Herb Transport. How to Send Herbs Overseas Safely

Send herbs overseas | Shipping herbs internationally

Are you looking for the best shipping solution to send herbs abroad? For businesses looking to expand their sales internationally or individuals shipping herbs to each other, our logistics platform offers the best courier services and lowest quotes. Check our guide on how to pack and ship herbs abroad and get the most affordable shipping options.

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Herbs delivery solutions for business

For businesses dealing with herb import or export, Eurosender offers a wide variety of shipping services. Turn to our platform, and ship rosemary, lavender, chamomile, Egyptian herbs, mountain rose herbs and other herbal products to your buyers internationally. Let Eurosender organise the shipping to your customers while you focus on scaling your businesses globally.


Herbs transport: Shipping options to send herbs internationally

Depending on the size and time sensitivity, you can choose the best service to ship herbs overseas.

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to ship packages and boxes internationally
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Freight shipping

The best solution for business shipping bigger loads to resellers and warehouses
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How to pack herbs. Tips regarding herb packaging

Follow these packaging guidelines to ship herbs in the mail or by courier safely:

  • Culinary and medical herbs should be sent in packaged form. Ziplock bags with aluminium foil are the best option for herb packaging.
  • Place your herb package in a cardboard box.
  • If your herbal products are contained in a glass or fragile container, use bubble wrap to add extra protection.
  • Fill in the gaps with cushioning materials and seal the box.
More information on herb packaging | Medical herbs, Culinary herbs, herbal cosmetics
  • If you need to ship medical herbs, you can check our page about shipping medicinal products or natural supplements.
  • In case you are shipping herbaceous potted plants, you can visit our page about shipping plants.
  • Are you sending herbal cosmetics? Feel free to check the cosmetics page.
  • For tips on how to ship herbal essential oils, visit our dedicated page. The page focuses on hemp oil, but the same packaging rules can apply for all essential oils.
  • The cannabis plant is considered an herb. Learn more on how to pack and ship cannabis products.


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FAQ on herbs transport

Can I send dried herbs in the mail?

If you are wondering whether someone can send dried herbs in the mail, the answer is yes. Whether you want to ship herbs from countries such as India, Morocco, Thailand or you want to send some home-dried herbs to a friend, you should check the regulations of the pickup and destination country and pack your herbs carefully.

Is it legal to ship herbs to the EU countries? Do I need to obtain a certificate?

It is perfectly legal to ship herbs to and within the EU countries, and you don’t need a health certificate to import herbs. Food safety authorities can prevent some herbs from entering the European Union when salmonella or other dangerous infection agents or pesticides are found.

Are there any restrictions on importing herbs to the EU, the UK or the USA?

Whether you are shipping rosemary, mint, Egyptian herbs, mountain rose herbs or any other herb abroad, check the herb import rules and regulations of the country you are shipping to. The rules are not necessarily strict when it comes to shipping herbs within the European Union. However, in the herb known as kava-kava, and any food containing it, is banned from entry to the UK. This is because of concerns regarding its toxic effect.

If you want to send herbs internationally, we recommend you to contact the Import and Customs authorities of the country you are planning to ship to. The restrictions can be related to the amount, type, form and the quality of the herbs that are being sent.