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Moving Marble Slabs and Other Marble Items Internationally

Are you searching for the best option on how to import marble from Italy, China, or India to the UK, US, Australia, or any other country? Trust the logistics to Eurosender! Whether you want to ship marble tiles, countertops, or heavy marble slabs, by using our platform you will find the right shipping solution tailored to your needs. Get tips on how to properly pack marble for shipping and benefit from our experts’ advice.

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The Best Solutions for Shipping Marble Abroad or Domestically

Depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment, you can choose between different shipping options to match your needs:

Full truck (FTL)

A perfect solution for large loads of more than 10 pallets at a time
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Shared truck (LTL/PTL)

Ideal for shipping large loads that do not require an entire vehicle
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Pallet delivery

Safely ship bulky and heavy items to your customers or resellers
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Van delivery

Fast and direct delivery of your shipment; available within Europe
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How to pack marble slabs, tiles, or countertops for moving?

Depending on the form and size of your marble items, you will either need crates and pallets or A-frames.

If you are shipping rather thick marble slabs or tiles, you will need to use wooden crates to pack them in:

  1. Line the bottom, the sides, and the top of the crate with Styrofoam sheets.
  2. If applicable, bubble wrap marble slabs or tiles before putting them in the crate.
  3. Place marble items into the crate and close the crate with staples on the bottom and screws on the top.
  4. If needed, put a metal banding around the crate.
  5. Place the crate on a pallet and fix it well on it using shipping straps.

In case you plan moving marble countertops or similarly shaped marble slabs, the best option for transporting them would be to use A-frames:

  1. Wrap each marble countertop in several layers of bubble wrap.
  2. Place each item carefully on the A-frame. Remember that marble countertops must always be carried in a vertical position, as carrying them in a flat position can result in their damage.
  3. Attach the countertop firmly to the A-Frame with shipping straps.
  4. You can also cover your shipment with moving blankets to provide additional protection to it.


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FAQ on Shipping Marble Slabs Abroad and Domestically

I have a marble supplier in China. How can I import marble to the USA?

Whether you want to import marble from China, India, Italy, or any other country, you have to :

  • find a suitable freight forwarder that will safely deliver your shipment from your supplier to the desired destination. Eurosender offers door-to-door delivery services with the most reliable international freight forwarders;
  • arrange all the necessary shipping documentation to make sure that your imported marble successfully passes all customs clearance procedures.
Do I need any special permits or licenses to import marble from Italy or China?
It may depend on a particular country to which you plan to import marble, but generally the import or export of marble does not require any special licenses or permits. Such licenses and permits are usually needed only for the import and export of special categories of products like food, chemicals, drugs, weapons, etc. Still, we recommend that you contact your national relevant customs office to get fully informed as to what exact documents you will need to import marble, be it from Italy, China, or any other country.
How long will it take to transport marble slabs from Italy to the United Kingdom with Eurosender?
It depends on the concrete shipping option that you choose for shipping marble slabs from Italy to the United Kingdom or any other country. The fastest way to ship marble within Europe is our Van Service, as a dedicated vehicle will deliver your shipment directly to the desired destination without stopovers. You can use our special tool to get an idea as to what time it will approximately take to transport your shipment from its collection point to the final destination.
In case of shipping marble slabs abroad with Eurosender, will my shipment be insured?
Yes, Eurosender got you covered. Given that the transport of marble falls under the category of freight shipments, you will be insured according to the CMR convention.

Take into consideration these guidelines in case you plan to ship marble domestically or abroad with Eurosender. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship marble via our platform, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.