How to Transport Pinball and Arcade Machines

How to move arcade or pinball machines abroad?

When looking for the best way to move an arcade machine, organise the delivery through Eurosender. Get advantage of our expertise and wide network of courier companies and explore how to move an arcade machine or pinball machine across a country or abroad. Check the immediate cost to ship a pinball machine in a van across Europe or transport an arcade machine overseas at low cost.

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How to transport a pinball or an arcade machine?

Eurosender provides multiple options for shipping small packages, boxes, pallets and freight.
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How to prepare your pinball or arcade machine for transport?

When moving an arcade or pinball machine in a van or truck, you still need to make some preparations. Follow these steps to prepare an arcade machine for transportation:

  1. Remove all the loose parts such as coins, pinballs, and other detachable components. Pack them separately.
  2. Place cardboard over the playfield glass and display. Then bubble wrap everything.
  3. Remove the back legs. Put the machine on its side and remove the front legs.
  4. Bubble wrap and pack the legs into plastic bags.
  5. Wrap the cabinet with blankets or cardboard.
  6. Fix with adhesive tape.


How to pack and ship an arcade machine on a pallet?

Follow the steps above to first prepare the arcade or pinball machine for shipping. After your device is properly protected, you can follow the recommendations below on how to set and transport a pinball machine on a pallet or in a crate:

  1. Place a corrugated cardboard sheet on the pallet before placing your machine on it.
  2. Use straps or ropes to secure the pinball machine to the pallet.
  3. Make sure that the weight is well-balanced.
  4. You can crate the machine for additional protection. Use foam cushioning for the inner corners and ages of the crate to protect the shipment.
  5. Close the crate and fix it on the pallet if needed.

Move pinball and arcade machines in Europe in a van

Are you transporting an arcade or pinball machine across Europe? Book the safest way to move your goods in a van dedicated solely for you. The van delivery is the most convenient and fast service to transport an arcade machine, since it goes directly from one address to the other with no stopovers. Book early and get your load moving the same day, or arrange next-day collection if booked before 4 pm. Contact us in advance if you need assistance during the pickup. The courier driver will help to place the pinball machine in the van and make sure they are safe for transport.


How much does it cost to ship an arcade or pinball machine?

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FAQs on moving arcade and pinball machines internationally

Can you transport an arcade machine on its back in a van?
Yes, you can safely transport an arcade machine on its back, if packed properly. Don’t forget to bubble wrap the PCB, power supply, etc. and protect the head and body of the machine with blankets.
Can two people move a pinball machine? How much does an arcade machine weight?
It depends on the weight of the pinball machine you are going to move. On average, a pinball machine weighs around 113.5 Kg – 136 Kg, and it can be moved by two people. However, we recommend using forklifts when transporting a pinball machine in a crate or on a pallet.
What is the best method for shipping a pinball machine across Europe?
To ensure your pinball machine will arrive safe, consider booking the van service for deliveries across Europe. You can cover the pinball machine with blankets and no additional packaging is needed. Alternatively, you can book the LTL service and pay just for space occupied in a truck.
Do you provide insurance for moving arcade machines internationally?
We understand the value of your goods, that’ why every shipment booked through Eurosender is automatically insured with the basic coverage. Have in mind that vintage arcade machines can be considered as fragile items by courier companies meaning that insurance won't be valid in this case. Consult with our experts to know more about the transport of a specific arcade machine.