Send Balloons and Party Decorations Internationally

How to ship party decorations and balloons abroad | Delivery services

Are you an individual looking to send inflated helium balloons as a gift? Or are you a business owner looking for the best way to organise the transportation of party decorations and balloons to different events and parties? Eurosender offers multiple delivery services for sending a box of balloons or party decorations for a birthday, Christmas, baby shower, or any other event. We cooperate with the most reliable couriers to offer you the best service and the lowest price on the market.

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Party decorations and balloons delivery solutions for businesses

Join thousands of companies that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. If you are a party supplies’ store owner or an event organiser, you can benefit from Eurosender delivery services for businesses. Create a business account and keep all your orders and invoices in one place, pay with user credits and benefit from special prices.


Shipping services to send balloons and decorations internationally

With Eurosender you can choose different courier services to ship party decorations and balloons across Europe or abroad:

Priority Express service

Fastest way to send with delivery in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The most-cost effective option to send packages
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Pallet shipping

Ideal for delivery of large or bulky goods
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Van delivery

A van reserved only for your load across Europe
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How to pack party decorations before shipping?

To make sure your supplies will arrive safe and undamaged, follow the packaging tips we prepared for shipping party decorations:

  1. Keep party decorations in the original packaging, if possible. If you send used party decorations, place small details in plastic bags.
  2. Bubble wrap the packages and place the items in the box.
  3. Add cushioning materials and double-box fragile items for additional protection.
  4. Close and seal the box.

How to pack inflated helium balloons for transportation

To send a box of inflated balloons as a gift, you need to prepare your package carefully. Check these packaging guidelines when shipping balloons internationally:

  1. Make a bundle of balloons by binding them together with thin ropes.
  2. Put balloons in the box. Take adhesive tape to seal the box with balloons.
  3. Prepare a bigger box. Put some cushioning materials and nest the box with balloons inside it.
  4. Check and seal the box.

Transport party decorations and balloons in a van reserved only for you

Eurosender provides the best solutions for companies and individuals who organise parties and events. Book a van dedicated solely to you and transport all your party decorations, inflated balloons, and other goods at once. Benefit from the most convenient option when sending party supplies from one location directly to the destination point with no stops or space sharing. Check immediate prices with our booking tool and book the van service in just a few clicks.


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FAQs on sending balloons and party decorations abroad

How to prepare helium balloons for transportation in a van?
One of the best things about transporting balloons, party supplies or any other goods in a van is that you don’t need to follow strict packing requirements. Still, to make sure your balloons will arrive safe, we recommend placing them in a package. Also, try to keep the balloons away from heat as it may cause them to burst.
Can I pack helium balloons in a bag for shipping?
To protect helium balloons for transportation, we recommend keeping them in a shipping box. If the balloons are going to be used in multiple events, then it is better to place them in plastic bags, covering, or balloon bags first. Keep in mind that you always have to pack the balloons and other decorations in a box when sending them with a courier.
Can you send balloons in the mail?
Yes, sending a box with balloons in the mail or by courier can be a great surprise. You can send balloons directly to the final address by following our packing guide and choosing the preferred courier service. Your package will be picked up and delivered directly to the recipient’s door by a courier. Check the immediate price for your preferred route with our booking tool in just a few clicks.
Which service should I choose to transport helium balloons internationally?
You should choose the service for sending balloons depending on the time-sensitivity and dimensions of the shipment. When transporting balloons internationally with Eurosender’s express service, you choose the safest way to move your decorations from one location to another.
Can I ship a helium tank together with balloons and other party supplies?
Helium tanks are considered as flammable and hazardous items and, thus, cannot be shipped with courier services. Some courier companies may allow you to transport a drained helium tank if packaged and labelled properly.
Can I book shipping for importing party supplies from China with Eurosender?
Yes, Eurosender operates globally and provides various shipping services for businesses and individuals, who import goods from abroad. Organise the transport for importing party supplies from China with our booking tool and get them delivered in 48-72 hours.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping fragile items such as balloons internationally or domestically. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship balloons, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.