How to ship chairs abroad or domestically with Eurosender

Arranging the transport of furniture items such as chairs between countries or cities can be complicated. This is especially true if one does not know which shipping service to turn to or how to even prepare various types of chairs for shipping. However, Eurosender is on a mission to change this. By choosing the most reliable logistics partners to work with and simplifying the booking process to the maximum, we aim to make your shipping experience as stress-free and affordable as it can be. Our first-hand tips for packing chairs will help you when moving, relocating an office or selling furniture online.

How to place an order for shipping chairs internationally or domestically?

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Check the price on our engine. For heavy or bulky items, choose the freight service or the option of a tailored offer.

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Get informed on how to ship chairs abroad as well as how to pack chairs for shipping.

It does not matter if you use our relocation services, ship office chairs or dining sets in boxes or place an order for a pallet shipment, booking the furniture transport through Eurosender brings you the peace of mind you need and deserve as a customer. All you need to do is to place an order in a few simple steps and prepare your shipment for the pick-up. We will arrange the shipping for you and take care of all related matters in your name. Simple.

The basic insurance is included in the price of every shipment, but we strongly recommend that you also choose one of our extra insurance packages. This is especially important when transporting valuable items. Additional insurance of 1000€, 2000€, or 5000€ can be purchased at a very low price. Make sure you discuss these possibilities with our specialists before you make a decision.
We also recommend that you always keep the original invoice for the items you want to ship. This serves as a proof of its value and is therefore a document that the courier companies normally require if you start a claim procedure.

It is also wise to always photograph the chairs or other furniture before shipping.

If you are still not completely sure how to ship dining or office chairs to another part of Europe or transport them to the other side of town, give us a call or write us a mail. Our customer support team will guide you through the process and give you the best tips.

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Shipping chairs

How to ship chairs abroad

Shipping various types of chairs with the help of Eurosender is easy if you follow the basic instructions for ensuring a successful delivery. Just like everywhere in life, good preparation is key. To avoid issues, make sure you do the following:

  • While some chairs can be taken apart and shipped via standard package services (many office chairs, folding chairs, bar stools etc.) items like armchairs or dining chairs might need to be sent as freight (in larger boxes or on pallets). For this reason, you must first determine how your chairs can be transported. If you are shipping your items in a box, measure it precisely and use our Shipment Size Checker to determine which type of service for shipping chairs is most suitable in your case. If you want to have bigger and bulkier items shipped, pallet delivery and an individual offer are an option.
  • Always check if you need to print the shipping label yourself. This is usually the case when sending packages (does not apply when sending freight) from Poland, Spain or Sweden as well as when using the “First possible pick-up time” service. In all other cases, the courier will do this for you.
  • When planning to leave the pick-up address soon after ordering the shipping, make sure you place the order at least two days ahead of your departure date. This will help you avoid any pick-up problems.

Check if your chairs is suitable to ship

Removals and relocations

When you need to have a larger number of chairs (or any other bulky piece of furniture) transported, for example when moving abroad or changing offices, our Relocation and Removals service might be an even better option than the standard package/freight shipping. A delivery truck/van will be booked solely for you while a professional courier driver will load all your items and secure them with special tools for moving furniture.
If you cannot decide on the most appropriate way of shipping your items, you can also consult our freight and logistics specialists. They will not only help you to find the most reliable but also the cheapest way to ship chairs on your chosen route.

Packaging tips for shipping chairs

Before you pack your set of dining, office, lounge or beach chairs for shipping, you need to make sure you have the right materials for the job. This checklist will help you with that.

  1. A sturdy cardboard box – when shipping items that can be taken apart and packed in a box, simply head to the hardware or stationery store to get a suitable packaging. Using old boxes is also fine, but they must be strong enough and completely undamaged.
  2. Cushioning or protective materials – to protect the parts of chairs as well as secure them. Bubble wrap is highly recommended, but packing or crumpled paper, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets or foam wrap are also great.
  3. Plastic or Ziploc bags – for small items like screws etc.
  4. Scissors and adhesive tape – to seal the package when you are done.

