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Herbs are plants with aromatic and other properties that are used in cooking, medicine, spirituality and more. They are therefore separated into different categories, such as culinary herbs, medical herbs, spiritual herbs etc.. The term “herb” is an abbreviation of “herbaceous plant”. In botany, a herbaceous plant is a vascular plant with no visible woody stems. There are various herbal products, such as herbal medicine (there are many herbal remedies available), herbal cosmetics and herbal essential oils, that are used in many different ways. It is important to note that herbs are different from spices. The latter are dried roots, seeds and other parts of plants. Herbs are the leafy green or flowering parts of a plant.

Eurosender, one of the leading platforms for booking logistics services, has had many requests for shipping herbs and/or herbal products before. That is why we created a page to help our customers understand how they should prepare a package for shipping herbs. We also offer services for businesses that are dealing with herb import or herb export.

Shipping herbs in a package |Rosemary, Egyptian herbs, mountain rose herbs and more

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If you are an individual who wants to send one or a few packages with herbs and/or herbal products, you can book the service automatically through the above booking engine. The only requirement is to enter the route of your package (from which country to which country) and insert a few more details regarding your shipment (dimensions, weight etc.). The system will provide you with the cheapest available price that our courier partners offer. That means that you are not required to search each one of their websites to compare their prices. Our engine can do that for you!

Herb transport – Herb export for businesses

If you are looking for a service for shipping herbs (e.g. rosemary, sage, lemon beebrush, lavender, chamomile, Egyptian herbs, mountain rose herbs etc.) in bulk, then you can also rely on us! Eurosender offers a wide variety of services dedicated to businesses. You can send herbs overseas on a pallet or pallets – a service that can be booked by requesting an individual offer. The individual offer option is suitable for shipments that exceed our standard requirements. Herb export for businesses has never been easier!

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“Can you send dried herbs in the mail?”

If you are wondering whether someone can send dried herbs in the mail, the answer is yes. What you should know is that dried herbs are considered food items, so the same rules for shipping food apply.


How to pack and ship herbs | Herb packaging

  • If you are you know any herbal remedies and need to ship medical herbs, you can check our page about shipping drugs and medicinal products.
  • Are you sending culinary herbs, such as dill or mint? Check our page about shipping food items.
  • In case you are shipping herbaceous potted plants, you can visit our page about shipping plants.
  • Are you sending herbal cosmetics? Feel free to check our cosmetics page.
  • For tips on how to ship herbal essential oils, visit our dedicated page. The page focuses on hemp oil but the same packaging rules can apply for all essential oils.
  • The cannabis plant is considered a herb. Learn more on how to pack and ship hemp products.
Some general rules regarding herb packaging:
  1. Culinary and medical herbs should be sent in a packaged form. If the herbs are not packaged already, you need to find herb packaging bags. Herb packaging bags are sold in online and physical food packaging stores. The inside should be made of aluminium foil. Aluminium foil zip lock bags are the best option for herb packaging.
  2. When you are shipping herbs or anything else, you will have to search for a new or used but sturdy cardboard box. Even if you ship a pallet, you will have to protect the herbs within packages first.
  3. If your herbal products are contained in glass or fragile containers, using bubble wrap is required. This packaging material will add extra protection to your items, however, the risk of breakage always exists.
  4. Is the package a bit too large for your shipment? You can fill in the gaps with old newspapers and crumbled paper. It is recommended to use the appropriate size of cardboard boxes, however, this solution is suitable when there is no time finding the right box for your shipment.
  5. Before you book the service through Eurosender, make sure to take the dimensions and weight of your package (containing the herbs). Otherwise, we will not be able to provide you with a price.


Herb import rules and regulations | Herb transport

Are you interested in shipping rosemary, mint, Egyptian herbs, mountain rose herbs or any other herb abroad? Then you should take the herb import rules and regulations of the country you are shipping to. The rules are not necessarily strict when it comes to shipping within the European Union. However, our customers should be aware of the herb import regulations when shipping from the US or any non-EU country. The same goes for our European customers who want to send herbs overseas. The restrictions can be related to the amount, the type, the form and the quality of the herbs that are being shipped. Since these regulations are subject to change, we recommend you to contact the Import and Customs authorities of the country you are planning to ship to. Please keep in mind that, when the herbs are not in the original form (e.g. herbal essential oils, herbal medicine), different rules may apply. Be honest and clear about the type of products you want to use. Information regarding herb import can be found online as well.


Send herbs overseas with Eurosender

Eurosender is a popular booking platform for logistics services in Europe and the rest of the world. Send herbs overseas through our website and decrease your shipping costs significantly. Our prices are up to 70% lower than those of the biggest courier companies. Do you have any questions regarding our services? Feel free to contact us! Our customer service department will help you out!

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping herbs. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship alcohol, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.