How to Ship Product Samples to Customers by Courier

Ship product samples to customers internationally

When looking for the best way to ship product samples to customers and give them a better understanding of your product, Eurosender provides the best logistics solution. Together with our trusted partners, we help you sending fabric, baby products, and cosmetic samples to your customers with the fastest couriers. Explore how to pack and ship samples to customers within a country or overseas at the lowest quotes.

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Shipping samples to customers by courier

When looking for product samples delivery for your business, Eurosender offers the best solutions. Through our platform, you can organise multiple shipments at the most affordable quotes. Create a free business account and keep all your orders and invoices in one place.


The best way to send samples internationally with Eurosender

Eurosender offers multiple options for sending samples to customers across the country and abroad, adjusted to the measurements and time-sensitivity of your shipment:

Standard shipping

The perfect shipping option for small samples deliveries
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Express shipping

The fastest way to send samples to customers worldwide
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Pallet delivery

Ship samples and products to a warehouse or to partners
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Individual offer

If you have special needs, we will prepare an offer within 2h
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How to pack samples for shipping to your customers

The packaging steps may vary accordingly to the items you want to ship. However, we have gathered some general rules you may follow to ship textile, household or beauty samples to your customers by a courier.

Prepare your samples for delivery. If you are sending textile or beauty samples like creams, powders, lipstick samples, place the items into a Ziplock for additional protection.

Place the items in the shipping box and add cushioning materials.

Close and seal the box with tape.


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FAQs on how to ship samples to customers internationally

Can I ship alcohol samples to my customers?

Alcohol samples can be shipped but under certain conditions and not to every country. So, when you want to ship alcohol samples to your customers, it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of all the procedures. In one of our dedicated articles, you will find out everything there is to know about shipping alcohol.

How can I ship food samples abroad?

Usually, shipping food samples that require temperature-controlled transport is challenging and usually needs some more preparation. That is why you can find all specific details for food samples delivery by courier in our article about shipping food.

What is the best way to send CBD product samples internationally?
With CBD products becoming increasingly popular in many countries, more and more people book the delivery of CBD product samples by courier. When in need to ship samples of products for your business, be sure to check out our dedicated guide on shipping CBD products.
Can I ship perfume samples to customers by courier?
Shipping beauty and makeup samples internationally to your costumers is a great way to make your brand grow. However, if you are sending perfume, please check the regulations first, as many couriers do not recommend shipping goods that are liquids or contain alcohol.
Can I ship samples using the Document Service?
Yes, but have in mind that not all sample items that fit an envelope can be shipped with the Document Service. However, the Document Service is perfect for sending documents, letters, and samples like cards, menu examples and prices, business cards, catalogues, and blank forms to your customers.
Does any insurance apply when shipping samples to customers?
Any shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically covered by insurance which value will depend on the type of shipping service used. You can also purchase additional insurance at the low cost during the booking process.
Can I book delivery for samples from China?
Eurosender operates globally and allows you to organise samples deliveries to and from China and many other destinations at the lowest cost.
Do I have to pay customs when importing samples from China or any other country?
Yes, when importing samples from China or any other country outside the EU you will need to pay customs fees. The importer will pay duties and tax calculated according to the type of product, and total price (including shipping).
Are there any samples that are forbidden to ship?
Every courier company has a list of items which are restricted or forbidden to ship. Examples of some restricted items may be nail polish, liquids, products containing alcohol, or perishable and fragile products. Even so, many individuals and companies still decide to ship any type of samples at their own responsibility.
What’s the cheapest way to send samples to customers?
The most affordable option for sending samples across Europe is the Standard shipping service powered by Eurosender. Choose the pickup and delivery country to see instant quotes and book the cheapest delivery of product samples available. If you ship samples overseas, take a look at our express service instead.