For pallet shipments, you will also need the following items:

  • A pallet – it can be new or used, but it must be of the right dimensions. Depending on the country, a pallet for your goods can also be ordered through Eurosender. To check the availability of this service in your country, please contact our shipping specialists.
  • Moving blankets, foam wrap and corrugated cardboard – for wrapping the cargo.
  • Plywood sheets and other equipment for building crates – for securing the most fragile pieces (optional).
  • Bands – for securing the cargo to the pallet.
  • Stretch foil – to keep the protection in place.

How to pack chairs for shipping

Now that you have all you need for packing, carefully follow the below chair packing guide to prepare your items for shipping. Bear in mind that even the most reliable form of transport is not a substitute for proper packaging.

The basic tips for packing chairs in boxes:

  • Take every chair apart. Take as many things apart as you can. Smaller items are easier to pack.
  • Protect individual parts. Take the individual parts and wrap them in bubble wrap. Pay special attention to sharp corners and use more bubble wrap, foam or packing paper to secure them. Put screws in little bags and tape these to the items they belong to. Pack cushions in plastic bags to protect them from any dirt. These can also act as extra padding for the chairs themselves.
  • Flat-pack items in the box and use ample amounts of padding. Cover the bottom part of the box with a cushioning material of your choice. Start by packing the largest and heaviest items and continue with the lighter ones. Fill all empty spaces with bubble wrap, packing or crumpled paper or foam. You can also protect the inner walls of the box with Styrofoam sheets.
  • Seal the package. Use adhesive tape seal the box. Apply several layers of tape on the seams and seal the flaps.

Tips for packing chairs on pallets:

  • Pad the pallet and place the items on it. Put some corrugated cardboard on the pallet before loading it. Stack the chairs on top of each other if you can do so, but only if the structure is stable.
  • Protect the items. Make sure you cover all the items on a pallet completely with moving blankets and foam wrap. Secure the protection by wrapping everything around with stretch foil. You can also use some corrugated cardboard sheets for this task. If you are shipping fragile or vintage chairs, you can also build a crate around the items.
  • Strap the pallet. Use a strapping system to secure the item to the pallet. Wrap it with bands in all possible directions and several times to ensure the maximum level of safety. If you have several cardboard boxes stacked on a pallet, secure the construction with stretch foil after strapping.

Make sure you also check out our general guidelines for shipping furniture to learn how to pack and ship tables, cupboards, and other items.

Why people decide to move chairs across country or abroad via courier services

Now that you have made it through our chair packing guide, we also want to show you how you can use our courier services to benefit from an affordable door-to-door delivery service. Take a look at the list of tasks our customers execute with our help and get inspired to simplify your shipping.

  • Moving to a new home. Eurosender is there for everyone who is “relocating” their whole life to a new town or country. Focus on important things, save money for later and let Eurosender find the best way to ship dining room chairs from your old home.
  • Office relocation. Our customers are busy running their companies and have no time to think everything through. Eurosender is their shipping service for chairs and other pieces of furniture that need to be transported to a new location.
  • Selling furniture online. Having an advantage of affordable shipping services for chairs, tables, and cupboards you are selling will definitely put you ahead of your competition. In the business of selling items and having them delivered to the buyer, lower shipping costs are a win-win situation.
  • Buying chairs abroad. Many customers buy chairs and other furniture from small manufacturers across Europe that do not have a delivery service of their own. In such cases, letting Eurosender organise the transport is one of the easiest and most affordable solutions. Whether you are interested in shipping kitchen chairs, office chairs, beach chairs or lounge chairs, we’ve got you covered.

If you think there is still something about shipping chairs we have not told you or if you need to know even more, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our friendly customer support agents and logistics experts will be glad to advise you on all shipping-related matters and help you find the best transport option for your furniture.

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