Learn how to send a hot tub abroad in 5 minutes

It is possible that when you want to send a hot tub abroad, you have no idea how to do this. Fortunately, Eurosender is a shipping and logistics expert and we can provide with several hot tub relocation services. In this article, we will talk about how to deliver a hot tub internationally by parcel shipping and how to make use of our dedicated van delivery service. But first, how to ship a hot tub by pallet.

Ship a hot tub by pallet

The most common method is to ship a hot tub by pallet, wrapped in a thick layer of foils and cushioning materials or in a crate. It is a quick and reliable way to ship a larger item from one country to another! Although it might seem that pallet delivery services are reserved for business users who regularly ship their products to customers, with Eurosender this hot tub relocation service is accessible also to individuals. Because we understand how complicated it can be to ship a hot tub by pallet, we offer instant quotes for pallet delivery, so, you can see right away how much the shipment will cost. Fill out your details in the booking engine below.

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In most cases, you will have to contact us for an individual offer. We will contact you with a price for your specific shipment. Make sure you clearly state the full address, the weight, and the dimensions! After the booking is confirmed, the courier will contact you to schedule a pick-up.

Hot tub relocation services: Preparing the pallet

If you want to ship a hot tub by pallet, we recommend you follow the next steps:

  1. Secure your hot tub by wrapping it in bubble wrap, plastic foil, cardboard sheets, and other cushioning materials.
  2. Place the hot tub sideways central on the pallet and strap it with pallet straps tight to the pallet.
  3. Add the crate for maximal protection.
Instant pallet delivery

On most routes in Europe, we offer direct pallet shipping. Each pallet can weigh a maximum of 1200-1400 kg (depends on courier) and must comply with the following dimensions: maximum length of 170cm, maximum height is 240 cm each and the maximum width is 240 cm.

If you have any other questions on how to ship a hot tub by pallet, please contact our agents right away!

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How to deliver a hot tub internationally?

In case you are sending an inflatable hot tub or shipping spa equipment internationally, you might be lucky. Our core service is door-to-door parcel delivery. In just a few clicks you can book online a courier that will deliver a hot tub internationally. With our order tool, you can get an instant price, no need to wait for an offer! There are many benefits of door-to-door pick-up and delivery. Above all, saving time and effort – there is no need to go anywhere and carry the shipment around since it will be taken from the stated address. Most logistics companies serve even remote areas, to make it as convenient as possible to deliver a hot tub internationally. Besides, shipments are much more secure this way. Our standard delivery service helps to ensure the safety of transported goods, being handled entirely by the logistics service provider. Check it out now!

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Deliver a hot tub internationally: requirements for a standard shipping service.

Standard shipping service with free insurance for hot tub relocation services

We understand how valuable some items can be for our customers and we want to make sure that they avoid any risk of losses. This is why, at Eurosender, in order to guarantee the safety of every package shipped through our platform, we offer free basic shipping insurance of up to 200€ for standard shipping services. If your order consists of multiple packages, our basic insurance of up to 200€ will apply for every single parcel. Eurosender offers different parcel insurance plans, thus you are able to purchase additional insurance for your package. If your shipment is worth more or if you are sending valuable items, you can protect them by adding extra insurance of up to 1.000€, 2.000€ or 5.000€.

Hot tub relocation service: packaging tips

Detailed information can be found on our dedicated standard shipping page, but we give you the main information here:

  1. If you have the original box of the inflatable hot tub, use this one. For shipping spa equipment internationally, you can use any sturdy cardboard box.
  2. Wrap the items in foil, bubble wrap, and other cushioning materials.
  3. Place the package in a bigger cardboard box and fill the empty space with cushioning materials (Styrofoam sheets, packing peanuts, crumpled paper, bubble wrap, etc.)
  4. Seal the box with sufficient tape. Tape in the corners and edges to prevent the box from tearing.


Please contact our customer service if you have any questions on shipping spa equipment internationally!

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Send a hot tub abroad by dedicated van delivery

When you need a fast solution to send a hot tub abroad, we offer you a dedicated van delivery service. This hot tub relocation service is the fastest way to transport from one location to the other. The shipment will be transported directly without a stop-over in hubs of any courier providers and there will be no space shared with the belongings of any other customer.

To place your order, please send us an e-mail at sales@eurosender.com and mention that you are looking for a dedicated van delivery service to send a hot tub abroad!

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How to pack for dedicated van delivery service?

Generally, you don’t need to do any special packaging, as you can place your items directly in the van. However, we recommend packaging your items before the driver’s arrival for their extra protection during transport. Have another look at how to prepare your hot tub for a pallet shipment to get some ideas.

Are you not just shipping spa equipment internationally, but you are also looking to ship other items, have a look at the list below and perhaps we can help you?

Do you have any other questions or uncertainties on how to send a hot tub abroad, how to ship a hot tub by pallet or on hot tub relocation services in general? Feel free to call us or write an e-mail and our experienced customer support agents will gladly assist you.

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