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How to transport a vending machine? Moving services

Get professional assistance and low shipping costs to move a vending machine across the country or internationally. Whether you are looking for a safe transport of a vending machine or want to organise the delivery of vending supplies in bulk, Eurosender offers the best solutions. Check this guide on how to prepare and move a vending machine safely and book the delivery service in just a few clicks!

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Moving services for vending machine businesses

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How to move a vending machine?

When transporting a vending machine or its parts within Europe or abroad, you can choose between different shipping methods to match your needs:
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How to prepare and pack a vending machine for moving on a pallet?

To prepare a vending machine for transportation, we recommend you to follow the next steps:

  1. Unplug the vending machine and empty it completely.
  2. Take off the coins and banknotes too.
  3. Wrap the vending machine with furniture blankets or bubble wrap.
  4. Use a forklift to centre the vending machine on a pallet and crate it if needed.
  5. Fix the machine on the pallet with straps.


Are you looking for the best way to transport vending machines in Europe?

Book our Van service and move vending machines in a van reserved only for you. Check the immediate moving cost for your preferred route in just a few clicks. A courier driver will pick up the vending machine from the designated address and deliver it directly to the destination point without stopovers. Contact us if you need additional assistance during loading such as forklifts usage or help from the driver, and our experts will organise the service for you.


How much does it cost to move a vending machine?

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FAQs on how to move a vending machine safely

Can you lay a vending machine on its back or side when moving?
If the vending machine is equipped with a refrigeration unit inside, then you should transport it in an upright position. Laying them down could cause issues with the refrigeration unit or other delicate parts.
Do you provide insurance when shipping vending machines internationally?
We never compromise when it comes to safety. Each shipment booked through Eurosender already includes basic insurance. The insurance value will vary depending on the service chosen and additional insurance options are also available at low rates. We strongly advise keeping the original invoice for your vending machine since it serves as proof of value if needed.
Can I move a vending machine together with snacks and beverages in a van?
The short answer is yes. When moving a vending machine with the Van service, you can load other goods as well. However, to prevent damage, we would suggest removing all supplies and packing them separately. Relocate your vending machine, spare parts, and other equipment to the new location across Europe. Keep in mind that we don’t provide temperature-controlled vans at the moment so make sure your goods will arrive safely.
Do you provide temporary storage solutions for vending machines?
Eurosender provides a full range of logistics services, including storage and warehouse solutions. Let us know if you need temporary storage when transporting a vending machine and our agents will organise it for you.