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How to ship an upright or digital piano overseas by courier

Pianos are delicate instruments, but with the right logistics partner, they can be safely shipped cross country or overseas. At Eurosender, you will get the safest piano shipping and removal solutions, instructions from logistics experts on how to properly pack a piano for shipping and full support during the whole transport procedure.

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International piano shipping

Are you a musical instrument distributor or do you own a piano-specialized store? Let go of the stress of negotiating each shipment individually and start using Eurosender as your shipping partner. With our platform, you can manage all your order and invoices in one place and increase your efficiency.


How to ship an upright piano or keyboard internationally

Different types of pianos can vary a lot in terms of size and weight. At Eurosender, we offer multiple shipping options to meet the requirements of your piano.

Standard service

The most cost-effective solution for shipping a keyboard or other smaller piano accessories
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Freight services

The most common and safest method for transporting upright pianos
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Removal service

Ideal if you are moving your grand piano together with other household items
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Individual offer

Custom-made shipping offers to accommodate all your shipping demands
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Your piano is transported with insurance!
We never compromise when it comes to safety. That is why, when booking the service with us, every shipment is covered by insurance with a value that varies depending on the service. For extra protection, you can purchase additional insurance during the ordering process. Please consider that the insurance may not apply for used electronic devices.

What to have in mind before shipping a piano internationally

Before shipping a piano abroad, make sure you consider the following steps:

  • Pack your piano for shipping and measure its dimensions to find the shipping method that suits you best.
  • Check whether you need to print and attach the label yourself. This information will be provided to you by email.
  • Be present at the address of pick-up and delivery. If the piano is too big or heavy, ask someone else for help when moving it.

How to move an upright piano? Pallet packaging tips

Pallet shipment is ideal for transporting an upright piano if you follow these packing instructions.

  • Secure or remove the lid using bubble wrap or moving blankets for protection. Pad the surface of the pallet with a cardboard sheet and carefully place the piano on it.
  • Cover the whole surface of the piano with moving blankets and foam/bubble wrap and secure them with stretch foil.
  • Strap the piano to the pallet by wrapping the bands tightly around the piano in different directions. If you have other boxes with separate components, securely attach these to the pallet.
  • Build a crate around the piano with plywood sheets or, alternatively, use cardboard or Styrofoam sheets as the last layer of protection.

How to pack a digital or electric piano (keyboard) for standard shipping?

Learn how to safely pack and ship a keyboard piano in just a few steps.

  • Remove the piano from the stand and disassemble it before packing. Wrap the entire piano in bubble wrap.
  • Prepare the box with padding materials and place the keyboard inside.
  • Pack additional components separately with bubble wrap and place them in the box, filling the voids with extra cushioning materials.
  • Check if items are still and seal the box.

How to move a grand or baby grand piano using removal services?

The best alternative when organizing a cross country or international move is to book a dedicated van delivery service. With this alternative, you have the whole space of the van reserved for your goods, making it easy to transport your piano along with other household items to your new home. The dedicated van delivery is not only more affordable but also more convenient for removals as the van will go directly from one address to the other.

When booking our removal services, all you have to do is detach any removable parts of your piano and secure everything with moving blankets and stretch foil. The courier driver will help to place the items on the van and make sure they are safe for transport.


Van delivery service
Price from only 0.48 EUR/km
Direct and fast delivery, same day pick-up possible
Safest mode of transport for packed or unpacked items

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Eurosender has helped a lot of people moving their pianos. Here’s why:

  • Moving cross country or abroad. Organize safe and quick transport of your piano with Eurosender when relocating.
  • Selling or buying a piano. If you are buying a used piano or selling your old digital piano, Eurosender offers the cheapest way to ship it without compromising on the delivery quality.
  • Having a piano restored. Transport your piano to a workshop or repair shop with our freight or removal services.


Moving pianos cross country and overseas by courier

Can an upright or grand piano be transported on its back?

Transporting an upright piano on its back or side should cause no harm to the instrument. However, it is advised to handle it carefully and avoid storing the piano in such a position for longer periods.

Can you move a piano in a pick-up truck?

If safely secured with enough straps and paddling materials, it is possible to move a piano using a pick-up truck. However, it is strongly advisable to hire a professional removal service if you do not want to risk your instrument in any form. When choosing the dedicated transport service, the driver will help you to safely load the piano into the truck.

Is it possible to move and lift a piano by yourself?

Pianos are big and heavy instruments so, depending on the type of piano, it might require two or even several people to lift it. When shipping it in a pallet through freight shipment, you can request a lift to the courier company.