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A party is a good reason to invite friends and relatives to celebrate a birthday, Christmas, bridal shower, housewarming, baby shower, or any other festive event. We realize that party preparation could be sometimes too exhausting, so it will be a good idea to get an advantage of courier services for decorations and presents delivery to the place of celebration. You will get everything ready on time because we cooperate with reliable logistics companies only. Thus, it will be easy to send decorative lights and balloons abroad and inland. You just need to check the tips on how to prepare decorations and pack helium balloons for transportation so that they are delivered safely.

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It is important to book shipping services in advance. Consider that courier services could be very busy during holiday seasons, so it is better to plan shipping of decorations for Christmas, Halloween, or other national and religious holidays beforehand.

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Decorations and helium balloons delivery with courier services

As we want you to have the only positive experience with Eurosender, we will provide some tips to send decoration kits internationally or across Europe safely and easily.

  • Pack your shipment properly. Proper packaging minimizes the risks of shipment damaging or deterioration. It is extremely crucial when you decide to send decorative lights and balloons abroad or inland. Those are fragile items, so they usually require special shipping services. We will also provide you with some guidelines and tips to pack helium balloons for transportation.
  • Measure your shipment. You need to measure the dimensions of your shipment carefully and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker. If your shipment is longer than 175 cm or heavier than 40 kg, you will need a pallet delivery service or an individual offer.

  • If you want to send fancy decorations overseas from Poland, Spain or Sweden, never forget to print out the label and attach it to your shipment. In other cases, this is done by courier services for decorations and presents delivery.
  • Take care of insurance. While basic insurance is already included in the price of every shipment booked on our platform, we recommend that customers sending more expensive items also opt for extra insurance packages. Additional insurance of up to 1000€ or 2000€ is available at extremely low rates.

Packaging materials for party decorations and balloons

Even when your shipment is operated by the most reliable courier services for decorations and presents transportation, you will need to take care of packaging. Remember that quality protection of your party decorations and balloons maximizes their safety during transit. Here is the list of necessary packaging materials that you can find at any hardware or stationery store or even take some used ones that you have at home.

  1. Cardboard boxes – they are needed to transport your items safely. Depending on the type of your decorations, you might need two boxes to ensure protection to your items. The same goes for balloons in case of helium balloons delivery with courier services. You need to make sure if the box does not have any holes, tears, or dents.
  2. Plastic or Ziploc bags – they are ideal if you want to send small items and decor elements.
  3. Bubble wrap – it is the best packaging material to protect delicate items.
  4. Cushioning materials – you can use packing peanuts, polystyrene chips, Styrofoam sheets, crumpled newspapers, and foam wrap to cushion the internal space of the box.
  5. Thin ropes – to bind balloons or other inflatable items.
  6. Adhesive tape – to secure the items, packaging materials, and the seams of the box.

Pack party decorations before shipping

Pack and send decoration kits internationally

  1. Take original boxes or bags for decorations. If you have totally new decoration materials for a birthday party, baby shower, Christmas, or any other celebration, you need to keep them in original packaging. Once you send used party decorations to a chosen place, you need to take plastic bags of the corresponding size for smaller items.
  2. Protect party decorations with wrapping materials. Use bubble wrap or foam wrap to protect larger items and plastic bags for smaller items. It is also advisable to protect a Ziploc or plastic bag with an additional layer of bubble wrap.
  3. Take care of cushioning. Place some packing materials on the bottom of the box. You can use additional pieces of cardboard to protect the walls of the box.
  4. Put the items in the box. If you have several items, it is better to separate your decorations with some pieces of cardboard scrap or cushioning materials so that they do not damage each other during transportation. For delicate and fragile items, it is recommended to double-box them to create additional protection.
  5. Check the box and seal it. Shake the box a little bit in order to check whether the items are moving. Ideally, you need to put enough cushioning materials so that your decorations stay immovable inside the box. Use adhesive tape to seal the box.

Pack helium balloons for transportation

  • Check helium balloons and other inflatable items. You need to verify whether there any dents in balloons and take the defected ones way. As transportation can take several days in some cases, the defected balloons could arrive totally deflated to the party.
  • Bind balloons. Make a bundle of balloons by binding them together with thin ropes.
  • Put balloons in the box. Choose the box of the appropriate size and some weighting agent to keep them immobile. Make sure that you select the right weighting agent that will not damage helium balloons during transportation. Take adhesive tape to seal the box with balloons.
  • Prepare a bigger box. Put some cushioning materials on the bottom of a bigger box and nest the box with balloons inside it.
  • Check and seal the box. Put more cushioning materials inside a bigger box to prevent a smaller one from shifting around it. Use adhesive tape to seal the box properly.
  • Keep the invoice. We also highly recommend that you always keep the original invoice for decorations or gifts you are going to send for a party. This document serves as a proof of the item’s value and will be needed if any issues arise and you start a claim procedure.
Eurosender is the cheapest way to send fancy decorations overseas and across Europe

Many of our customers like to organize their birthday parties, bridal showers, and Christmas parties. We have helped them to send decoration kits internationally and domestically so that they could simply enjoy the festive atmosphere and merry celebrations. Apart from decorations, consider shipping other items to make your party unforgettable or sending presents to your nearest and dearest for special occasions.

Each party is special, so if you need to get more details about the transportation of specific items or decoration elements, contact us via e-mail or phone.

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