority if any other documents for export are required if you are going to send animal forage abroad.

  • Make sure that you place an order several days in advance, so there is enough time for a courier to pick up your shipment. We also encourage you to indicate the pick-up address from where a courier can take your package starting from 9 am to 6 pm. However, you can appoint a person in charge who can also convey a shipment instead of you.

Tips on how to pack and ship animal feed ingredients

To guarantee safe and prompt shipping of cattle feed, you need to pack the ingredients appropriately regardless of a chosen logistics company. We have prepared some packaging tips that will help to protect your shipment.

Make sure you have the following packing materials:

  • Cardboard boxes – you can use either used or new boxes, but you need to remove old labels from them. Furthermore, the size of the box should correspond to the volume of the items, so it could be only slightly but not significantly larger than those.
  • Sacks – you can find and buy sacks at any stationery. You need to pack animal food ingredients if they do not have any initial packaging,
  • Packets – those are similar to sacks, but vacuum packets are useful for sealing items with a strong smell.
  • Foam wrap and other packaging materials – they are necessary for internal cushioning of the package.
  • Packing peanuts – they are extremely helpful in filling voids inside the package.
  • Adhesive tape – you can use it for sealing the box and securing all sides.

Once you have all the necessary packaging materials, you can pack those animal feed ingredients.

  • Protect the items. Depending on the type of animal feed ingredients used, you should take the appropriate materials for their protection. If the hay for rabbits, livestock feed, chicken feed, or compound animal feed does not have initial packaging, place it in a packet or a sack previously prepared. Afterwards, cover each item with foam wrap to create an additional layer of protection.
  • Prepare the box. Put some cushioning material on the bottom of the box (packing peanuts would be a perfect choice for that purpose).
  • Put the items in the box. Depending on the dimensions of each item and their amount, you need to distribute them equally in each box so that there is not much extra space left.
  • Seal and label. Secure all sides of the box with adhesive tape and attach the label if required.

Send animal feed abroad and across Europe with Eurosender

Farmers who breed cattle, livestock, or simply have a variety of domesticated animals, prefer regular supplies of feed ingredients for their beasts. At Eurosender, we have already helped many of them to get the forage for livestock or to deliver hay for rabbits and horses with courier services. These are the reasons why individuals and businesses turn to us to book shipping:

Selling animal feed ingredients. Whether you are an individual or a small business cultivating forage crops or producing various animal feed ingredients, you can send all this to your customers with Eurosender. We will help you to ship forage crops internationally and across Europe with best delivery quotes.

Sending to friends. If you have friends who breed livestock, cattle, or domesticated animals, you might want to share your stocks with them. Eurosender will help you to choose the fastest and the most affordable shipping option.

Sending feed to animals in need. Sometimes, maintenance of farms or shelters for animals is rather expensive. Thus, you can donate animal feed ingredients for animals and Eurosender will help you to fulfil this mission.

Do you have any questions about shipping animal feed? Do not hesitate and give us a call or write an e-mail and our experienced customer support agents will provide additional information for you.

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